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DAY 2.

The second stanza vs.9 – 16 brings us to a treasure store that is brimming with good things for the diligent and observant Christian.

One of the major issues that we consistently come to in these studies is the need for 'change' in us the changing over of the old nature to live in the new nature of righteous living.

This is an area that I do feel very strongly over as I listen and talk with Christians still living in the cloak of the old human nature never coming into the light of casting them off.

That casting off is the theme of this second stanza of Psalm 119, if we were left to our own devices we are left desperately struggling as many of us realise.

That is where the promises of God come in for us to apply the Holy Spirit has been given to not only convict us but to cleanse us as well.

'Wherewithal shall a young man change his ways' v 1 comes as a challenge not as an unsolvable issue, our God is willing to forgive, to cleanse and to strengthen and His word is full of promises to this effect.

The operative word here is 'cleanse' it has two basic meanings first the cleansing that brings us into a close relationship with the Creator God as our sin is confessed and forgiven.

The second and equally important meaning is about righteous living, the pursuit of holiness that draws us closer to and that will bring us into Christ likeness.

Now the former meaning is the cleansing that we receive as a result of Cavalry's sacrifice and our repentance of sin it restores the broken relationship with the Living God.

The second is to do with our daily living that as a result of the restored relationship I now want to live according to Gods word and the Holy Spirit resides in us to bring us into closer fellowship with the Creator God.

The scriptures are full of the truth that our God is absolutely holy and that He will not be contaminated with sin at all, cannot let alone will not.

The sacrifice of the Lord Jesus deals with the broken relationship and on confession of sin He removes the offending sin and brings us into His holiness relationship.

The battle then commences and unless we are observant and obedient to Gods word we are quickly found doubting and distrusting the work that has taken place in us.

We are like the disciples before Pentecost believing but struggling and the Acts of Apostles is all about the transformation that takes place when the Holy Spirit is given the reins of the heart and mind.

It is a challenge for us today to examine our life in the light of scripture, are we a closer reflection of the Lord Jesus today that this time last year?

Are we taking heed that is paying attention to the scriptures or are we leaving that to those who do the preaching and speaking in church?

In the stanza before us David is facing up to the truth that we cannot be half hearted towards God it is as case of all or nothing.

We need this jolt in the 'spirit' to bring us to our senses the Christian life is a complete one that affects every part of us body, soul and mind.

In v 11 the word 'hid' points to hiding the word in our heart so as not to contaminate it or have it spoiled by fleshly instincts.

It is not hiding it to conceal the truth but putting in a place that will constantly remind us of what we are and whose we are, as Gods children.

The word is there for us to not only read when we feel like it but it is there waiting to be studied and applied so as to bring out righteous living in an unrighteous world.

David had problems such as we face, he knew the battle that goes on in the mind for truth and righteousness, he knew the times of despair, he knew the reality of defeat.

David shares with us here in these verses the mastery that he knew when he applied the word of God to his life.

He shares with us the dignity he experienced as he drew close to God it affected his conversations with folk, his attitudes towards people of all walks of life and changed him into a godly man.

There are no short cuts and there are no bargain basements to meander in but there are promises on the lower shelves that are seldom reached because of our self centredness.

Then we come in v 12 to a massive problem that of our being taught by God and to the resistance that human nature puts up against it.

We are living in a time that I call 'the unteachable generation that knows it all', we seem to know everything about the scriptures and we are content with the bit that we know.

In fact we are thread bare spiritually with practises in the church that should not be named amongst us let alone allowed as normal.

Sinful tendencies are allowed to keep up the numbers and to bring in the finances to keep us going but holiness is excluded in conversations and in the preaching.

We need to be toughened up by the Spirit of God to be brought into His refining workshop so that we become a closer reflection of what we ought to be.

The word 'teach' means to be instructed so that we become aware of our responsibility as Gods servants in the age in which we live.

To 'teach' points to being trained as disciples to walk in the path of righteous living, living the life that is pleasing to God that will bring honour, praise and glory to Him.

The word 'teaching' implies two facets, the first is that of educating affecting us morally, intellectually and socially as the early disciples received from the mouth of the Master.

The second thought is that of 'instructing' on a daily basis that brings out the practise of the theory, training by practical experience, this brings us into a life of mastery and victory over temptation.

We come into the walk of godly life and not just a good talk that many of us are bogged down in, the practise of what we read is of more importance than what we try to memorise.

We are in the midst of a tremendous spiritual battle that is going to increase if we are serious in our quest for the Lord.

The path of righteousness is a difficult one to walk along because we are constantly confronted with issues that the majority of folk do not want to face because they love sin to much.

The thought of rejoicing v 14 comes in the middle of such conflicts but it is a source of mastery over temptation as we rejoice in the God of our salvation.

The salvation that we receive is of greater value than any thing else whether gold, silver or any material gain, the benefits of a committed life to Christ has eternal value beyond compare.

When we see our precious Saviour face to face these battles will be over forever, we will see Him and be like Him then but let us use this in between times seeking to grow more like Him.

In v 15 we get a glimpse of this 'I will meditate in Thy precepts' the personal aspect is brought out here, no matter what the world thinks or the church pew thinks I will seek the Lord as often as I can.

There is the practical aspect of the faith here as well, 'I will meditate' that is going to study as it means to muse, ponder or be absorbed in thought with the Lord and His word.

He has so much to share with me, so many things to reveal to me and He has so many promises to bring into reality in me that my life is taken up with Him.

As a result of communing with the Lord each day we begin to delight ourselves in the wonderful truths that He opens up for us.

First of all it brings out 'respect' in me for the Lord and the mighty privilege that He gives to me to learn first hand from His gracious teaching to me.

'Respect' v 15 points to my regards to Him, it helps me to appreciate and consider His word in a different light as I am the pupil and Her is the Tutor.

All His words are teaching is going to bring me into a closer circle at His footstool and bring out the truths in practical ways in our daily living.

So to the word 'delight' v 16 it also appears in vs.24, 35, 47,70, 92,143 and 174 and each time the delight is in the word of God and it brings out a deep sense of rejoicing.

What a terrific challenge I find this to be to study the word and to come away from it with a sense of gratitude and thanksgiving that the Lord should open my eyes to such wondrous things.

There is eternal pleasure to be found in Gods word and the application of it will produce eternal fruit for our benefit and for Gods glory.

So we come confidently to the Lord and acknowledge Him to be our Tutor and seek to learn from His word the things that will draw me closer to Him and equally importantly help me to grow more Christ like.