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DAY 6.

'In whom' fills our study today vs.7, 11, and 13 as we look at the scriptures to see the wonderful relationship that we have been brought into, not as a theory but as a fact.

The first 'in whom' brings us to the heart of our relationship with the Living God, He has brought us into His eternal family.

He has brought us not into a church brick and mortar but into His Church to be built up on the solid foundation laid by the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are not living according to men and women's rules but we are disciples being taught the things of God revealed in His word.

The cost of our redemption was the sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus on Calvary, this is the foundation that we are building on, there is no other redemption found on earth than that of the Saviour Christ.

The claim of redemption is through forgiveness of sin, it is a personal relationship born out of our confession and turning from sin in repentance that brings us into Gods holy family.

The call for our redemption is based on the grace of God our heavenly Father, it was through His love, grace and mercy that our eyes were opened to the truth of eternal life.

We were born again through the unmerited favour of God and now we are walking in the favour of God day by day as we become diligent disciples.

These truths are enough to set us on our way rejoicing today to live out the Christ like life before a hostile and sceptical world.

The second 'in whom' is in v 11 and what a beautiful thought it provokes for us to ponder throughout the day 'in whom we have obtained an inheritance'.

Our inheritance is vast and varied according to our need as we travel on our earthly pilgrimage towards our eternal goal.

Our 'inheritance' first and foremost it points to the eternal life or salvation that we have obtained through the Lord Jesus Christ becoming our Lord and Saviour.

We have become Christ's heritage, a valuable possession that He claims for Himself so that we are to live as His disciples living and being obedient to His word.

One day He will own us before His Father who now calls us His own property, 'Mine are Thine and Thine are mine and I am glorified in them' John 17 v 10.

We are now members then of His body that will bring Him honour, praise and glory on earth as they will in heaven.

The truth is we are no longer just an earthly body of folk meeting in a church building but we are the Eternal Body of Christ's Church being prepared for the heavenly place.

There are adjustments that need making as we prepare for eternity so that Christ can be glorified in us as we make our journey home.

We should be growing into godly people not content to meander through life doing as we please but as disciples of Christ we need bringing into Christ likeness by the aid and operation of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us.

The third 'in whom' is in v 13 'in whom we trusted' the promised salvation is not based on our feelings but on the finished work of Christ on our behalf.

'Trusted' comes in v 12 pointing to our confidence in Christ Jesus to perform what He has promised to do for us and v 13 it ratifies the result of our faith in Him.

We no longer live an earthly life but we have obtained eternal life and are now living waiting for the moment when our faith will give way to sight.

Our relationship with the Creator God is built on the full assurance that He will accomplish in us all that He has promised to do and then take us to the heavenly place for eternity.

Now v 13 goes on to tell us that the guarantee of our salvation is based on Gods word and to show us the reality of this He has given us the Holy Spirit.

We have become the 'Temple of the Holy Spirit' 1 Corinthians 3 v 16 therefore we should be living a holy life in the light of this.

The promises of God are based on the fact that we will fulfil the conditions required to obtain them, they are open for all of us to prove but only the obedient disciples will actually translate them into action.

We can know experimentally the promised salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ without knowing that there are many promises waiting for us to take and prove ourselves.

We have become Gods purchased possession to allow Him access into every part of our being and yet we cling on to our life as if it were are to do with it what we want to.

So few today are looking to become the person that the Lord requires us to be, holy, pure and righteous because we are loving the world more than becoming Christ's disciple.

All the noise and enthusiasm of modern so called 'worship' does not cover the gaping holes of unholy living outside of the church.

The truth is human nature has formed 'two churches' in the world out of the one that Christ Jesus is preparing for eternity.

W are guilty of splitting His body into two parts, 'moving on' is the modern idiom a phrase that is meaningless as far as scripture is concerned.

That folk have moved away from the scriptures to do their own thing is nothing new, they have moved on alright but where too?

Today we need a Church day of repentance before the Living God when the saints are brought back to the Throne of God and to acknowledge their sin and then the Kingship of Christ.

We have such a tremendous heritage in Christ our life should be taken up with Him and not with earthly things that draw us away from His Lordship.

Satan is a master deceiver and he is working over time to split what should be perfect unity, the Church belongs to the Living God, to our Living Head and we should be gladly falling at their feet in adoration and worship.