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DAY 10.

Today we continue our studies turning to Ephesians 2 vs.1 – 10 to look at the promises contained in it regarding our standing in the Lord Jesus alongside our spiritual state now.

The first thought is our standing in Christ Jesus, we worship a Risen Saviour and Lord who has brought us out of spiritual death into spiritual eternal life v 1.

'Quickened' means brought into spiritual life so that we can now commune and communicate with the Living God and Living Lord Jesus Christ.

We have the eternal life flowing through us that is imparted to every true believer at their new birth or conversion, we have eternal life now.

What a promise to enjoy, coming from the heart of the Living God through the beloved Son by the Holy Spirit might and power to simple believes such as us..

There is now no distance between us and the Lord because He dwells inside us, but it is true to say that we may not be aware of His presence due to our own will full and deliberate manner of living.

Our state does not portray the presence of the Living God within us by the actions and activities that we pursue in our daily living.

The thoughts in the v 2 are an abrupt awakening to Christians who are spiritually asleep or half awake, look at what you have been brought out off.

'Walking to the course of the world' and two words need looking at 'course' and the 'world', the first the 'course' points to the spirit of the age in which we live.

It brings out the things we did, thought and said that brought us into line with the world standard but out of line with Gods standard of living.

There was no difference between us and any other person on the planet with the exception of the repentant sinners who left the old behind to walk on the new higher standard of living of righteousness.

The 'world' brings us to view the material universe and our little planet earth in it, a very small place in a massive universe of space.

We are a little dot on that little dot earth, oblivious to the Creator and living in defiance to Him, sin literally means rebellion and brings out the lower standard that we grope on.

That is seen against the much higher standard of holiness, godliness and righteousness that human nature fights against.

Our standing was 'according to the prince of the power of the air' we think that we control ourselves but we are under the authority of Satan who fell from the heavenly place through rebellion against God Luke 10 v 18.

We should take note that it was the Lord Jesus who made that statement ratifying Isaiah 14 vs.12 – 17, what Isaiah saw in vision the Lord Jesus saw in fact.

Satan inhabits this little earth and the inhabitants sing to his tune unless they come to their senses and repent of their sin and surrender to the Lord Jesus.

It has pleased to Lord to open our eyes to the truth and now we are walking not according to the prince of the power of the air but according to the Prince of Peace.

The rebellion is over and righteousness reign in our heart and life we are now living on the upper slopes of Gods holy hill and righteousness is that standard.

Our standing was as 'children of disobedience', 'children' points to being an off spring of natural human parents that followed the standard of disobedience towards the Creator God.

The word 'disobedient' brings out the opposition that we had against what was right, true and proper as revealed by God in His word.

'Disobedience' is a much stronger word than 'unbelief', the former is the failure or refusal to accept Gods rules and word with our opposition to what God has said.

The latter brings out the thought of lacking religious belief or being unpersuadable due to sins domination and control over us.

That is what we were before Gods love, mercy and grace v 4 stooped down to lift us up and to clean us up that is what we are now ransomed, healed, restored forgiven.

Now as a result of the transformation that Christ has brought to us and the Holy Spirit is working in us we should be living as markedly changed people.

Look at our standing v 13 and then at our state right now to see where things are out of order, it is not that the promises of God have failed but rather we have failed to live in the inheritance given to us.

We were 'aliens' v 12 that is estranged from God living as if He did not exist but now we are members of His eternal family in Christ Jesus.

We were 'strangers' living as foreigners living outside of the promises of God wandering around with no goal insight except death.

Now we are His children walk in the light of His word and making progress along the holy hill towards our Fathers eternal presence.

We were 'without hope' we could not stop death, we could not stop the Great Judgement Day and we had no desire to seek the Lord in repentance to change things around.

Now in Christ we are being transformed into His likeness and are walking forward towards that glorious day when the Lord Jesus will come to take us home.

What a mighty 'but now' in v 13 the Lord Jesus has transformed our life, He turns death to sleep, He transformed death into life and He transforms our future from hopeless to hopeful.

These alone are reasons why we should be seeking to walk in the light of Gods word and not according to the power of the world, age or people.

We were afar off but have been brought near to God through the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus precious blood, He has redeemed us back to the Creator God.

Now in Christ the treasure chest of heaven has been opened up to us so that we can walk in newness of life with the Lord Jesus.

Look at what He offers us 'peace' v 14 in this world of struggle and strife, 'peace' that starts with Gods offer of salvation and ends in the company of God eternally.

'Peace' is the rest enjoyed when the rebellion is over, it is the untroubled state in the midst of troubled waters, it is the object of the divine promise given to repentant sinners.

We have ' rich Mercy' v 4 to enjoy, that is an immediate lifting of the misery that covered us and the effect of being set free from the bonds of sin that held us.

Gods mercy has removed the burden that breaks us and restores us to His presence to walk free from the guilt and power of sin over us.

We note the word 'rich' as it points us our Fathers abounding wealth that He is bestowing on us now, there is no end in sight to His mercy.

We have 'Love' v 4 that is beyond compare, undying, undiluted, unmovable, it is beyond words to describe but it is experienced by all who seek after the Lord.

He turns none away only the unrepentant soul, He looks and pleads with them in Calvary love and to the repentant soul He pours out His love upon them.

Then we have 'Hope' v 6 because He has raised us up together with Him self so that we can sit together in the heavenly place with Him, there to commune and communicate with Him daily.

We have His 'Grace' v 7 we enjoy the unmerited favours of God on our life day by day our salvation leads to our sanctification, the transforming work of the Holy Spirit is operating daily on and in us.

Look at His 'Kindness' v 7 He does not cut us off because we fall to sleep spiritually nor does He deal harshly with us when we offend Him but He does chastise us and corrects us in His kindness.

Now all of this unfolds the mighty promises of God to us and it should stir us into action to open ourselves up to the Lord for His refining work.

We will enjoy more fully and deeply the blessings that we have outlined today as each one will lead us to a deeper understanding of the treasure the Lord has opened for us to enjoy.