Today we settle down to gaze upon our beloved Saviour, God the Father's anointed Son, He is our guide throughout this life until we enter into eternity and then forever more.

The best guide of all 'He knows the way' Psalm 1 v 6 'that we take' and longs for us to listen more carefully to His words of wisdom so that we stop falling around and spiritually hurting ourselves on the holy hill.


He is looking to assist us up Gods holy hill, for us to make progress along the path of righteousness, He has been tempted like we are today but He overcame it all without once yielding to it Hebrews 2 v18 and 4 v15.

Well now, as we sing the song marching to Heaven today, we look at the nations of the earth rejecting the claims of the Creator and our Saviour v2 and what a din they make.

It comes to me just now that one great treasure of the high peak climbers is their solitude away from all the noise of the clamouring world.


This is what I am seeking to gain myself, to get more and more time alone with God, as against all the pressure and noise of the restless world around me.

The world is agitated by evil and corrupt people seeking to destroy our relationship with the Living God because they love their sin too much.

Now those of us who repent of our sin, have this unique position of seeing and hearing the ranting and raving, but sitting with our Saviour and Lord we know the final outcome.


The Lord Jesus is coming again to set up His Kingdom here on earth and every knee will bow before Him and every tongue confess that He is.

At the present time they are standing shouting and He is sitting watching. At the Day of the Lord He will be seen standing in complete control of the whole of His Creation.

They will be found on the faces acknowledging Him, the King of kings and Lord of lords, He is worshiped by all without reservation, Satan included.


What foolish creatures we are, blinded by our own self importance seeking to have our own way without recourse to the only One who can keep us out of Hell.

The delusion of mankind in trying to get rid of God, comes from the pit itself and Satan is the originator of it, he knows the final outcome and that is irreversible.

The Lord Jesus shall reign over all creation and Satan knows it, but in his sinful state he blindly marches on to judgement seeking to take as many as he can with him into a lost eternity.


The King of Love my Shepherds is and that is a wonderful truth, but in v5 we are gazing at the Shepherd protecting His flock against the tyranny of the Evil Dictator Satan.

Look at the three words 'wrath', 'vex' and 'displeasure', words we do not normally associate with the Lord Jesus Christ but the reality is, sinners outside of His salvation will face Him demonstrating them.

'Wrath' points to His anger, displayed at the rejection of the Creators plan of salvation and redemption, once He gave Himself to be our Redeemer, but sinners remain in their rebellion revealing defiance towards God.


'Vex',is to be suddenly gripped by terrifying fear, to be troubled beyond words at the sight of the Sovereign Lord standing supreme over all.

'Displeasure' and we note that is 'sore displeasure', pointing to Him being severely annoyed because of the lack of respect shown by the sinner to the Creator God.

We see things so dimly as human beings and sin can be a trifling thing to us but it is an abomination in the sight of the Living God, an act that severs the relationship between He and us.


The Lord Jesus came into the world to bring us the solution to our problem, but we turned our back on Him. Now in the song, we find that He turns His back on the unrepentant sinner just when they need Him most.

In the quiet of the morning this sombre reflection on what we were as rebellious sinners but now are found at His feet in worship and adoration points to the great salvation that has been given by Him.


We can praise the Lord, whether in a gloom situation or a beautiful cloudless sky one that we can truly say 'I am His and He is mine'.

We can look forward to a good days climb today, conscious that our Guide is going before us and that He is just one step in front of us.

What a mighty privilege is ours as repentant sinners to know the complete opposite to those three words 'wrath, vex and displeasure.

We have three words emblazoned across our heart and mind, love, mercy and grace these fill our mind as we set out on the difficult climb today.


Love that is beyond description, mercy that is boundless and grace that is constantly flowing to us, in us and around us.

To take them one at a time throughout the day will do us a power of good when we are under pressure and strain to reflect upon them in the quiet few moments we set aside at lunch time.

They will give us not only food for thought but will give us strength to get up and to conquer, they will establish us in our faith and will bring joy and peace to any troubled soul.


The enemy maybe powerful and close to us but he will never be closer than the Guardian of our soul, He gives us strength and authority to stand firm against the enemy v8.

We pause again for a quiet reflection on v 6 to gaze upon our King in Glory, 'I have set My King on My holy hill' instead of looking around at our enemy we should be looking up to the King in front of us on the holy hill.

We look upwards to the summit from our lower position at the present time and remind ourselves that one day we will stand with Him on the summit.


Here we gain renewed strength to climb onwards leaving the lower worldly standard behind and reaching out to the summit, the pinnacle of our climb to be with our Lord.

What consolation awaits us on the summit to be with Him and to be like Him as well. The struggles and strife will be well worth while when we see Him in all His glory.

The theme of v9 has a twofold message, first for the unconverted, the picture is of the Potter reflecting on the vessels on His bench and His throwing away the ones that are not fit for use.


He has the power to reject a jar, to dismiss a marred vessel and to break in pieces a creation that has no value.

The same Potter has the ability and right to take a vessel and make it acceptable before the Judge as a thing of beauty.

The Potter is looking across His bench choosing the vessels fit for the Kingdoms banquet and He is drawing those vessels from this earthly work bench today preparing them for His presence.


The Potter has the ability to take a marred vessel and recreate it for His glory and that is exactly what He is doing with repentant sinners like us today.

'Be wise' v10, lie still in His fingers, as the Potter with the clay, let Him make and mould us as He wills, so that He can display us at His Coronation Banquet on that great day of the Lord.

Today in our climb we sing as we go serving our beloved Saviour in a wide variety of places but our climb should be done faithfully according to His word so as to bring pleasure to His heart.


We rejoice in the hope that is set before us, we may feel bruised and battered from past experiences but today look up to the summit because our Saviour is standing there.

We can become a very contented people as we rest in our Defender and as we seek to commune with Him in the way we will find such joy and delight in His company that like Enoch of old the time will pass by too quickly.

We do not know when He will say to us, what He said to Enoch, 'do not go back down to the valley again but rather come up higher to the summit and rest with Me forever'.