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DAY 9.

Continuing in Ephesians 1 we look at the promise fulfilled by the Lord Jesus on our behalf in v 19 – 23 'He put all things under His feet' v 22 as 'Head of the Church'.

First we look at v 19 and the 'power' and 'mighty power' two different words are used for 'power' the first is the 'Dunamis' the existing and essential power that is an attribute of the Living God.

It stresses the factual ability to do as He pleases without hindrance or obstacle, when our God speaks it is done instantly.

Then the 'mighty power' of God points us to the manifested force, at the resurrection it was like a mighty earthquake signalling to the Jews and Roman guard but to the world at large that the Father had released the Son from the grave.

It was the Living God and our heavenly Father who brought back His beloved Son from the dead, when mankind had done its worst the Living God did His best.

Our God not only has the ability but He has the strength to do it, there is nothing to hard for our God to do and He delights to prove this to His children.

He who holds everything together is now looking to control our life, to bring us into the likeness of His Son and to manifest His strength through us.

This brings us to the thought that fills my heart and mind today, the promise that He will put us in positions that will bring out His power and strength in us.

We look at the difficulties and desperate situations and we look up at them as massive issues that God should never allow us to be put through.

We should be looking down on them as stepping stones that we are walking over bringing us closer to our Father and increasing the Christ likeness in us.

Our Father has put all things under the feet of His Son and Satan loses his power when we see where he is right now, 'under His feet'.

We fall down at those feet in worship and adoration then to bring our petitions and prayers to Him, we gaze at our beloved Saviour seated on the Throne of Grace.

We delight to look up into His lovely face to see the man once crowned with thorns on Calvary now crowned with glory on His Throne.

'All things are under His feet' v 22 and the list in v 21 is significant for us to grasp because they include all that are opposed to Him and us.

'Principalities' that is the superior powers on earth, those people who raise themselves up in leadership to exercise their rule over all others.

Emperors, dictators, presidents, kings and queens have come and gone leaving their legacy behind much of which disappears under the new regime of power.

The truth is our God rules over them all and they will all bow before Him on the great judgement day no matter who they are.

'Power' a third word us used here as it points to what is permissible or allowed but has the restrictions placed on it as to how far it can go.

It reveals the right or permission that the person has or is given to do what the want to do having the ability and power to achieve it.

'Might' we are moving down the ladder of authority here to those who have authority invested on them, they have the ability to complete what is allotted to them.

These folk have been invested with over seeing the out working of the plans determined by those over seeing them, an ambassador is such a person as is an inspector.

'Dominion' points to magistrates power, the authority invested on a person to over see the legal system but it can point to anyone who has been delegated to positions of authority.

The receive the power to rule by force if need be, they display their superior lordship over the inferior public with dominion power.

We note here that the angels are brought into the scene providing evidence that the angelic beings operate under such an order.

What is of greater importance here in Ephesians for us to glean is that all of these orders are still under the Supreme authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, they are 'under His feet'.

They are under Him on earth and they will be in eternity where the godless will be in eternal darkness under His feet and the godly in eternal light at His feet.

The promise will be completed then but right now the various forms of leadership rule over us human beings but we can look down upon them seeing things from a divine point of view and not just a miserable human one.

Our God reigns supreme and manifests His power over them all through His beloved Son now there is the stand point that we need to come to.

To see our Lord Jesus in complete control of the absolute mess that human nature has brought on to the planet, it may seem out of control but when you look down from our Saviours point of view all is well.

He says 'so far and no further' and like the tide the limits are there in place: laws are made and changed by human beings but our God determines the limits that cannot or will not be changed.

This is an area that people do not like talking about because it shows us our frailty and the fact that our God is an unchanging God.

He has put 'all things under His feet' under His complete control and as 'Head of the Church' He is seeking to control us and what resistance He finds in us.

He is the Sovereign Lord but what a difficult job the church is giving Him split and splintered by doctrines and personalities.

The truth is the Church is under direct control of the Lord Jesus and the body is where the problems lie as we do not like the changes that haver to b e made in us.

He is gradually working on us preparing us for the great day of His return but what a tragedy that when He finally comes He will find so many of us sleeping, unprepared.

The mound of ashes from lives called Christians will b e staggering, well may scripture reveal to us 'scarcely will the righteous be saved' 1 Peter 4 v 18

Peter calls to the Church to stand up and be counted, 'judgement must begin at the House of the Lord' that is amongst those confessing conversion.

We know so little of the 'power and the mighty power of the Risen Christ amongst His people, let use so part of today in repentance before the Lord.