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DAY 18.

We turn to John 8 today to look at the next 'I am' coming directly from the Lord Jesus after the incident with the woman taken in adultery.

Jesus said 'I am the light of the world' a statement that opens up a train of thought that should enlighten us today sending us on our way rejoicing.

We begin by looking at the 'light' because two features about the light need developing the first is the light is inextinguishable and it never needs kindling seeing that it is eternal.

The first thought is an amazing truth nothing can extinguish the light of God, banning the bible, burning it, banishing it and blasting it have all been tried but failed.

The Light of the world over the centuries has been the Lord Jesus bring light into very dark places transforming lives in doing so.

What a glorious beam of light was brought to bear on the woman taken in adultery dwelling in darkness in a short period of time was turned to walk in the eternal light by the Light of the world.

That incident was one of many that the Lord Jesus demonstrated to reveal that He is the light of the world.

The light is all searching as the woman at the well found out in John 4, the Master knew all about her past life but He as light brought her into a new realm of living.

Her darkness was blasted away as light flooded her soul and mind, in a moment she is turned from darkness into a light bearer.

The light of the world was to lighten many a dark place as people began to listen to His word they too became light bearers, the lives being transformed.

Then the light of the world began to bring light on to the sacred page of scripture as He does today, opening up the pages with inextinguishable light.

To the Jews He continually opened up their heart and minds with explanations that baffled the scholars, this very truth saw them crucify the Saviour of the world.

If we need to understand some truths of scripture then set yourself a period of time to be alone with the Light of the world and He has promised to give us light.

Look up to the eternal light instead of looking at human wisdom through books and sermons, seek the Lord to give you light and He will.

The promise of v 12 is that as we 'walk in the light we shall not walk in darkness' the two are complete opposites, darkness is getting greater as we walk from the light of the world.

The light on the other hand is getting brighter as we seek to walk closer to the Lord in our daily living as we are closing in on the source of eternal light.

Each day that we live we are walking one day nearer home, the beam of light is lighting up the pathway and the road is clearer now than when we began to walk on it.

The Light of the world shines forth as a glorious beacon across the world, He lit up the recesses of a millions of hearts on the resurrection morning bring light on to the darkness of death.

Death could not hold the Lord Jesus He just tore the bars away bringing light on to the scene, 'I am He that liveth and was dead and He is alive forever more'.

A wonderful truth tho keep in mind as the darkness surrounding our planet gets darker as time goes by and eternity beckons.

Mankind is facing the terrific dilemma of choosing the Light of the world or going into the terrifying darkness of eternal hell.

People are frantically looking for answers to the age old problem 'is there life after death' they search here and there for help but are resisting the claims of the Light of the world.

The religious group the Pharisees sought to turn the question facing them into a challenge to the Light o the world instead of seeking the light themselves.

How many millions of folk today are doing the same thing resisting the light by turning the challenge into an irrelevant question or worst still asking another imponderable question.

We are such foolish people dwelling in the darkness following folk in the dark themselves on the great issues that effect mankind.

The second thought about the Light of the world is that it did not need kindling, the light was ablaze in eternity before time began and will continue when time has ceased to be.

The Light of the world was with His Father in eternity operating without our aid in bringing time into being, something we do not like to think of.

The truth that will set us free is revealed in the Light of the world who stretches our understanding beyond measure as He says 'I am the light of the world' not as a suggestion to discuss or debate but as a fact that we can build our life on.

The Light of the world beams out as He always has done out of eternity on to this little planet earth, scientists are looking for explanations to the existence of the small insignificant earth but turning away from the source of light that will answer their queries.

We are all seeking answers to the baffling questions that life throws up but usually the last place we turn to is the Light of the world.

He does not answer our questions without bringing us to the light of why we are here on earth and to the mess that we are making of our life on it.

The Light of the world beams forth from the heavenly place bursting through the darkness and dullness of the human heart revealing solutions to our personal problems.

Multi millions of people will stand up to testify to the transforming Light bring truth, joy and hope into their lives as a result of repentance of sin before the Living God.

They will stand out to tell the truth that in Him is no darkness at all if we turn to John 1 we find the light beaming from the page vs.4, 5, 9.

The light extinguishes the darkness but men resisted it in their ignorance and folly but the darkness did not extinguish the light, it still beams on today.

In John 3 v 19 we find this truth magnified as we look at the reason why darkness tries to extinguish the light 'because their deeds are evil'.

Sin has not only warped our mind and judgment it has turned our reasoning into unsubstantiated results because sin is at the base of our arguments.

Light will blast away the darkness the moment we begin to deal with the root of our problem, when sin is brought out and acknowledged the light swiftly uncovers the truth to us.

We are rotten throughout we do not deserve the grace, mercy and love of God seeing how we have dealt with His Son but how beautifully He turns our mind and heart to see that His death on Calvary was in our place.

The light beams forth from Calvary 'in my place condemned He stood but He sealed my pardon with His blood Hallelujah what a Saviour.

The ray of light that lit up Calvary turns to a terrific beam of light at His Resurrection, when we confess our sin He is both able and willing to forgive us.

That light dawns on our heart and the new day lights up the way as we now move along the path of radiant light on the path of righteousness.

Now to close our thoughts on the Light of the world today I moved to dwell on the truth that the light is still burning in our hearts as Gods children.

The light of the world is still working on or lives as the Holy Spirit brings us closer to the light we find hidden recesses of the heart where sin lingers.

We are not as yet perfect but we should be seeking to become a closer likeness to the Lord Jesus and the hidden thoughts are to be dealt with so the whole of our being is full of light Matthew 6 v 22.

There the Light of the world is bringing this truth out into the open we should be seeking His help and aid all the while in every situation so that His light will flood us.

There are hidden works of darkness such as jealousy, envy, pride, lust and the like that must be brought out into the light as Christians so that we can be freed from them.

Light is increasing for the diligent and vigilant soul and the obedient saint will walk in light so that their pathways grows brighter as the days go by.