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DAY 7.

Today we move to v 17 onwards to look at the treasure waiting to be uncovered and claimed by us today if we fulfil the conditions.

Those condition are easy really especially as we look at the promises that can be claimed, 'wisdom', 'revelation', 'knowledge', 'understanding' and 'hope' five precious jewels.

The depth of these individual words is terrific as they each lead us along the path of righteousness towards our heavenly goal.

They bring us into harmony with the Living God so that we can enjoy His company in increasing measure as we apply them to our life.

The 'wisdom' of God is a vast ocean of knowledge the depth of which we humans cannot measure, appreciate its scope or recognize its worth.

That does not stop us seeking out Gods wisdom to control our life in fact it should be a spur to us to plumb the depth of Gods wisdom and enjoy the precious moments that His wisdom is revealed to us.

There is a massive difference between human wisdom and spiritual wisdom the former is limited to earthly experience and knowledge whilst the latter views things from an eternal perspective.

We live in a natural sphere and see things in time with very little understanding of eternity whilst the Living God is operating from an eternal viewpoint.

His wisdom is the true insight into things with the ability to to discern every issue from every angle something that baffles our small thinking.

Our heavenly Father wants us to become disciplined in seeking to know true wisdom on the affairs of life and not to live on the small narrow one that we usually do.

We make judgements on others that may not be necessarily right because our motive in judging them is not with the right motive.

Now our Father operates in complete justice and His judgements are both right and fair to the situation involved.

How we need such wisdom today in this complicated age in which we live with so many speaking 'God told me' and being believed.

'Wisdom' is needed because it brings us into the knowledge of how to regulate our life in the light of our salvation and the path of righteousness that we are called to walk on.

We then come to 'revelation' v 17 we are coming to the unveiling or uncovering of issues so as to disclose truth, not merely seeing a thing but being able to interpret it.

A simple test is to look at the Old Testament to see the many references pointing to Messiah coming to the Jews and to their rejection of Him.

Then to look at the many references that point to the second coming of Christ in both Old but particularly the New Testament.

There are clear scriptures for us to build our faith on so that we need not be moved when folk bring their earthly bit of knowledge on the scene.

'Revelation' here though refers primarily to the type of life that we should be living as Gods children as against how we are living our life day by day.

Our Father is communicating through others because we are not giving Him the opportunity to speak to us personally.

'Revelation' points to God communicating to the Church His will, plan and purposes for them whilst they travel life's pathway.

So to 'knowledge' the ability to understand or come to know the truth experimentally by coming into the light of what God has already revealed in His word.

I come to ponder something that I delight to meditate on, the knowledge revealed in Job 38 – 40 is breathtaking and yet 'out of the mouths of babes and suckling' Psalm 8 v 2 and Matthew 21 v 16 comes knowledge from those who seek after God.

Where did Job get all that knowledge from thousands of years before the telescope and microscope were invented?

This may be an extreme view but it points to the 'knowledge' that is available to the observant disciple of Christ way beyond the normal human knowledge.

When we seek the Lord there is a wealth of knowledge available to us and the promise that He will open it up to us when it is to be used correctly.

Our heavenly Father is longing to educate us spiritually so that we can begin to grasp on earth things that pertain to eternity.

Equally there are many issues pertaining to our earthly life that needs divine knowledge so that we can be conquerors over Satan, the world and the flesh life.

'Knowledge' gleaned in the quiet time alone with the Lord will never be wasted but in the fullness of time it will be used for His glory and for our benefit.

Understanding' is our next gem v 18 it involves the bringing together of Gods word and our perceiving of what it is meant to mean.

Often times we fail to understand what it says because we are not in tune with the Spirit to receive it, we look at things from a human standpoint instead of being led by the Holy Spirit into the spiritual realm.

'Understanding' can point to the things of the heart as against just things of the head, head knowledge is good but there is a deeper understanding that reaches into the heart and there changes are to be made as a result.

One area of 'understanding' that needs opening up with knowledge and true understanding is our 'hope' v 18, that expectation of Christ awaiting us in the end.

The object and goal of the Christian life is to be present with the Lord in His glory, the knowledge of this hope has been made available in Gods word.

Now 'revelation' in scripture reveals the truth that He will come again to collect His Bride the Church, such 'knowledge' should cause us to prepare ourselves for His coming.

'Hope' brings out the desire to be ready and waiting whilst still working on earth because it could be today when He comes.

'Hope' also points us to the truth of the many promises that are in Gods word for us to bring into operation by trusting Gods word and expectantly looking for the out working of those promises.

Not a blind hope but a very real anticipation of the Lord fulfilling His word in us today as we bring the promise to Him and for Him to activate in us by the Holy Spirit.