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DAY 22.

The word 'princes' points us to the nation of Israel the holy nation that had forgotten the Living God and wandered away to worship idols.

The argumentative people were constantly seeking to defend their actions and activities, there is a real echo here today in the minds of many religious folk who are not wanting the righteous pathways.

Such folk can turn against the truth at a whim and fancy defending their cause to the hurt of others seeking to remain faithful to the word of God.

We should keep in mind that the Lord is very conscious of such people and of the damage being done to His people as a result.

To stand on the word of God and to claim the promises of His word bring obedient Christians into ridicule in many a church.

The truth is that those who live in the light of the word of God 'rejoice' continually because the word is alive, fresh every morning and enlightening throughout the day.

There came to attention of the country a little while ago this story of two men one a farmer the other a treasure trove hunter.

The treasure trove man walked across the farmers fields with his machine often times with the farmer only glancing at him from another part of the farm.

After years of speculation the dawn came when a massive hoard of gold was found, only then did the arguments start who did it belong to, the farmer or the treasure hunter or to the state?

For centuries the treasure had lay under the top soil of the farmers field, suddenly the priceless hoard was the talk of the nation and now on show for the world to view.

I thought a good deal about that treasure trove and thought of the treasure contained in Gods word that is going missed by a people content to wander the highways and byways of life oblivious to the treasure available to them.

There are many bankrupt souls in the church today living as spiritual paupers when they could be rejoicing as the Children of God.

There is a wealth of treasure contained in the sixty six books of the Bible that needs unearthing by diligent souls in touch with the Living God.

There are many miserable saints around whose life would be transformed as the Holy Spirit is given room in their heart and mind to open up the word to them.

Our God is not looking for clever people but He is vitally involved in people whose clear object in life is to magnify His name in their life.

David knew the reality of this during his days on earth as he stood in 'awe of God and His word', the idea is of the heart palpitating with joy at the finding of treasure.

There is a link here between worship and the word of God, the deeper we descend in the waters of life the greater the reverence there is for the Living God.

As the promises are claimed and out worked in ones life, so the heart and mind reaches out in true adoration and exaltation to worship the Living God, to worship Him alone.

We look at v 164 and find David echoing this thought with continuous worship, that is what 'seven times' means, the perfect worship that when experienced one does not want it to cease.

Was this what Enoch experienced and enjoyed in Genesis 5 vs.21 – 24, spending time alone with God on His holy hill Enoch longed for the presence of God.

I can imagine Enoch like David rejoicing in their daily tryst with the Lord proving the promises that had been revealed to them longing for eternity to break and heaven to come.

Then for Enoch walking with God in the light of His word the Living God said to His servant 'do not go back into the valley today but come home with Me'.

Oh the delight of a single hour alone with God but oh the wonder of spending more and more time alone with Him so that He can open up His eternal treasure trove to us.

Those folk in 'love' with the Lord delight to read His word v 163 as a love letter, scanning the pages to see what delights are in store for us today.

How much do you love the Lord especially if your love is mirrored by the love you have for His word?

The promises of God bring us 'great peace' v 165 David enjoyed this and passed on the knowledge to his son Solomon so that eventually Solomon could write Proverbs 3 vs,1 – 10.

Now what a treasure store there is in those verses that we could spend a week pondering them with great joy and satisfaction, receiving deep peace as we apply them.

The thought of 'peace' here brings us to rest in the Lord and to enjoy the fruit of tranquillity and security that it produces.

This 'abundant peace' comes from the heart of the Living God and we see it manifested fully in the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is the Lord Jesus who reveals the promise to us 'My peace I give unto you' John 14 v 27 a nugget of treasure that is priceless to the believer who receives it.

The word 'peace' here points us to an undisturbed and untroubled state in the here and now life on earth as it certainly will be in eternity.

If you are not enjoying such 'peace' with and from God then you need to take time out to be alone with God to make the adjustments necessary for you to know and receive it now.

We may know His 'salvation' v 166 without coming into the promised 'peace', we can acknowledge Him as Saviour and Lord but never come into the fullness of His peace.

Maybe this is some unearthed treasure that you can claim today by yielding practically to the Lord and coming into the closer love tie with Him.

We cannot help but recognise the third time 'love' is mentioned here v 167 and with the yielding comes the out pouring of love towards God and then towards the world art large.

Love is poured out in worship before the Throne of the Living God and then is poured out in the work that we accomplish day by day.