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DAY 17.

The seven 'I ams' of John will fill our thoughts for the next few days and the promises that abound in these verses is terrific

The first one is very apt on this Good Friday morning out in Albania, the Lord Jesus as the 'bread of life' John 6 v 48 what a word we find here.

The Lord Jesus had spoken to His hearers about the facts of the Exodus from Egypt and how the Father had wonderfully supplied the manna from heaven to feed them v 32. 

How each morning each tent sent out a member to collect enough for the day and twice as much on the Friday because Sabbath was a day of rest to them.

He provided for their journey with abundant supply none lacked even though they complained and then He sent the quails for them to eat.

In the background of this message was the tremendous fact that the Lord Jesus had wonderfully turned the five loaves and two small fish the dinner of a little boy who was following events diligently.

Little did he know that he was going to go down in history and be remembered world wide for his generous actions.

The Lord Jesus had taken the loaves and fishes and having prayed over them broke them open so that a multitude of folk received their lunch from them 6 v 11.

The disciples were staggered at the event and were in full discussion amongst themselves about it when the Lord Jesus broke in their conversation.

They were trapped by the reaction of the Lord Jesus 'you seek Me' v 20 not for the miracle but because you were all filled'.

How easy it is for human nature to get its eyes of the Lord to talk about His miracles, we discuss and debate the miracles even today two thousand years later, we have such a blinkered view of our Lord Jesus.

The truth is He knows what we are thinking about as much as what we are talking about there is nothing hid from Him.

He immediately brings home the truth that we should be looking for the things that are eternal more than earthly things because the earthly things are passing away.

There is nothing permanent in earthly stores, like the manna they rot if not eaten in a short space of time but the eternal life that He talking about goes through the grave into eternity.

They were baffled at such knowledge, they were still learners in the school of faith just like us, there is so much more for us to grasp hold of.

There is a third experience that these early disciples were to pass through as they pass through their schooling and that is found at the last Passover and the first Communion service.

The time was fast drawing near for the Lord Jesus to complete the work that He had come to earth to do, to 'die on the Cross at Calvary to open up the way for eternal life to offered to the whole world.

Passover had been eaten when the Lord Jesus 'took bread' 1 Corinthians 11 v 23 and when He had given thanks He broke it He and gave them to eat.

The words that follow are so important 'take eat this is My body broken for you' here the impact of Calvary's sacrifice is being brought out just as it should be every time we take communion.

The wonder of Calvary's sacrifice should never be lost, that the Holy Son of God should give His life to redeem us from sin and hell is so wonderful.

We look at the broken bread and it reminds us of His suffering and yielding of Himself to do the Fathers will, wounded for me.

The bread reminds us of sacrifice but it also reminds us of salvation because through that sacrifice we can be transformed from being mere earthly creatures into eternal beings.

The broken body on Calvary has become the food for millions to feed on in the Communion Service, a number no one can number as Revelation 7 reveals.

He has met the needs of all the ransomed host and eternity will reveal how great a host that is when united they sing the heavenly anthem 'worthy is the Lamb who was slain'.

'I am the bread of life' John 6 v 46 that us eternal life, earthly bread like the manna satisfied for a short period but the 'bread of life' the Lord Jesus is feeding us now and through eternity.

In v 51 we find the gem of a promise made by the Master Himself 'if any man eat of this bread he shall live forever', here is the guarantee of eternal life in the heavenly place.

The moment we repent of our sin we receive eternal life, from then on as we walk through life we can take the bread and wine in communion identifying our self with the Lord Jesus sacrifice.

We are partakers of His life as we are partakers of His sacrifice, He has done for us what nobody else could do and certainly what we could not do our self.

He through His sacrifice has brought salvation, redemption and glory to us, what a mouth watering statement this is.

The truth is that sacrifice on Calvary was not to cover the sin of Jews only, it was to cover the sins of the whole world v 51 so that whosoever will may come and partake of it.

The broken body revealed the shed blood v 53 and these are the two ingredients that give eternal life to us, what a sacrifice this was.

The Creator of the universe dying in our place so that we could have eternal life here and

on this fragile earth that we live on.

The Lord Jesus looked beyond the suffering and agony He was to endure to release guilty sinners to the eternal family that He was preparing for eternity.

He looked up to His Father and we note in v 57 that He is the Living Father, the Living God watching over these events leading up to Good Friday and Resurrection morning.

Our Father was intimately involved in the 'Bread of Life' that was to be broken open so that we could have an eternity spent in His holy presence.

We today can enjoy feasting on our precious Lord Jesus know Him personally and involving Him in our every day life.

The promise in the verse before us is operative daily 'I am the bread of Life' we know Him so that we cannot live without Him.

We look back in time and find the manna supplying the need of the hungry travellers in the desert and look back to the hungry folk satisfied to the full on the mountain side.

We look back to Calvary and fall down in awe and wonder at the sacrifice of the Beloved Son of God before feeding our heart and minds on Him.

We can look back to the moment that we were brought out of sins darkness into eternal light and life and we praise the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for their faithfulness towards us.

In gratitude we can look forward to the future events when the Lord Jesus is to return to earth to collect His Church and take us to be with Him in eternity.

The question is posed are we partakers of the 'bread of life' in our daily walk homewards, are we resting in our Lord Jesus to meet all of our need on the journey?

We should be found daily at His feet feeding on the 'bread of life' so that strengthened and satisfied we can go out to share the 'bread of life' with those hungry souls around us.