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DAY 8.

The theme of the last study leads us into the 'riches of glory' v 18 today and what a great base there is for us to build on here.

Now we venture out into the theme that is overwhelming in its scope the 'riches of glory' v 18 are followed by the 'riches of grace' 2 v 7 and these are sandwiched between 3 v 16 'the riches of glory'.

The 'riches' are the spiritual and moral blessings that we receive through the Lord Jesus Christ, the treasures that only the disciple of Christ can enter into.

These riches are beyond material price but are freely bestowed by the Living God on His people as they yield to His word.

The thought here in both references is to the liberality that our Father operates in, not in short or small measure but in abundant or exceeding measure beyond words.

The riches of 'glory' point us to the heavenly place where our Father and Saviour are right now in fact where our heavenly Father has always been.

The magnificence and splendour of His presence separates Him from revealing His literal presence from us, this old earthly shell cannot take Him.

The Lord Jesus understands our dilemma that is why He condescended to come down from the glory to live on earth He dwelt amongst us'.

He came to reveal the Godhead to us leaving His eternal home behind to step into our world, He became like us so as to save us from eternal separation from the Creator God.

Now the truth is He has now returned to the heavenly place to open the way for us to enter by faith to commune with the Living God and to call Him Father.

What a terrific privilege that is and it should make us stop to examine how much we are abusing the privilege bought to us by the death on Calvary of our Lord and Saviour.

That we can ascend to the Throne of Grace continually to spend as much time as we want to there: it is astonishing to see how little time we spend before the Throne but even more so the little desire we seem to show to want to do so.

In scripture we see the terrific army that is available to us to aid us in the strife that we are called to go through, we are never left on our own in the battle.

The grace of God is far greater than just meeting our need physically and mentally those in themselves are a mighty study to get stuck into.

The Grace of God has brought us into His family, into a living, lively relationship one that effects every part of our being, He is interested in all things pertaining to our well being.

Grace stoops down to lift the weary soul, it comes along side to restore the fallen, it feels for our failure and ministers to the heart that is broken raising them up to serve once more.

Grace does not run away when we make mistakes but grace is given for us to learn from those mistakes so as not to return to them again.

Grace is willing to teach souls that are not exactly willing to be taught seeing that they know so much in the first place, that is until grace begins to show us how little we know and how much there is to learn.

The riches of grace that ministers to our personal need and is meted out to s each and every day, grace in abundance and that never runs out.

Grace to face each situation that we face however big or small it maybe, there is the race of God reaching down to help us face and to conquer.

Now let us examine ourselves before we go any further because most of blame the Lord for our failing and faults seeing that He does not stop us doing the things that cause them.

The problem is not in the glory or grace of God but it is in our hard or cold hearts that are stubborn towards the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

We give little room for Him to minister to us, we show little desire to get to grips with the truth of Gods word and therefore spend very little time at the Throne of Grace seeking to listen and learn from Him

The Glory and the Grace of God is a tremendous fact that we can enjoy in the quiet time

that out flows into the daily routine where ever we go.

There are 'riches of glory' that we can certainly enjoy during our pilgrimage on earth that will lift us up over the obstacles of life if we are diligent enough to take the right route.

There is the 'riches of grace' manifested in us by the Holy Spirit in dwelling us that cause us to rejoice all the day long in the harmonious relationship that we have been brought into with the Living God.

'Grace' has saved us and will keep us safely through our earthly journey, grace can meet our every need in the battle of life, grace to see us through into the heavenly place.

'Glory' is the supreme presence of our beloved Lord Jesus, He stands out amongst us the human race as none had before or have since His coming to earth.

'Glory' will surround Him when He comes to reign on the earth when in His majestic glory the whole universe will bow and every human being will acknowledge Him for who He is.

The 'King of kings and Lord of lords' the supreme Son of the Living God who alone is worthy to be praised as He will be throughout eternity.

Now we are brought into the glory and grace of God through our Saviour and Lord and He wants us to delightfully come to draw from the divine supply of grace and glory.

It is a study on its own to go through Ephesians to see how many times the words appear

in the Letter, consistently and assuredly for our benefit.

Gods glory shines out in His Son and it should begin to shine out through us His children as we commune and converse with Him day by day.

His holiness and righteousness reveal His glory, magnificence and splendour such as causes the earth to tremble at His approaching see Exodus 19 vs.17 – 18 as an example.

Gods grace manifested in His great love and mercy 2 v 4 is poured out on His children daily, He delights to find His children coming to seek Him and to commune with Him.

He has opened the way for continuous access to His presence so no matter the situation or circumstance the Throne of Grace is always occupied to meet our coming.

Oh the wonder of the 'riches of glory and grace of God' they are truly beyond calculation, full understanding and yet they are available to the weakest child of God to enjoy.

Do not abuse these beautiful gifts bestowed up on us whilst we journey through life rather let us avail ourselves of them through our daily discourse with the Lord and prove the Lord ourselves.