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DAY 7.

The promises of God are scattered liberally and literally across Gods word and we come across some of them only by accident.

There are others that we know well by memory but are not really familiar with them experimentally in our life.

One such promise is in Isaiah 41 and we will look at the three occurrences in the chapter of 'fear not' in particular because it gives us the solid base to build our life upon.

Isaiah reveals more promises of God than any other writer the book abounds with the promises of God many given to the nations of the world, others to particular nations and the majority to individuals.

It worth reading carefully through to pick up those promises and to see how many of them we knew were there in the first place.

The promise we receive today in 41 vs.10 – 14 'fear not' comes during a period of terrific unrest in Israel as the nation by and large are preparing for captivity.

Even the godly souls in Israel had to go into Babylonian captivity through the errant ways of the vast majority of folk who knew better in their own thinking than the Living God did.

He had pleaded with them to give up their idolatrous ways and to serve and worship Him

as they should have been doing.

Isaiah had leaned the secret of waiting on the Lord and was able to speak from personal experience of enjoying the peace and rest from God.

The chapter before us is a great assurance of Gods presence in the midst of trouble and to the truth that He will see His children safely through them.

'Fear not' v 10 is preceded by 'come and draw near' the Living God is seeking to stir up the nest of His people v 1 stop the talking and start listening to Me' is what He is saying.

The enemy is all around us, they may seem mighty but they are minnows when placed before the Lord, we are called to wait on the Lord and watch what He is doing on the wider scene.

So often we are caught looking at our little cameo of life instead of taking time to commune with the Lord to see the much wider picture of His plans and purpose.

We are parochial people who need to have our vision dealt with by the Lord so that we can get things into perspective and then 'fear not' will become a reality to us.

In v 10 'fear not I am with thee' reveals to us a glorious truth that our Father never lets us out of sight and that He is ever looking to draw us closer to His presence.

'Fear not' here points us to the endurance test that we are going through in preparation for our eternal home call. To be forever with the Lord.

We fret so much about our earthly situation and lose sight of the wider picture that we are being prepared for the heavenly eternal place.

There are two types of 'fear' in these verses the first is the awe and wonder of Gods presence and the other is the awesome presence of the Living God that brings terrifying fear to the unconverted.

The Christian rejoices in the former and delights to draw near to God in humble trust and godly fear, we can come as close to the Living God and heavenly Father as we want to.

He bids us to 'come' and enjoy His company as the enemy is gathering to throw us down and to do their hardest to defeat us, come and look at things from My point of view.

Then we hear Him say 'fear not I am with you' and then 'I have taken you from the ends of the earth' v 9 look at the wide picture the Almighty Creator has literally taken us from the ends of the earth to be His particular and eternal children.

He is in control of the events that hit us whatever they may be, He is loosening up the earthly ties so that we will walk quicker on the path of righteousness for His glory.

There then comes the promise that 'I will strengthen thee' look who it is who is talking to us, the 'Great I am' the self sufficient, self existing One, independent, omnipotent and omniscient One, 'I am the Lord' v 8.

The second 'fear not' in v 13 comes with the divine stamp of approval with it, 'I will hold thy right hand' we are never left alone and even when we sleep we do so in His hand.

The 'fear not' here is linked with I will 'hold thee' and then 'help thee' two features that relieve the fear that could torment us.

'I will hold thee' there are many English words derived from the Hebrew word 'hold' here it means to bind fast or seize hold off in protection, snatching it out of the lions mouth. 

'I will help thee' points to our Father coming alongside the destitute who cannot help themselves and giving them the aid they need.

We are given Gods aid and attention all the time when we are seeking to live according to His word, our problem is that we far to often think that we can cope on our own and we cannot.

Our heavenly Father looks down in pity on us and demonstrates His great love and compassion on us with this promise.

What encouragement there is here for the Christian to know experimentally the love of God assisting us over the issues of life bring victory in the believer.

Then to the third promise 'fear not' v 14 brings us to our knees before the Throne of Grace 'thou worm' yes that is the right perspective of the Creator looking down on His children.

We are nothing really and yet we are special in the Creator Gods sight, they have drawn us to themselves to become a special people for their glory.

They see our need and swiftly come to meet it, we get into all manners of situations some of our own making many of others making but there is never a moment when the Lord does not come to help and hold His children up.

We maybe tiresome to others but we are never tiresome to God, we maybe wearisome to folk but never wearisome to God, we can be slow moving towards our Father but He is never slow responding to the cry of His children.

Look at the reasons for the promise of His aid lavishly given to us, 'the Lord' the covenant name of the Living God, it brings out the special relationship that we have been brought into through the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is thy 'Redeemer' here we look at the ransom that He paid for us that we could not pay ourselves, a ransom that has delivered us and released us.

'Delivered' points to the terrifying judgement that the unrepentant sinner faces that has now been removed from the repentant sinner.

'Released' brings out the thought of being set free from sin and Satan's bondage and hold over us, we have been released from fleshly living so as to walk in harmony with God.

We have been released from pursuing a life of strife and disobedience so as to walk in the godly life that the Lord Jesus has given to us.

The Lord Jesus has paid the price of our liberty and we should never forget that He holds sway over our life now so that we should live according to His word.

Then the truth goes on in v 14 look who He is 'the 'Holy One' our heavenly Father and His beloved Son are unique being completely holy, separated and pure from sins defilement.

The reason why we cannot see Him is because He is to pure for our unclean eyes to see Him, He covers Him self so that He can commune with us.

Now we have been dedicated to the Lord through the Lord Jesus and we should be living holy lives, living as those in touch with the Almighty God.

Here is the challenge of the hour, are we walking holy lives or are we playing games that we keep losing and becoming failures spiritually.

We are holy people through our conversion, therefore we should live as separate from the world, 'we are in the world but not of it' John 17 vs.11 – 17.

'We are in the world' but can encourage ourselves that we have One who is standing alongside us saying 'fear not little flock' I am with you.

I am here to support you and to lead you through the trials of life and to bring you to glory into the Father's presence to abide for eternity, what a promise to dwell on.