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DAY 19.

Resurrection Day and what a day to look at the word in John 10 'I am the door' v 7 and v 9 the empty tomb the rolled away door pointing us to the 'Door way to heaven', the Lord Jesus is alive forever more

What a day of triumph, what a day of rejoicing and what a day of privilege is opened up to us to know that our precious Lord Jesus is alive today in the heavenly place.

In John 10 the Lord Jesus is looking forward as the 'Door' the entrance point into eternity, He had come from heaven to earth and has accomplished His mission to earth but here He is projecting the truth that He alone can bring us into heaven and into the Living Gods presence.

We are enabled to look forward with great confidence tom the moment when faith gives way to sight and we see our precious Saviour descending through the clouds to collect His Bride the Church.

We are going to go through the doorway together, He will lead us through the gateway into glory, to rest in our eternal home.

So let us look at the picture of John 10 where the Lord Jesus is revealing the promise that if we accept Him as our Lord and Saviour we are entering the door that leads to eternal life.

The fact is we have an enemy that is fighting to draw us away from going through the door and even when through it is trying to draw us back into the old ways.

The 'thieves and robbers' are seeking to rob us of our inheritance, they want to destroy our peace, rest and hope and how they are fighting to do so today.

The fact that so many saints are wandering around aimlessly is a truth to the statement made by the Lord in v 8.

They have lost their way because they were not following close enough to the Risen Lord

pandering to the flesh and not walking in the Spirit.

If the enemy can rob you of your prayer time and bible study time alone with God then he is content because we have lost precious time alone with our Father that could lead us to victory over the enemy.

Robbers of fellowship with the family of God is another tactic used by the enemy, getting us out of fellowship by a variety of ways so as to break the close tie that we should be enjoying with our Father and His family.

Robbers of fellowship with our Father so that we do not have the cutting edge of faith that causes us to conquerors rather than be conquered.

Now our Risen Lord has brought us through the door so that we can enjoy fellowship and intimate relationships with our heavenly Father.

The door is opened so that we can ascend to the heavenly Throne continually to commune with our Father so why let the enemy rob you of your inheritance?

'I am the Door' and the sheep can come and go resting in the shepherds tender care and enjoying His protection as they feed upon His word v 9.

What a glorious picture fore Mary and minutes later Peter to look at the empty tomb and then to commune with the Lord Himself.

For Mary she was given the privilege of being the first to speak to the Risen Lord Jesus and she is amazed at the news given to her, one word change world history forever 'Mary'.

The door is opened by the Lord Jesus for her to go through and heaven was opened for repentant sinners to go through to worship at the Throne of Grace.

'I am the door' that is open for you to go through to receive light, knowledge, wisdom and understanding, 'if any man lack wisdom let him ask of God' go through the door and receive the knowledge that you need.

'I am the door' go through to worship and adore the Lamb and the Father in all their glory we can boldly enter, the curtain was ripped in two so that we can enter His presence with rejoicing.

Oh the wonder of the statement 'I am the door' made by our precious Saviour and Lord

not for not for debate but for security and safety.

We can know the joy of sins forgiven because the door is opened for us to go through in repentance and we can now go in and out and find green pastures v 9.

We should not be content with just going to church services but we should be enjoying daily communion with our 'Door' He brings us into the Fathers presence.

'I am the door' leads us to ponder the inheritance that He ha snow made available to us

not just 'life ' but 'abundant life'.

He has given to those who stoop to go through the door eternal life and no one can rob us of that life it is secure for eternity.

Then no one should rob us of the 'abundance' that has been made available to us in Christ there is a massive supply of love, strength and power given to us to share with those around us.

We should not be content with the meagre supplies offered to us at church services because there is an abundant supply of blessings awaiting those who walk through the door.

The truth is we must go through the 'door', 'enter' literally means that a positive going through the door so as to receive the blessings from the storehouse.

What a storehouse it is inside are all the requirements that we need to live a normal Christian life to the glory of our Father.

The 'door' of access to the Throne of Grace brings us right into the presence of our Father to praise, pray and commune with Him.

The privilege is mind blowing that little you and me can soar into the heavenlies in spiritual worship to commune with the Living God but that is what the Lord Jesus is inviting us to do here.

To go through the 'door' and to enjoy the company of the Creator God to exalt and magnify His name by taking of the inheritance of the saints from His gracious hand.

We are no longer paupers but are His children as we walk through the door we are welcomed as His children and He longs to meet with us that is the thought behind going through the door.

We go in not as guests but as family, we are not taking a holy holiday when we go there but we enter with thanksgiving in our hearts, going by faith to the Throne of the Living God.

We should approach His Throne with reverence and awe but we can commune as a child with Father in simplicity and trust.

What a privilege for us to rise in the rise Lord and go through the 'door' today to meet with Him and the Living Father God, we rise with joy and adoration even though we stand amazed in His presence.

The empty tomb is the doorway to Heaven because that is where our beloved Saviour is right now we bow as we go through the door and prostrate ourselves in worship before the Throne.

This should become part and parcel of our life a daily coming through the door to commune with our Saviour and to learn directly from Him the wonderful truths that He has promised to us.

The are beautiful green pastures to feed upon and wells of water for us to drink from, the provisions are there when we walk through the door.

Then going through the 'door' gives us authority whilst dwelling on earth, we have the authority of heaven behind us, the enemy is no longer in control.

The old nature is left behind when we go through the door, we have a mighty new life in front of us and we have the covering of the divine armoury to put on to over come the enemy.

The 'door' leads to life and victory, the path leads us to the Throne and we need to apply the conditions so that the promise is used to the full in our earthly journey towards home.