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The few examples on this page give a flavour of what can be done.
There is much much more that can be done. To begin with, ROTATING an OBJECT
Phone – slide finger on box
computer – hold left mouse button on box
More controls later.

3 flat surfaces with different videos
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3 boxes 1 Image and 2 Videos
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Two songs will play at the same time. Try and focus on one and sing along. (Try not to be distracted by the other).
Then, try to follow along with the other song.
As mentioned before, the videos may take a time to load and you might find, on a slow connection, that the words are not keeping up with the video! It all works well on wifi and connected computers.

Structure of this section

There are 4 pages in this section.

3D Web Site The aim is that you can walk around an area, maybe inside Westgate and see notice boards, video areas, music and video sermons instead of simply clicking flat links on flat pages. We live in a 3D world! Westgate may be completely redesigned and perhap many times bigger, with perhaps gardens etc.

3D Walks This page will consist of walks along winding paths through differing environments to experiment with different 3D objects.

3D Animals There are many varying creatures both small and huge and models can be changed in size very easily. It will be nice to build a 3D zoo of all animals mentioned in the Bible!

3D Ideas A development section to try out new ideas that may be of benefit.