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DAY 14,

I read a beautiful promise today in John 8 v 36 'if the Son sets you free you shall be free indeed' what a start to the day to be free in the Lord Jesus.

So for a little while let us look at the freedom that the Lord Jesus has brought us into and to begin with to look at the things that our freedom is not.

First it is not license to do as we please when we have been ransomed and forgiven, our liberty does not mean that we can return to live in the old nature of things.

We have been liberated from sins hold on us to walk in a living and close relationship with the Creator God, 'old things have passed away all things have become new' 2 Corinthians 5 v 17.

The problem with the old Jewish way of life was that thought they sacrificed annually to cover their sin they only went back to do the same again in the new year.

The new covenant that was sealed by the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus sets us free to walk in holiness before the Lord.

It not only covers our sin so that it is never to be held against us again but it gives us the power to over come temptation in the present life.

The liberty we enjoy includes becoming masters over sin and not being mastered by it, we can walk in the glorious liberty whereby 'Christ has set us free' Galatians 5 v 1.

We do not have to return to the trough of sin because there is a freedom now for us to walk in the new life empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Secondly we are not free to do as we please in relation as to how we live, we are free from sins domination to walk in the path of righteousness.

Our life should speak volumes of how we are now under Christ's control, we should be seeking to bring pleasure to our precious Saviour, our conduct should speak loudly of the relationship we have with the Lord.

We will never convince others of their need of Christ and salvation by doing all the things that they do the pleasures of this world are at enmity with God.

Thirdly our liberty is not an insurance policy to get us into heaven but it is a completely new way of seeing things so that it alters the way that we live.

In our old way of living we took little or know thought about the way that we lived, living basically to please ourselves.

In Christ Jesus we are living to bring pleasure to our heavenly Fathers heart by the way we live, we seek to become Christ like in thought, word and deed.

Now let us look at the promise made to us by the Lord Jesus here in John 5 v 36 because it opens up a terrific blessing to us.

The freedom is part of our inheritance and we should be living in the light of it instead of struggling along as if we carried a huge weight on our back.

'Truth' is the key to our freedom, the Lord Jesus holds the key and wants to turn it in the lock that keeps us from enjoying His liberty.

'Truth' in v 32 is the unveiled reality where the appearance matches up to the statement made, it is absolutely genuine and can be trusted implicitly.

The 'word of God is truth' v 31 so that we can enjoy living and building our life on the word of God because it not only brings us freedom but it draws us into a closer relationship with the Living God.

We can come into a close intimacy with the Lord through dwelling and communing on the word of God, learning to wait on Him in prayer and study.

The truth has set us free 'if we confess our sin God is willing and just to forgive us our sin' when we confess our sin He pardons us completely.

The only sin that He does not forgive us the unconfessed sin, the sin that we cling on to instead of letting it go to enjoy complete freedom in Christ.

Now there are many Christians suffering under the weight of unconfessed sin because they are ashamed of the things they get up to in secret but God knows all about it.

Now why labour under such a strain when we can live in freedom from its power and in liberty of its guilt, 'the truth shall set you free'.

'Free' v 32 here is a word only linked to redemption, it points to the liberating of a soul trapped in sin and Satan's bondage so that we can live in righteousness.

All the references to our being free bring home to us the point that we are now liberated from sins dominion over us, look up Romans 6 vs.18 and 22, 8 vs.2 and 21 alongside Galatians 5 v 1.

What terrific words these are they point to us enjoying liberation now, we are not under Satan and sins domain but we are free in Christ Jesus to serve the Living God.

Now a little later in John 8 in v 45 we find the Master telling the people that they do not believe Him even though He is speaking the truth in love.

These folk were still bound in the religious belief that they labour against the evil enemy and sin, they are still trying to do something for God when God has done the necessary things for them.

What they needed was freeing from the chains of sin, from the darkness of their thinking and from the mastery of human natures thinking that it knows best.

The Lord Jesus has come to bring us freedom and this includes the freedom to enjoy communing with the Living God and to listen and learn from His word.

We can draw near to God in true faith to enjoy holy fellowship with Him that pales the worldly pleasures into insignificance.

We can be taken up with the Lord so that we delight to spend time with Him so that we do not want to leave His conscious presence to return to earthly things.

There are few Christians today who are living like Enoch did, enjoying divine communion until the Lord took him home Genesis 5 v 22.

Enjoying fellowship with the Creator looking at things from His point of view, listening to His words of truth and learning to live in the Spirit in our daily life.

There is freedom to approach the Throne of God at anytime seeing our Great High Priest the Lord Jesus is standing interceding for us continually.

We have access to our inheritance and can draw from the bank of knowledge, wisdom, truth, understanding all the time we should be continually learning new thins from our Fathers hand.

The is liberty in our redemption to gain mastery over the world, flesh and devil, we do not serve them nor do they have any claim over our life in Christ.

So why do we spend so much time dwelling on transient things, seeking pleasures that have no value in them when we can dwell on eternal issues that will effect our eternal reward.

We spend time listening to other mortals proclaiming their knowledge and experiences when we could be better involving ourselves on the spiritual issues that affect us.

The Lord Jesus was not only rejected but killed v 37 to bring us the liberty and freedom that we profess, He alone can dispense the freedom to our heart.

He was calling out to the crowd to accept this liberty but all He got was rejection and condemnation, the world is still guilty of this rejection but the Christian should be walking in the liberty that He brought.

They examined the truth with blinkered vision and blinded minds, they still think that He was just a man with high ideals.

In Christ Jesus we have found the truth that has set us free from such thinking and we now walk at liberty to serve and worship Him.

We should be seeking to walk in the truth and to stop looking to move the boundary lines so that we can carry on living enjoying worldly pleasures.

We are called to walk in the liberty and light that the Lord Jesus revealed in His word, we are no longer slaves to this world but we are servants of the Living God so may we today commit ourselves to be liberated servants to our Lord.