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DAY 2.

'Wait on the Lord' is the theme for our study today and the promise that is repeated many times in scripture and one that we need to lay hold of.

To 'wait' has several ideas and so we will look at these to glean some of the truths of scripture that need to become effective in our lives.

The thought of 'waiting' on the Lord in Psalm 27 v 14 opens up a treasure chest of thought, it brings us to rest in the Lords company, to be revived in His presence and to be restored for the walk ahead.

First the 'wait' is valuable seeing that we are invited to come and rest in the Master's company, He knows full well the situation that we have come from.

He knows the pressures we are under in the battle of life and seeks to bring us into the close proximity of His Throne to rest awhile.

To switch of from the worldly scene with all its distractions so that we can concentrate on the eternal issues that lie in front of us.

Time to rest from our labour for a little while so that we can be refreshed for the next session of labour that drains our time and energy.

It is a fact that the Lord Jesus delights to welcome us to His Throne because it is there that He can minister to us on the issues of life. He enjoys our company but how much do we enjoy being in His presence?

The second thought of being restored by waiting on the Lord is one that David knew a great deal about and he writes about it in many of his Psalms.

He was distressed at time during his battling with Saul but in the precious time of waiting on the Lord he found that his strength was restored and the vision became clearer.

The soul that was lagging behind being wearied by the conflict he was in is restored the true values of the spiritual life are sought after by waiting on the Lord.

It is in the 'waiting' times that we hear 'be of good courage' and in the light of that we can move forward resting on the promises of God.

The second thought of 'wait on the Lord' brings out 'hope' in our daily living, the fact that we are being prepared for eternity.

Our 'hope in the Lord' is revealed in Isaiah 40 v 31 'they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles'.

Now here is a terrific thought for us to ponder and to bring into effect in our life, to wait expectantly on the Lord, many think it is vain to sit and ponder the word of God in the quietness today..

We do not like the silence that is generated in 'waiting' as we live in a noisy age, but it is in the quietness before the Throne of Grace that we can hear the still small voice of God.

The restless spirit needs these quiet times to reflect on the issues that really matter, to enjoy being in the presence of the King of kings and to learn of Him.

We will renew our strength, in a modern phrase recharge our batteries to be filled again and again with the Holy Spirit what a thought that He will enable us to run and not be weary to walk and not faint.

There are a great number of Christians sitting in their spiritual cul de sac feeling down and despondent who could turn their mind to the Lord and by waiting on Him will find their lives being transformed.

From meandering around on earth they can learn to wit on the Lord in the heavens and will find that they enjoy the spiritual life of soaring in the Spirit.

'Waiting on the Lord' is no idle time, it is no wasted time but it can be a very productive time that leads us closer to the Lord and a longing for His presence.

To 'wait' in hope is the desire of the diligent Christian because they do not know what treasure the Lord will reveal to them in that hour.

So much of our defeats come from not waiting on the Lord, when we do realise this we see what foolish people we have been struggling along when we could have been enjoying our Saviour's presence.

To wait with expectancy in the presence of the Living God should be our first and fore most thought at the commencement of the day.

The unknown and uncertainty of the hours in front of us can be enlightened during this precious waiting on the Lord.

The testimony of millions of those who have gone before us into the heavens speak loudly of the Lord ministering to them by His Spirit in the morning time waiting on Him.

It is another study in itself to look at the scriptures to see the reality of the men and women waiting on the Lord finding their instructions from Him.

Maybe the next study we will give over to some of the clear testimonies of scripture from people found alone with God and the mighty things that were unveiled to them.

The third thought for today though whilst 'waiting on the Lord' is brought out in patiently waiting on the Lord as Lamentations 3 v 26.

To 'wait on the Lord' brings patience and with it the much needed discipline that many shy away from, Jeremiah tells us in Lamentations that 'the mercies of the Lord are new every morning' v 23.

This 'waiting' is a training time where we learn to rejoice in the mercies of God as we go through difficult times, they are the necessary training periods of life to prove that our faith is genuine.

Jeremiah goes on v 25 the Lord is good to those who wait on Him, He is testing our faith by putting us into situations to hard for ourselves to master but by waiting on Him we become masters.

Jeremiah is facing the reality of Jerusalem being over run, ransacked and then destroyed

but through his disciplined waiting on the Lord the Living God reveals these wonderful truths to him.

This is not the end of Jerusalem just another phase in their long history of defeat because the people would not wait on the Lord but would rather rush head long into conflict after conflict.

If only the nation would have listened to Isaiah and Jeremiah, men who learned to wait on the Lord discerning right from wrong and gaining light to dispel darkness.

Patience is needed in waiting on the Lord, He makes His plans known well in advance to His faithful children and as He did so He will today.

The greatest need of the hour is for the Christian disciples to learn to wait on the Lord He is waiting to receive us, if only we were as diligent as He is.

The verses in Lamentation open up the three thoughts of waiting on the Lord beautifully

and we should spend time today just pondering over the verses in chapter 3.

'My strength' v 18 the human is sapped and I feel cut of but our spirit is revived as we wait on the Lord, we may feel discouraged by our defeats but when waiting on the Lord we find He turns them into discipline.

Through our discipline we find that we are restored with greater strength than previously known because we are now relying on the Lord and not on our own wisdom.

'It is good' points to the fact that waiting on the Lord is beneficial and benevolent for the disciple wanting to walk with the Lord in the light of His word.

There is training, testing in our earthly walk but remember v 27 that there is triumph through waiting on God.

'He sitter alone' v 28 quietly musing with the Lord seeking light, strength and courage to go out to live out a live on the higher standard of righteousness.

Are you enjoying 'waiting on the Lord' communing with Him in the Quiet Hour?