We open with a question in v1 that finds its answer in the previous Psalm 9v9 the Lord is our 'refuge in time of trouble' where we learn that the 'gate of death cannot keep us from the gates of Zion'.


There are surrounding problems daily for those seeking to walk in righteousness because there is a completely different standard accepted by the world that is far from holy living.

Look at the two operative words in v1 'standeth' and 'hidest' pointing to Gods' seemingly inactivity,

The first one points to standing still in a set place and to remain there.

The second word points to refusing aid or help when it is desperately needed.

These are commonly heard by folk who are too busy to be still themselves.

The Lord allows times of seeming inactivity to bring us to our senses because all the activity, does not necessarily bring us consciously nearer to God.

We can be preaching, teaching and witnessing daily in service for the Lord, but lose out because we do not have times of solitude to be alone with God.

Those precious times will never cause us to ask such questions as are found in v1 because we are in close contact with the Lord to commune with Him first hand.

When we are surrounded by the enemy we should be able to sit still for a few minutes to share the situation with the Lord, so that He will come to our aid in the time of trouble.

Our enemy is very real as the opening verses of the song reveal but at least we know something of the devious ways in which they operate.

We can glean from v3 that they are reckless characters, proud in their achievements at work v2, boasting in their work v3, and arrogant because of their work v5.

They seem to be recognised by their activity and do not mind how they achieve their goal as long as they remain in control of affairs.

We look at their ruthless character in v7 – 10  'cursing' means to have un-kept promises, not being reliable in what they say or do, a lot of speech but no substance in it.

'Deceit' is an interesting word as it finds its root in a bow that has its string not tightened properly causing the arrow to miss the mark continually.

It points to the unreliability of the words being spoken that give others hope when there is none, thus causing them to feel rotten as a result.

'Fraud' points to violation of rights they say one thing to the face but do something completely different behind there backs.

They never cease to speak evil because there tongue knows nothing else, 'mischief' means to produce by labour, oppression, iniquity and perverseness.

They are operating in cruel and violent ways, prolonged as they exercise authority with little or no thought for the consequences of the actions.

Their speech is corrupt v7, they sit in secret devising further onslaughts of evil practices v8, and they secretly wait to pounce on the unsuspecting poor people v9.

In v11 we learn they are restless people having short memories easily forgetting what they have done, short sighted not seeing what is taking place around them and short comings that are easily forgotten.

That is until God moves in His judgement on them. The word 'judgement' needs looking at, as it points to His total authority, His Almighty power and to the enacting of His word in detail.

He will bring to nothing the plans and schemes of the ungodly, He will break the strength of the unrighteous and He will lift up those fallen under the strain of battle.

What we need to recognise is that when our heavenly Father moves the enemy are over thrown instantly; there is no place to hide or run to from His all seeing eye.

This is something the ungodly know little about, they will not be arguing with the Creator God, rather they are found trying to evade His presence but find that no such place exists, they are caught in their own nets.

We are sitting on the holy mount possibly bruised and battered by a fall due to careless actions or an avalanche of criticism due to some failure, dejected and disillusioned.

The scene is not exaggerated or make believe, but a very real one as v14 reveals, 'the poor have abandoned themselves on Thee' as they have no one else to turn to.

It is not a last resort for them but the first thought was to flee to God to call for His help and to receive His aid.

There has never been one to reach down to help the poor, the fatherless and the widow, like the Creator God has consistently done over the centuries.

He breaks the power of the oppressor when the time is right, but He will help the P.O.W. that are the prisoners, orphans and widows throughout their ordeals.

He does not always do it immediately, but He will ultimately. The evil powers have arisen, done their dastardly work, but then have been removed in judgement.

All the time our gracious heavenly Father has been tirelessly working for His children's good and welfare keeping them through it all.

The closing verses stir the heart of those suffering at the present time in a wide variety of ways, the enemy is looking for new ways to inflict pain and punishment on the Christian believer, Gods people.

It is time for us to turn our gaze upwards now to gaze upon our beloved Lord v16, to look on our King of Righteousness standing in the heavenly place.

He is actively looking after His children in the battle and aware of all of their needs and none will lack as a result, it is not just the present that counts but the preparation for the future that is all important.

Our King is the Eternal King, ruling and reigning not just in time, but for eternity, He knows no limits and He operates without limits, endlessly and effortlessly on behalf of His people.

He rules with might, power and authority and the heathen may invent new methods to attack the godly, but our King has the answer to them before they construct their weapons.

His ways are past finding out and the reality is that human nature does not learn from succeeding generations, that might, is not right.

The massive Empire builders became mighty in their own eyes and demonstrated it over the weaker nations but when God lifted up His arm in intervention, they became powerless over night.

Then there is the fact that our King hears the prayers of the intercessors and moves, according to His will and purposes, against the foe.

He delights to bring His humble people closer to His side and it brings glory to His name when they exercise their faith and trust in Him.

He is watching with meticulous care over His children and it should cause us to rejoice that He is taking such diligent care over each of us.

The restless world is looking for leadership and wanders round blindly in search of one who will bring order in their lives, and yet resisting the One who came to bring order out of the chaos, the King Eternal the Lord Jesus Christ.

For those of us who have found the King and accepted Him as our Saviour, the Psalm is one of encouragement in the conflict that we are passing through.

The enemy is all around us, the foe is attacking, continually, those actively engaged in violent hostilities to the Church, meet us daily.

This is one great reason why we need to spend some time alone with the King in His chambers, to come to His feet, too worship and adore Him.

When we spend time with the Conquering King, gazing upon the Lord Jesus in the glory, we will rise and go to face the world, not as those conquered but, as one conquering through His mighty arm.

We look at the enemy and tremble but, when we look to the Lord, we stand in triumph. What a different view we get of life when we put the King on the throne of our life, you do not need to remain conquered by the world, flesh or the devil.