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DAY 16.

When the truth dawns on our heart and mind of the last study then we move out into a completely new realm of living that is unknown by those who have never known the forgiveness of sin.

Solomon in the Proverbs brings us to the next stage of the new dawn that never ceases to amaze me, Proverbs 2 v 6 with promises unheard of until our faith in Christ becomes operative.

The promise of wisdom, knowledge and understanding is given to those who seek to apply the word of God to their lives..

We start our study by looking at the word 'if' three times it comes and points us to the truth that we are easily prone to stop studying because it seems difficult and hard to understand.

Well we must face up to the fact that the enemy of our soul is seeking to deter us from becoming Christ like in our living and he will bring all manner of problems to our mind.

If we want to become good soldiers of Jesus Christ then we are in a battle for the rest of our lives and we can expect the enemy to attack us on this issue of seeking the Lord for wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

'If we are serious in our faith then I can assure you that our Father is far more serious in opening up these three words to us to turn the 'if' into 'when'.

There is a hard decision to be made and it is a choice that only we can make personally and the wise person knows which way to go in seeking the Lord with all of our heart and mind.

The second word worth noting here is in v 2 'apply' the word of God needs practically applying to our life so that we begin to grow Christ like.

The beauty of scripture is that it is never dull and boring when our heart and mind is in tune with God, He delights to reveal the truths of His word to us.

We need to open ourselves up to the Lord so that we can receive the word without bias or prejudice a problem we face continually.

We keep referring to the parts we like instead of facing the whole truth including the parts hard to understand or to apply to our life because wee do not like change.

The promises of God come with conditions and the condition here is valuable for the understanding of all scripture 'if thou will receive My word' this is not Solomon speaking but the Lord is using him as His servant to relay the truth to us.

Do not run away from the things that are here, 'hide' literally is the opposite of 'keep' as in Proverbs 4 v 21 we need to bring things into the open and see how we can appropriate them to our life.

'Wisdom' is seeing things from Gods point of view, we usually only see things from an earthly view point but the Christian disciple must see things from an eternal view point.

The earthly view is limited to the knowledge gained on earth where as the eternal view brings into activity things that are beyond our control.

Wisdom includes knowledge gained by experience, only a person that knows experimentally the cleansing power of Christ can explain the massive difference that occurs to us when we have our sin forgiven.

Godly 'wisdom' reveals the mighty fact that when we confess our sin the Living God forgives our sin and erases the record forever: we have eternal life now and death becomes the open door into eternity.

Godly wisdom is experimental and He delights to see His children operating by faith, trusting Him to do what He has promised them in His word.

Faith is operative all the time in every situation that we find our self, we can reach out to our Father and seek to find the solutions to our problems or needs from Him.

Wisdom is not a word that we discuss or argue over, wisdom is the intelligent insight into things so that we can see beyond the immediate situation to see the truth behind it.

So many times we make judgements that are false because we think that we know the whole situation when in fact we only know a part of it.

When we look at the wider picture of scripture there are few folk who spend time with the Lord seeking to know experimentally the truths behind books such as Ezekiel and Revelation glorious truths but much is hidden for us to search out.

True wisdom leads us to reverence the Living God v 2 and those skeptics can never know the reality of Godly wisdom or indeed the true meaning of life 14 vs.6 – 7.

From wisdom to 'understanding' the word meaning intelligent insight, it is the object of wisdom brings us to the true insight of things.

Our heavenly Father knows the motive behind our actions as well as seeing the activity itself, it is this added dimension that we are thinking of now.

Gaining the ability to see things beyond the actual action or word, the Holy Spirit will give us such insight as we apply the word to our life and seek godly understanding.

So often we only look at the superficial life of a person or situation where as we could bring the issues to the Lord and find a deeper cause for the matter at hand.

We can gain great advantage in counseling by seeking the Lord in prayer before we start the session, folk like to gloss over their life keeping the bad hidden just as we once did.

When we seek the knowledge and understanding from the Lord it brings us first and foremost closer to the Lord, as we seek His help and advice on matters.

There is another thought behind the word 'understanding' and that involves 'discretion'

causing us to speak without giving offense to the hearer even though we are unveiling the truth to them.

The person will wonder where we got the information from and then we can share the truth with them about our relationship with the Living God who gives us understanding on such matters.

It is not prying into issues or indeed being nosy into a persons life but rather it is the added dimension of understanding the truth about the person so as to give measured judgement.

From wisdom and understanding we turn to 'knowledge' and our Father delights to find His children seeking knowledge that will enable them to grow to full spiritual maturity.

In v 5 we find such knowledge brings us first and foremost to God our Father revealing the deeper things of God to us.

Most Christians think that they have much knowledge about the Creator God and make boasts about His creative power but never come to realise that He is actively involved in their daily living.

The word 'knowledge' here points us to the truth that Godly knowledge is the opposite of the word 'folly' meaning stupidity or the lack of good sense.

In the book of Ecclesiastes the writer argues that human nature delights to stop in the ways of folly instead of reaching out to find real knowledge.

To reach out for spiritual knowledge will bring us to the heart of God and to the truth of every issue, many times our Father with holds such knowledge from us so as to draw us closer to Himself.

Many a time we learn more about our self in seeking the Lord for such knowledge and certainly we learn as good deal more about our heavenly Father.

If you desire to gain godly knowledge then begin with seeking Him regarding earthly issues as against eternal ones, start by seeking the difference between earthly time and eternity.

Solomon set out to find the differences and in Ecclesiastes became over whelmed by his findings, he knew very little before hand but grew to seek the Lord with all of his heart and mind as a result.

Now the promise is given 'if' we seek the Lord with all of our heart and mind 'we shall find Him' not only find Him but come to reverence Him more and more as we seek His company and fellowship.

Now there is a challenge for us to pursue today.