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DAY 6.

We continue with the people who were found alone with the Lord in the Acts of Apostles to see how the disciples had graduated from sleeping to waiting upon the Lord.

We begin with the group meeting in Acts 1 where they were meeting in obedience to the word of God, waiting for the Holy Spirit to come in them.

Until this moment in time the Holy Spirit had come upon people but now in the new era He would come to dwell in people.

In 1 v 4 we find them 'waiting' for the fulfilling of the promise made by the Father to Joel 3 v 18 and by the Lord Jesus Luke 24 v 49.

This time we find the disciples awake and not sleeping as they had been in the gospels, now they were launching out in faith and waiting was to be an important part of it.

The 'wait' was to last several days, days that included waiting on the Lord for wisdom, courage and boldness in the light of the fury after the Resurrection.

These disciples were in for an awakening the like of which they had not known the like of before, it is such awakening that we in the Church need today.

The apathy and lethargy that grips the church is unbelievable and we seem to be spiritually fast asleep when we should be wide awake in these closing days of worlds history.

The Lord Jesus is coming soon to take His Bride home and we rejoice at the prospect and yet lie around in slumber when we should be going out to proclaim the Lord Jesus gospel.

The place was shaken, leaving them amazed they waited upon the Lord to give His Holy Spirit to transform cowards into conquerors, simple folk became staunch followers of the Living God.

We do not need to wait for the Holy Spirit today seeing that He came at Pentecost in His fulness but it is a reality that we need to wait upon Him to come in His fulness in us.

We are satisfied and contented with what we have without looking for the fullness of the Holy Spirit flowing in and through us.

PETER and JOHN are the first characters who realized the change in themselves and from a cowering place they stand firm in the faith to proclaim the gospel message in power.

Acts 2 finds Peter proclaiming the truth to the world and not just the church, he is now a living reality of what he had only been pondering over before.

What had been words before was now a vibrant message that was to transform millions of people the world over, they had no time to sleep now.

The waiting on the Lord was not over though, they were now going to walk on the path of righteousness and that would bring untold problems only solved in the quiet waiting on God.

It was in the act of going to wait upon the Lord Acts 3 that Peter and John demonstrate their Calvary love to the Lame man at the Beautiful Gate in Jerusalem.

They saw his need in a way they had never seen it before, the blinkers are off and the spiritual sight restored saw the need and stopped to meet it.

What a difference it makes when we have our blinkers removed, blinkers of doctrine, of racial bias and of human indifference.

CORNELIUS in Acts 10 is the next character we can learn a good deal from as he too learns to wait upon the Lord.

Cornelius was a Roman centurion stationed in Caesarea a man of power but a man who seeks after the fullness of God in his life.

He was a devout man v 2 who feared the Lord, a man who reverently worshiped the Living God spending much time with the Lord in prayer.

He had learned quickly the secret of waiting upon the Lord and spent valuable hours alone in prayer, we can glean from this that he grew to seek the Lord after his conversion and set aside time each day to be with the Lord v 4.

He was making progress in his spiritual life but he needed help to go on in the Christian path of righteousness and Peter was the man God chose to help him.

We stop for a second to look at Peter v 9 on the roof top praying, away from the crowd now he takes time to be alone with the Lord who has a special message for him.

It is a delightful experience to be given the task of helping others when we are in the quiet place at the beginning of the day.

Peter was now on fire for God and the blaze was to effect many lives, none more so than Cornelius who has come to find him.

It is in the quiet place when alone with the Lord that the 'not so Lord' v 14 is transformed into the 'yes Lord' v 21:are you still saying 'not so Lord'?

PAUL is the next character that we can look on who spent much time in prayer waiting on the Lord for wisdom, direction and strength.

His conversion we know well but we seem to stop there instead of looking at the way he moved forward under the hand of God.

Acts 9 is his conversion and very quickly he is out sharing his testimony with all the people around him, activity was the order of the day but soon he is to be found alone for three years in Arabia Galatians 1 v 17.

It was in the desert place that Paul learned the secret of waiting on God and the word 'revelation' Galatians 1 v 12 and 2 v 2 reveal the teaching that he received.

This was no human understanding of things but the revealed will of God for his life and his ministry to others all received by being alone with God.

The missionary journeys were motivated after spending time in prayer and fasting Acts 13 v 3 it was the practice of the early church to wait upon the Lord so as to move in unity of Spirit.

We need to recognize here that that the church leadership was not telling the folk what they thought they should to do but they shared what they had received in the prayer time alone with God.

There is a massive difference between saying what we think people should hear and what the Lord reveals to us to tell them.

Paul was a man of God who spent hours alone with God, walking the highway and by ways he communed with the Lord as his constant companion.

Whether walking the dusty roads, climbing the mountain tracks, wrestling with the sea or sitting in prison Paul communed with the Lord on a deep level.

The depth of which frightens people today so they stand back from the battle content to let others doing the hand to hand spiritual fighting.

TIMOTHY is the other person that comes to mind in the 'waiting on the Lord' promise, as a youth he had been brought up to listen to the Lord.

Paul tells him to keep going with that in mind no matter what others particularly older folk would tell him there is nothing like first hand knowledge gained from the Throne of Grace.

Timothy may have been timid but he triumphed by waiting on the Lord, he like us delighted in sharing with others on spiritual issues but he held back through inferiority from giving himself.

Paul encourages him to speak out as from the Lord and not be slow in coming forward to do so, it is often the simple word that speaks the loudest and longest.

Paul the teacher and Timothy the pupil is a byword in the Church but how we need the two today, teacher through experience and pupil by example.

Waiting on the Lord is not a gift to be expressed by individuals but it is the standard set for all of Gods children to follow as it leads to godliness of living.

The promises of God are proven by such folk who are willing to get involved in the intercession ministry, people who will give time to the Lord for themselves and for others.

The ministry has only a few takers as it is worked out in the secret place of the most high and not done so that others can congratulate us on doing a great work.