Pembrokeshire Action To Combat Hardship

We have supported PATCH since about 2010 and have a PATCH table where we collect food stuffs for specific use in their programme.

PATCH is a Pembrokeshire based Christian Charity which states 

"The ethos and motivation of Pembrokeshire Action To Combat Hardship (PATCH) are rooted in the teaching and example of Jesus Christ. It is HIS love which compels us to serve others, putting their needs first.
The ethos of PATCH is our motivation for all work carried out. Everything that PATCH seeks to do is inspired by the message, life and example of Jesus, through which God’s unconditional love for all people is expressed, in particular, his concern for the poor and disadvantaged.
The ethos is outworked through the practical assistance given to those in need, who we seek to serve, irrespective of their religious beliefs, race colour, nationality (including citizenship), ethnic or national origins, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation, disability or age. The inspiration and faith of the Board of Directors, co-ordinator and most senior staff within PATCH, which has an approved recruitment policy, compels the organisation to serve others as Christ would have done and it is this that will direct and influence our relationships within the organisation, those we are seeking to serve as well as external agencies.
We expect these Christian teachings and beliefs to be respected and owned by all members of staff and for this to form a standard for other staff members and volunteers to follow.
Our ethos will be the base from which all future developments and new areas of operation will be planned."


To find out more please contact their website PATCH