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DAY 4.

DAVID is the next clear witness to the power and strength that is found in 'waiting on God'

and the testimony in Psalm 46 has been the song of multitudes of saints during their experiences of life.

The battle rages all around the soul is hedged in and there is no where to hide from them

except for the secret place of the Most High'.

They found the quiet place v 1, where sin nor sinners cannot disturb the soul that rests in Gods holy presence.

The enemy can surround and make all the protestations they want too v 6 but they cannot move the child of God who is quietly resting in their Fathers presence.

The regular visitation to the Throne of Grace will bring us to the place of rest v 4 where there is rest, refreshment and recovery strength unknown by our enemy.

The climax of seeking to find that rest whilst waiting upon God comes in v 10 'be still and know that I am God', the secret is in the 'being still'

The truth shines through as we seek to be still that we are such busy active people ans yet accomplishing very little in our own strength.

When in the quietness at Gods footstool we contemplate the mighty works that our Father has and is accomplishing we fall at His feet in adoration and worship v 8.

When we give time to commune with the our heavenly Father we begin to get things into perspective, how big we think we are as against how small our estimations of God really are.

Waiting on the Lord produces spiritual strength to take into the day, it produces peace that over rides our restlessness and power to stand firm when we would otherwise run away.

ISAIAH is the next character who learned in his youth like David had done to 'wait on the Lord' David following the sheep whilst Isaiah in the service of the Lords house.

Isaiah served the Lord and his prophetic ministry gained by waiting on the Lord is unparalleled in writing or preaching, he presents us with more prophetic knowledge about Messiah than any other.

He encourages Gods people to spend time waiting on the Lord and the word in 40 v 31 brings this out clearly but we put this into context of the chapter.

In v 1 we find the Lord seeking to bring comfort to a weary people, much coming and going to the Temple but a weary people are wandering around disturbed by the way the nation is going.

Waiting on the Lord will bring comfort to the weary traveller on the path way of holiness,

the situation is bleak as they contemplate the spiritual state of the people around them.

Waiting in the presence of the Lord pouring out their complaint they receive that comfort that restores the strength look up your Saviour is drawing near v 2.

Then the consolation v 5 the glory of the Lord will soon be revealed and all flesh will see Him acknowledge Him and be judged by Him.

Then the Lord brings out that glorious promise in v 11 'He will feed and lead His flock' what a beautiful picture to get hold of, He will bear the lambs in His arms with tenderness.

Waiting on the Lord brings us into intimate fellowship with our God, Great and Chief Shepherd what greater incentive do we need that this to wait on Him.

Isaiah saw a nation in turmoil and spiritual degeneration, he saw the ultimate captivity taking place but he also saw the terrific value of waiting on the Lord.

In v 31 he brings this out, the soul that takes time now to wait on the Lord will be borne up by the Holy Spirit, no longer looking up at the problem from an earthly point of view but looking down on it from our Father's perspective.

JEREMIAH is another great prophet who languished under the strain of rejection by the people even though they knew him to be a right, just and honourable man.

Jeremiah was a godly man who sat and watched the approaching captivity become a reality and writes it all down for us in the Lamentations.

Waiting upon the Lord enabled him to show the reasons for the captivity and then the result of it, the reason was spiritual declension the latter the return from captivity under the hand of the Living God.

At the heart of the book chapter 3 we find the tremendous verses regarding 'waiting upon the Lord' vs.25 and 26 and we should take these to heart.

In v 25 he reveals the truth that is is a 'good thing to wait upon the Lord' it quickens our 'hope' in the Lord bringing rest and peace.

The word 'hope' points to the truth that we learn some beautiful lessons whilst waiting on the Lord that will build us up as we face the trials of life.

It also reveals the fruitful experience it produces because it refreshes and revives the soul that is beaten down by the events that they have been through.

We then note that it is good for us to quietly wait on the Lord, we come and go in haste usually unless we have been disciplined into waiting upon God in the quietness.

To be 'quiet' that is to be still for a space of time, not pondering the things going on around us but quietly resting meditating on the Living God.

Try sitting still without thinking about yourself and your problems and see if you can sit still for more than a minute or two.

To our shame we find it very difficult to sit and think about our Lord Jesus without bringing our self on to the centre stage.

We are such selfish and self centred people, we should be able to enjoy an hour or two with our Lord and Saviour enjoying His conscious presence with sheer delight.

Those who are learning to wait on the Lord take courage the persevering soul will become the prosperous soul recognizing that they are not sitting alone but the Lord is there.

DANIEL was another soul that learned to 'wait on the Lord' taking every opportunity to commune with the Lord during a busy day.

As a young man he was taken into the captivity of Babylon and because of his walk with the Lord he enjoyed the protection of the Lord there.

He enjoyed privileges in the Palace in Babylon as a trusted servant not only of the King Nebuchadnezzar but under the hand of the Living God.

When the going gets tough the tough get going and as in the world so in the spirit, Daniel 2 reveals the truth of this, during the kings anger.

He had the dream that no one knew the answer to but the young man entrusted by God to convey the truth to the nation rises early to receive the word to give to the king.

Daniel learned to worship the Lord by waiting on Him in prayer and praise this led to a deeper understanding of the nature and character of the Living God.

He is in control of events both present and future and He alone can reveal the secrets of His plans and program of the ages, the truth is He does to people who learn to wait on Him.

Here is a wonderful treat to those waiting upon the Lord He will reveal things to them that others even leaders do not hear because they do not wait upon Him as they should.

Daniel learned to wait on the Lord a long time before the captivity and he also learned the spiritual secret that the Lord is as close to him in the palace as He is when in prison.

Our God has no boundary or limits that we have, He meets with His obedient children where ever they are, Daniel is one who waited on the Lord to know the answers of life's problems.

Now these men are found in the scriptures along with a good many others as being godly men they gave themselves time to wait upon the Lord, these men were not born godly but they became godly through their waiting upon the Lord.

The challenge to us today is do we want to become godly people or are we content to move along with the crowd who are drifting rather than drinking in the water of life offered to those willing to wait on the Lord?

We make the choice by submitting to the prompting of the Holy Spirit or rejecting Him.