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DAY 5.

Today we continue in Ephesians 1 at v 8 and looking at the promise of the word of God coming alive in us as we study and take it in.

Two gems are in the verse 'wisdom' and 'prudence' two very important words for us to get hold of because they are words that never stop growing.

Gods 'wisdom' is something tat we need every day as our situations and circumstances change we need divine 'wisdom' to steer us safely through the journey of life.

There is no substitute for knowing and acquiring divine 'wisdom' it brings us into the light of God and into a clear pathway of righteous living.

To know experimentally the path that we should follow if we are walking in harmony with God is known by those who spend time being taught by the Spirit of God.

To learn of God is not an easy thing because human nature delights to have its say on all issues and likes to have the last say on everything.

We do not spend time with the Lord to be taught as we should and need to be usually because we are muddling through life without real daily communion with the Lord.

Human knowledge is a poor replica of the spiritual knowledge that can be gained by our spending time in fellowship with our beloved Lord Jesus.

There are dimensions of knowledge that the world and carnal person knows nothing about because it is out of touch with the source of all wisdom.

We note here the growth of wisdom. It is 'abounding', Gods grace towards us excels in abundance covering all the issues of life.

The knowledge on how to regulate your life in the relationship we are now brought into as His children is being brought before us, we are learning all the time as we listen and apply Gods word.

We can look back and praise Him for His grace and favours in making us know the truth about the issues of life.

'Prudence' is linked here with divine knowledge, this points to our relationship with others in the family of God and with the world around us.

We are in the world but no longer living according to the world standards there has been a massive change that needs working at to bring us into Christ likeness.

The change in life style should become apparent to those we live and work with as we grow in grace and knowledge of God great changes will take place.

'Prudence' points us to the skilful aspects of life where decisions and actions that are going to affect us and them are revealed, the truth as against the half truth, the openness as against being secretive.

Prudence brings out the light in us as against the once darkness that prevailed, honesty rules as against the dishonesty that we revelled in beforehand.

Prudence will skilfully operate to bring about what is good, right and proper on all the issues that confront us daily, that is why we need the quiet time with the Lord to keep us diligent in our walk.

The next verse opens up to us the mighty treasure trove of delightful things that are both practical and personal, 'the mystery of His will' v 9, it has become known by us.

'Mystery' what is closed or unknown by the majority has become known by the committed and diligent Christian disciple.

The simple saint in touch with the Throne can understand things that the learned and educated persons cannot take in, the reason being spiritual things are only understood by spiritual people.

One major reason why the church is in the mess it is today is because it is run by 'educated people' and not by spiritual people.

There is a massive difference between being educated in a worldly sense and to be spiritually taught, the former is limited to head knowledge whilst the latter is a growing experience in the Lord.

It is our heavenly Fathers will that we should be growing in the knowledge of His will, plan and purposes in all matters relating to the events and things taking place around us.

We can learn from the Holy Spirit things that are taking place and the motive behind them both in the world but in the church also.

So many decisions are made according to human understanding of scripture without ever seeking to know and grow by seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Now for our benefit the lessons being taught daily are given at our stage of learning, it is a progressive walk and the problems we face get bigger as we make progress but that is to prove the genuineness of our faith in God.

We are told in Ephesians 5 v 6 'to let no man deceive you' because even in the Church there are folk who are still relying on human attainment of knowledge taking control and command of the fellowship.

The godly wise learn to keep their mouth shut on issues that they have not had time to seek the Lord over.

Prudence and wisdom are two terrific qualities that only come with persistent seeking the Lord and by diligent application of the word to their lives.

Our heavenly Father is working out His plans and purposes every day and as we seek Him with all of our hearts He makes known to us the necessary details for us to work out.

What a mighty privilege it is to receive first hand the plan that our Father has for our life and to live in the light of it, it takes the struggle and striving out of it.

The treasure is stored in the word so that we can diligently seek it out and then to share it with those in the dark or those in the gloom of uncertainty.