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DAY 12.

Psalm 103 fills my attention today and the mighty promises contained in the word as being accomplished already in us as the redeemed of the Lord.

To begin with we look at the five statements made that are operative in every true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

In v 2 we are called to 'forget not all His benefits' the word 'benefits' brings out the treatment given to the diligent believer for their welfare.

The promises of God come inside the meaning of this word and the five mentioned in vs.3 – 5 are priceless ones.

The first in v 3 'who forgiveth all thine iniquities' we note the word 'all' the only iniquity or sin that He does not forgive is our unconfessed ones.

Our heavenly Father has blotted out our iniquity through the sacrifice of His Son, we carry the awful load no longer when we confess our sin He is willing and just to forgive us.

That promise of 'forgiveness' pointing to the pardon that is sealed through Jesus blood transforms our life from hell deserving sinners to the ransomed people going on a journey to heaven for eternity.

'Forgiven' points us homeward along the path of righteousness, the Living God will no, longer hold our confessed sin against us, we have been cleared of every trace of it.

Then the second issue 'who healeth all thy diseases' what a promise we can claim here, our Father binds up the wounds of the broken hearted as Psalm 34 v 18 and 147 v 3.

I love to read the scriptures regarding the coming of the Lord Jesus as revealed to Isaiah 61 v 1, He came 'to bind up the broken hearted' one of several references to the Lord Jesus working His gracious miracles of healing amongst the people.

The 'broken hearted' brings out the compassion of the Living God on His people reaching down to lift up and bind up the people suffering from all manners of ailments.

He binds up the wound giving not just relief but restoration with the actions that He takes in dealing with us, the Good Samaritan was not just a story parable but the result of Christ's ministry.

The third promise statement here in the Psalm is 'who redeemeth thy life from destruction'

v 4 we thought of 'redeem' earlier but here we look at the act and the consequences of redemption.

The act of redeeming brings out the thought of a helpless slave being purchased so that they can be released to live in freedom.

The consequences of their freedom is to serve their Redeemer without restrictions, the idea of relationship is behind the word, we have come into Gods eternal family.

In the light of this we should be living lives worthy of our Redeemer, no longer selfish and self centred but self giving to the Lord.

We look at the hopeless condition we were in a sinners condemned to eternal separation from the Living God to the position we now enjoy as His redeemed children.

'Destruction' comes fourteen times in the Psalms pointing us to the truth of the life after death, the end of life on earth is not the end of life altogether.

There is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun or avoid, the Christian believer is one whose eternal destiny has been changed from what they deserved into what has been granted to them as a result of their confession of their sin.

Eternity in the heavenly place will ring with the praises to our Redeemer, we are only there

because of the mercy, love and grace of our God.

He has redeemed us, a promise fulfilled through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, He will never leave or forsake us that is in the promise.

The fourth issue is in v 4 'who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies' and how the promises of God are poured out in these words.

They come in abundance to us and they should fill hours of joyful thought and praises to God as we contemplate the many blessings poured out on us individually.

The word 'crowneth' means to encompass or surround, the promises of God are in abundance in His word and are there for us to partake of.

It is not a pleading for them or indeed for struggling to arrive at them wringing them out of our God because He has bountifully poured them out on us daily.

When our life is in harmony with our Father we can come to Him as a child to their Father and ask what we will in Jesus name and He will give it to us John 14 v 13.

The thought is simple 'ask' and 'I will do it', the provision is not the problem but the issue of us asking in His name is.

We are such self centred people looking for the me, my and mine, we need to step back and look at our Redeemer and then at our self and then ask Him to change this heart of ours.

The magnitude of the problem is swept away by the gracious hand of the Living God, He surrounds us with His compassion and loving gracious acts.

He reaches down to meet the need of the weary giving them strength, He reaches out to give courage to the faint hearted and He delights to meet the needs of His children.

There is no friend like the Lord Jesus, His tenderness is beyond words as He ministers to the weary soul at the end of day, His loving concern for our welfare is fresh every day.

The fifth issue here in Psalm 103 is found in v 5 'who satisfieth thy mouth with good things'

He fully satisfies the soul, mind and heart of the obedient believer so that they are renewed with life, energy and strength that baffles the onlookers.

Old men are renewed with life that enables them to rise like an eagle, soaring in the Spirit to enjoy the final days of life on earth before soaring into the presence of their Father for eternity.

That word 'renewed' is a beautiful word as it brings out several issues like being brought from death into life, such as being restored from the scrap heap to be useful again.

It points to being revived from a poor state into a living vital one, from being down cast on the earth into being upward borne into the heavenlies to commune with the Lord.

All of this and much more, the Lord has been so gracious with us we are found guilty of misappropriation of His grace and favours.

We need to take time to ponder these terrific words and then to praise our Lord as we see the reality of them being worked out in our life.

We look at v 8 and what joy this stimulates in the spirit, the wonder of the Creator God taking such interest in us note the 'Lord is' not maybe or going to be but He is now in the present tense.

He is merciful to forgive the laxity, levity and luxury that we have fallen into since He forgave us of the sin that broke the relationship in the first place, His mercy endures forever.

He is gracious to us, His lovingkindness is showered on us daily, He comes with tender compassion to us to deal graciously with us.

It is with sadness that we treat all of these issues so lightly and take so much for granted

These great promises being worked out in us should motivate us into deeper commitment to Him to enjoy a closer walk with Him.

We will see the anger of God displayed in judgement on that Great Judgment Day when unrepentant sinners along with Satan receive their just rewards meted out by the Lord Jesus.

The truth is He has removed His wrath from us in His 'plenteous mercy' the word 'plenteous' literally means great, incalculable and numerous.

The promises of God are given to us to draw us closer to Him and what better thought to go into the day with than the one in v 12 'He has removed our sin and transgression from us'.

He will never hold our confessed and repented sin against us again, He pities us so that we can call Him Father, what a privilege that is for us to know and enjoy.