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DAY 5.

Today I am turning my attention to several precious ladies in scripture who learned to 'wait on the Lord' and what blessings they received and give to us today.

Three ladies fill our study and each has a contribution for us to ponder on regarding our 'waiting on the Lord'.

HANNAH is the first and we find her wrestling with a massive problem her wanting a child but the womb is closed and she is going childless through life.

Hannah is found in 1 Samuel 1 'fretting before the Lord' v 6 she had prayed for a child continually but she is found childless.

We really come to grips with her plight in v 7 as year after year when she went to the House of the Lord she pleaded to the Living God for a child.

'Waiting on God' involved patience on a level that most of us know little about until we begin to obey the word of God ourselves.

Waiting on the Lord involves time pouring out our prayer yes but it involves waiting for the Lord's timing to give the answer.

When we walk with the Lord in the light of His word we find very quickly that our timetable is very earthly wanting things immediately but God is working to His timetable that is eternal.

The truth is when He moves according in His time we are usually found shouting out for Him to slow down, the Creation is a classical example of this.

We find Hannah at the Tabernacle seeking to bring her problem to the Lord as often as she could, she was a persevering saint if ever there was one.

She is being derided by folk around her as the years go by, Satan is on the move with her and the folk around her are the tools he uses.

Here is woman in touch with God she does not give up but consistently prays for the child that is going to change the nation Israel in its walk with God.

What a sight to see this dear woman praying in tears and with a pliable heart, longing to hear the answer to her prayers.

We should note this because far to many Christians give up because God does not hear their prayer when the truth is the answer we desire is 'not yet'.

Our heavenly Father was watching carefully the situation that was arising and even though Eli the Priest did not understand God did.

There is another thought to ponder here and that is in v 11 the motive for her prayers, she longed for a son and she was to get one but he was to be given to the Lord for holy service.

There is no selfishness in Hannah's praying she is open to the Lords prompting, Samuel was to be used by the Lord in the nations spiritual revival.

The beautiful song that she sang as a prayer in chapter 2, is a testimony to the great faithfulness of the Living God in meeting with the patient and persistent waiting on Him by His children.

DEBORAH is the second lady that we need to ponder over who learned to wait upon the Lord, she is given the title 'prophetess' because of her walk with the Lord.

Judges 4 opens up the thoughts where Israel is found in a desperate plight due to their wandering away from the Living God to serve dead idols.

The people cry out to God v 3 with a wrong motive they only wanted relief from the Canaanites they did not really want to return to the Lord in repentance.

There was a lady sitting under a Palm Tree where she was no doubt praying to the Lord for a complete change in the nation.

Deborah was a godly lady fulfilling the role of Prophet and Judge because the nation had by and large rejected the Gods way of living.

Deborah was a woman in touch with the Throne of Grace and she met the Lord there regularly, it would seem that she had a tent under that tree in which she prayed.

Deborah was used to waiting upon the Lord interceding for the nation and transmitting the word given to her to those who would listen.

The song of triumph in chapter 5 is a beautiful song that brings out her waiting upon the Lord and the lessons gleaned in doing so.

The first thought to ponder is her seeing herself not as a prophetess or Judge but as a 'mother of Israel' she had sought to bring the nation up seeking the Lord first and fore most.

She prayed as an example to the men folk in how they should have been praying, that is the legacy that she left to Israel to inherit.

She is a lady who followed the ways of the Lord waiting on Him to lead and direct her so that in turn she would lead the people back to God.

ELISABETH is the third sister that we need to ponder, a lady who waited on the Lord for years another wanting a son but the womb is shut that is until the Living God touches her.

Doctor Luke records the story of this sister longing for a child and continually waiting on the Lord in the Temple praying for one.

Luke 1 vs.5 – 25 are the base of our study because we are to take note of the standard that both Elisabeth and her husband Zacharias lived.

They were both 'devout' people 'righteous' they were very careful in presenting their claims in prayer before the Living God.

They came reverently before the Throne of Grace seeking to present their petitions to the Lord, this is not a vain repetition of prayer but a heart searching experience to make sure they are right in their request.

They had walked before the Lord for years and their life matched their knowledge of the Almighty God, He was able even in late years to meet their desires.

In their old age they longed for the child that would bring great joy to them and their family.

Zacharias was in the Temple serving the Lord and Elisabeth was in the Temple seeking the Lord by waiting on Him v 8.

Nothing strange about this the honour of service was being out worked when the 'angel of the Lord' v 11 came at the late hour.

Zacharias was honoured at being chosen to serve in the at the Altar little did he realise that night that he was honoured by the Lord for his service of intercession.

Elisabeth was receiving the word from the Lord her request had been heard and now answered, the waiting on the Lord had been well worth while.

John the Baptist is on his way v 24 and all the waiting was rewarded when in Gods time their son is born with a special mission to perform.

The waiting over the years drew them closer together and closer to the Lord, their faith in God was established so that they were not surprised when He answered their prayer.

Surprised no excited yes, the Lord had honoured their waiting in prayer, Gods time is the right time no matter what age we are.

We are never to old to serve the Lord in intercession praying, in fact the older we are the greater our devotion to the Lord should be.

We are never to old to learn that waiting on the Lord can have tremendous results that not only see answer of prayer but to see transformation of nations.

We are never to old to see miracles take place, when the Lord is in the middle of our lives we can expect the miraculous to take place.

Our problem is not only a lack of faith but a lack of dedicated commitment that believes God to do what He has promised, 'is there anything to hard for the Lord'?

Well these three ladies have a good deal to share with us and the truth that there are no short cuts in Gods education of His children.

'Wait on the Lord and He will give the desires of thine heart' Psalm 37 v 4 provides us with the promise and these three sisters produced answers to prove that our God will in His time answer our prayer.