Bible Study. This short paragraph will be greatly expanded to give much more details of these meetings.

21 Feb 2024

Bible Study / Prayer time

Tuesday 7:30

It is important that we supplement our Sunday Sermons by further seeking God’s Word during the week ( not too good to have only 2 meals on a Sunday and nothing for the rest of the week!)
Our Bible Study / Prayer time starts at 7:30pm and lasts around an hour.
. Whilst being without a pastor, we have a lighter Bible study or to a specific sermon from Godly men and once a month we have an invited speaker Rev Martin Williams, for a more in depth Study. All encouraging us in the ways God shows us in His Holy Scriptures. These times are so beneficial to us and in our growth and witness as Christians. Following the Bible Study we have a time of prayer. This is a time to focus on the fellowship, individuals, and local, and wider points of care and concern. A really blessed time.