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DAY 8.

'Seeking the Lord' should be the desire and delight of His children, we should be looking for every opportunity to commune with our Father and precious Saviour.

That so few seemingly want to do so is of great concern in these days of spiritual declension or deterioration of moral standards.

The church has lost its way spending more time on trying to keep numbers up rather than proclaiming holiness and righteousness of living.

There is a promise hidden in Gods word that we need to unearth and take hold of so as to bring us closer to our heavenly Father seeing it is He who has given us this promise.

Proverbs 8 v 17 'I love those that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me' what a spur for us to rise early in the day to commune with the Lord.

We remind ourselves that we do not welcome Him on sight but He is waiting already to welcome us to His Throne of Grace.

James in 1 v 5 gives us an insight into the revelation that we can expect as we approach the Throne for our spiritual education, 'wisdom' is the gem that we receive.

'Wisdom' points to the knowledge how to regulate our lives in the light of our salvation and the relationship that we are brought into.

It shows us how to live according to Gods standard of righteousness bringing us into the light from the low standard that we were once living in.

To gain real knowledge on the new higher standard of living expected of all of Christ's disciples we need to retrace our footsteps from Proverbs chapter 8 to chapter 1 vs.1 – 9.

There we are introduced to several issues that will affect our restored relationship with the Living God and to 'hear' and 'fear' the Lord.

'A wise man will hear' what the Lord has to say not only with their head but in the heart, changes are going to be made.

'Fear' points us to the One who is seeking to commune with us even though we are still fighting to have our own way.

We note that 'fear of God is the beginning of wisdom' v 7 reverence towards God not as an object of worship but as the Living God that He is.

He is the all powerful Creator as we saw in the last study, the Unchanging Sovereign Lord over all of His creation and in particular over His righteous children.

'Wisdom' introduces us to a string of pearls in 1 vs.2 – 6 that we should be looking out for because they come as promises to the obedient believer.

Wisdom introduces us to 'instruction' is the reforming knowledge given to the person that has been redeemed by the Lord Jesus, it brings correction and discipline.

The once unruly spirit has to be brought into clear light and that involves teaching on how to live in the light of the relationship that we have been brought into by Jesus Christ. 

We think we know everything but really that is the old flesh life seeking to usurp authority over the new spiritual nature and it has to be treated as dead.

'Instruction' is the spiritual education that Paul refers to in 2 Timothy 3 v 13 and brings out the thought of rectifying the mistakes we make with practical solutions.

The second word in Proverbs is 'Understanding' and brings us into the light of insight into spiritual issues that cannot be found anywhere else than in Gods word.

Paul writing to the rebellious church at Corinth opens up this thought for us in 1 Corinthians 2 v 14 stating 'the natural man does not receive spiritual things of God' because they sound foolish to him.

The spiritual man can discern and judge on issues because he seeks to know the mind of the Lord on them before speaking about them.

To gain this spiritual knowledge we need to spend time alone with the Lord so that the Holy Spirit can give light on the issues.

We see the word 'perceive' preceding understanding, the word means to observe by close examination, to be made aware and come to realise the importance of obeying God.

Paul writing to the Roman fellowship wants them to come into the fullness of this truth in 8 v 6 'to be carnally minded is enmity against God' what an important 'BUT', 'but to be spiritually minded is life and peace'.

Far to many Christians are living 'carnal lives' that is fleshly living according to their natural desires when they should be disciplined into the higher standard of Gods righteousness.

The conclusion drawn is that 'they cannot please God' by doing so, there must be changes made to this old nature and Paul reflects on the truth by telling us that he was 'dead to the old life.

We can know that the 'old man is crucified with Christ' Romans 6 v 6 knowing this we are resurrected with Christ not to serve sin any longer but to reign with Christ over it.

This s not a super Christian life but as Romans 6 points out to us it is the normal Christian life for every believer to walk in.

It is time to stop listening to like minded folk who want to dwell in the valley and to start taking instruction and understanding that will lead us up Gods righteous hill.

The next pearl for us to claim is 'Justice' and that brings us to living in the right things that bring us closer to the Lord, morally, ethically and spiritually.

'Morally' points us in the direction of what is right differencing from what is wrong, we come to the knowledge of Gods principles on right and wrong and we are in for a rude awakening.

A great deal of laxity in the church has led many Christians into the trap of believing wrong when they should have been walking in the right.

Only by seeking the Lord early are we going to get these issues sorted out, our behaviour portrays our belief and sadly there is a lot revealed that should not be contemplated let alone practiced amongst Gods children.

'Ethically' relates to the principles that our morals are based on, the scriptures are given to affirm the God given standard of living on the earth as His children.

Our conduct should manifest our relationship with God and Paul can point to this in 2 Timothy 3 v 10 as being the standard that he lived by himself.

'Spiritually' in v 17 he brings out the thought to us that the 'man or woman of God' should aim to be as close to this blue print as is possible because it brings honour, praise and glory to our Father.

'Judgment' is the fifth pearl that the early seekers can claim, this brings us to the correct verdict on issues, not only the right verdict but the right sentence with it.

Here is a pearl the Church needs to reclaim because so many decisions are being made with fleshly judgment based on part or limited knowledge.

Human nature loves to condemn even a child of God who has made a mistake in their eyes but the spiritual person will wait on the Lord before giving their verdict.

Few Christians are walking close enough to the Lord today to gain such knowledge and we should be ashamed of our spiritual state.

The Lord Jesus will gladly give us the insight that enables us to come to the right verdict and sentence when we learn to wait on Him, that is His promise Proverbs 8 v 17.

'Equity brings up the rear of our pearls and it brings us to the right conclusion, the word means 'straightness' or 'uprightness' to the normal Christian life standard.

Straight in thought, word and action, now here is something to ponder today, it brings us to our character as our Father sees it and not to what we like to believe about ourselves.

Our 'conversation' should be honest and straight forward with no double meanings,1 Peter

2 v 12 gives us a clear interpretation of 'equity' we should be clear cut in our dealings with the world and each other as in the sight of God.

We need training into such a behaviour pattern, it is contrary to the old nature and those that seek the Lord early find the truth of this very quickly.

Now let us 'seek the Lord early' the word early means day break, at dawn or first light so that we can enter the day enjoying the promises of God and His presence going with us.