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DAY 20.

David had the habit of reading and spending time studying the word of God v 145 it became part and parcel of his life like eating and drinking.

He knew that what God had stated that He would perform in the obedient soul, the people who walk in righteousness will know the promises are given for us to enjoy during our pilgrimage on earth.

The promises of God are not special treats being good but they are blessings for us to enjoy as we seek to walk in harmony to Gods will.

Three facts are sought after by David 'hear me', 'save me' and then 'keep me' that we too know all about because we have cried to God the same prayer many times.

We cried it as repentant sinners when we first sought after the Lord quickly finding out that He was seeking us before ever we sought Him.

He was waiting for us to return in repentance of sin so that He was waiting to forgive and to cleanse us from our sin through the sacrifice of his beloved Son.

Our heavenly Father had prepared the ground for us to come back to Him so that we could walk on His holy pathway as we prepare for eternity during our time on earth.

'Save me' is a continuous cry because we are so conscious that we are not walking on the right pathway all the time we are still prone to sinful acts and activity.

The old flesh life still wants to have it way even though the word of God is crystal clear that the Holy Spirit now residing in our life seeks to make and keep us holy.

Many the time the Lord is waiting to lift us out of the water to place our feet on the solid Rock all because of our fragile nature in responding to His word.

Let us state the facts that the closer we draw to the Lord the swifter the conviction by the Holy Spirit will be on the thoughts, words and deeds that we should not be engaged in.

The cry 'Lord, save me' here is from such a heart, engaged in earthly affairs that involve folk who are far away from God and not desiring to know Gods way.

Their acts and speech betray their life style and David having conversed with them was drawn at times to ponder and accept their standard of living.

So the prayer 'keep me' what a mighty promise we have in scripture revealed many times indifferent ways that the soul of the repentant sinners is 'kept by the power of God'

We are 'kept' here comes twelve times in the Psalm pointing to God protecting His children guarding and guiding them along the right route.

The word in the New Testament is equally clear, meaning to watch carefully over, to preserve as well as to protect, the Lord Jesus as the Good Shepherd portrays this beautifully.

David had to learn the secret of relying on the Lord to fulfil His word in him and through him but then so do we because we are not as conscious of His presence as we could or should be.

We are prone to walk as if we know the way without seeking the Lord to guide us in the way day by day, there are days when we do not give much thought to the dangers around us.

Hence the cry 'Lord keep me' it comes from the pliable heart that longs to walk in harmony with the Lord but still has the ability to do their own thing when faced with difficulties.

When we recognise the traps it is often to late, the conversation is down the line and we are criticizing or blaming others for the mistakes we have made.

We must keep short accounts with our Father learning to rest our case in His hands so that we can commune with Him in all the affairs of life and not just on Sunday.

The thoughts of v 147 are well documented in most of our lives, the lack of sleep because of some sin that has been enacted during the day that the Holy Spirit convicts us of because there has been no repentance as yet.

We cannot hide sin from God as we do from other people, the sin grates on the heart of God and a gap is formed in the relationship until it is dealt with openly.

I want to come to look at vs.149 and 150 because they contain truths that we need ever to keep in our heart and mind.

The enemy draws near in combat but the Lord is always nearer, the enemy sneaks up on us but the Lord comes to us openly and consciously to the soul that is seeking peace.

We need to constantly remind ourselves that our Heavenly Father and His beloved Son are always aware of the strategy that the enemy takes and of the peril that we are faced with.

If we keep close to them we are promised that they will keep closer to us and in the final analysis they will bring us safely through the struggle into victory.

It is not an issue of their participation in the conflict but of our position walking in Gods word if we trust Him then we will conquer but if we are half hearted then we are weakened.

The words 'quicken' and 'hear' come from the hearts of folk in danger those looking around at the enemy when they could be looking up to God as their protector.

The enemy attacks us by attacking Gods word, human nature looks at it from an unbelieving view point and looks for discrepancies and additions by men thinking it is their strength.

We can pick this up by revealing what it actually says and the observant soul can soon find the flaws in their arguments and can nullify it with the use of scripture.

We need to make sure that they are quoting scripture that is there and not what they think is written there, half truths are not full truths.

There are so many 'experts' around today seeking to make themselves house hold names by their clever explanations of scripture pulling the word of God to pieces.

They seek to deceive the public being deluded themselves and the truth is they love sin to much to turn from it and would rather have public applause than accept the truth of scripture.

Now the Christian disciple is established on the truth and has nothing to fear enjoying the reality of Gods word being out worked in their life day by day.