The morning prayer of Psalm 3 is followed by the evening prayer today and what a song we are presented with, tiredness brings distortion with it. 

The worst time to discuss any mistakes made on the climb is at the end of the day and yet it is the normal thing for human nature to do just that.

The spiritual climber on Gods holy hill learns to get alone to share the burdens of the day with their Saviour and Lord, confessing the wrong and rejoicing in the right decisions.


Here the singer has been in several tight corners and faced a number of difficult situations over the day and others are having a go at him, v1 causing real distress.

The fact is the leader of the climb is delighted to find that the party has come through the day unscathed even though they are tired and weary.


It is always easier to blame others for our faults, than to look at our own state that has caused the problems in the first place.

The singer of this song is not looking for excuses, but is facing the facts that have arisen over the day and over the last days as well.

I learned many years ago that jealousy is a murderer of relationships, we find it at the heart of nearly all broken relationships.

The best place for the spiritual climber to go in these circumstances is to the God of my righteousness, because He knows the truth about the whole situation.


He does not drive us away from His presence but rather draws us aside before giving us the welcomed sleep over the night, to lift the burden from us.

Confessed sin is forgiven sin and when it is placed under the blood of the Lord Jesus' sacrifice, leave it there, learn to move on leaning closer to Him.


The sad fact is that folk do not operate on the right spiritual wave length of forgiveness, they delight to bring it out at regular intervals usually to cover their own mistakes and shortcomings.

Here we should be learning that when our Father forgives us He blots it out of the records completely, so who do we think we are when we keep pointing the finger at another brother or sister faults?


We look at the end of the day, at the achievements of the day and instead of a positive look, we usually spend most of the time on the negatives, the things that went wrong.

In the Spirit we should be able to see both sides and rejoice in the fact that the wrong, when confessed, is blotted out as we learn from our mistakes.


On the other hand there are so many blessings given to us each day that we can spend time in our Saviours presence rejoicing in all that He has done in and through us that day.

We can look at the health,strength and energy that He has supplied for us, the victory over the world, flesh and devil, we can rejoice in the salvation that we have and the blessings it has brought to us.


We should learn not to get bogged down by the failures, but look at the way the Lord has enlarged our life, our understanding of His ways and the glorious view that we have of Him as a result of the days experiences.

These thoughts are enlarged in vs.3 – 4 as we look fleetingly at the dishonour, vanity and falsehood that appear from our conversations and communications with the people of the world.


Now we put them to rest so that we can gaze upon our Redeemer standing on the summit communing with us before we lay down to rest.

What a mighty privilege this is that we mere mortals can commune with the Infinite Lord standing on the summit of Gods holy hill, listening to us moaning and groaning as we climb.

He delights when He hears our pressures being turned into praise, as we stop the physical aspect of life taking centre stage, so that He is seen in His rightful place the centre and circumference of our relationship.


Now the frustrations of the day are turned to fragrant words at the nightfall, we begin to praise Him and that leads us to worship Him in a deeper way than ever before.

The focus of attention turns from self to be replaced by our Lord Jesus on the Throne of Grace, majestic in holiness and He reminds us that He covers us continually so that we can rise or soar into the heavenly.

Gazing on the Lord of Glory how our hearts are lifted out of the gloom into the glorious light that beams down on to the children of light.


We get things into perspective when we learn to sit still in our Masters presence, yes He knows all about our troubles but He wants us to learn to lay them down so that we can lie down and sleep the sleep of the righteous.

We can stand in awe before the Lord and learn to sit in silence in His presence because we do not know what to say in His awesome presence.


That is the beginning of true worship, to be found on our face in the presence of the Living God, truly awestruck at His majestic beauty, grace and love.

We 'offer', v5 points to the individual bringing their sacrifice to the Altar, identifying themselves with the sacrifice bought at their own expense, by laying their hand on its head.

We fall at our heavenly Father's feet, laying our hand on the Lord Jesus Christ by faith and He welcomes us to lie there in worship and adoration.


Here worship takes on a new dimension for us because little by little we move on from the noisy activity that we call 'worship', when it is only praise.

The myth of Sunday worship needs exploding, it is not about singing as loud as we can or praying for as long as we can, nor preaching as best we can.

True worship is revealed when our heart soul and mind is completely taken up with the Lord Jesus, who presents us to His and our Father.


To gaze upon them in the glory brings unparalleled peace to the worshiper, there is a real sense of rest and solitude there that only those learning to worship in truth and holiness know anything about.

We are trapped in the valley of noise and the quietness and solitude, required for true worship, has long been lost in the Church.

Those spiritual climbers listening to the testimonies of Gods mountaineers found in scripture quickly respond to the truth and seek the solitude of their quiet hour to learn how to worship aright.


The question of v6 is one that is heard by many church goers, we can go in and come out the same person with no evidence witnessed that we have been in the presence of the Living God.

The great feature of the early Church was 'that they had been with Jesus', there was a consciousness of the divine presence coming from the worshipers when they left the fellowship to go home.

We should, like them, have light emitting from our life, joy from our mouths, gladness from our hearts and contentment from our minds.


These qualities come to the soul that has learned to wait upon the Lord and that leads to worship of the Lord that is life changing and God glorifying.

The fact that the gathering together in small or large fellowships is not conducive to such experience, is not a reason that we should not pursue it in the quiet of our own home.


In fact the best way to prepare for church worship is to spend time in the secret place before we leave home for public worship.

Then the best way to get a good nights sleep, is to rest awhile at the Saviour's feet before we turn in, there is the place of peace and quiet after the hectic round of the days activities.

Oh what a lot there is to be gleaned from the Palms and scripture as a whole, may we delight to come to His feet in worship and adoration more and more as time goes by.