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DAY 4.

I am constrained to look at the Book of Ephesians for a while to look at the promises and hidden gems that the letter contains for our profit.

Ephesians is a treasure store waiting to be opened up to the observant Christian with gems to be found in virtually every verse.

We can treat the letter as a Love Letter from the Lord Jesus and we should read it with great anticipation that the Holy Spirit will open up its treasures to us with practical application.

We can look at it as 'a last will and testament' revealing the inheritance that has been given to us by our beloved Saviour with promises that we can employ and enjoy as we pilgrimage on earth.

The first promise that we shall look at is in 1 v 3 the 'spiritual blessings' only to be found in 'heavenly places', these are the benefits and blessings that we receive from our precious Saviour.

He is seated in the 'heavenly places' interceding for us right now, we should note the phrase is used five times in the Letter, 1 v 3, v 20, 2 v 6, 3 v 10 and 6 v 12.

First though we look at the 'spiritual blessings', these refer to the eternal life that we have been brought into and the blessings given to us as a result.

We are no longer a carnal being, living under sins domination, controlled by earthly appetites, fleshly instincts, with carnal desires and conforming to human natures pattern of living.

We have become a new creation in Christ Jesus and we now have a completely different pattern of living and a higher standard to live by.

We have new appetites and goals in life with holiness and righteousness becoming our standard of operations that will bring us into conformity with Christ Jesus.

We have begun a journey on earth that will end in His presence in eternity, as we walk we are brought under the Holy Spirit's control who will manifest the fruits of the Spirit through us.

The Christian life is not a Christmas tree with glittering baubles, decorations and pretty lights strewn across it taken down dusted and put away for another year.

The Christian is like a Cedar tree open to the elements that will make it the sturdy, strong and steadfast a treasure to the beholders.

Like the tree standing on the mountain side the Christian also has a hidden supply to draw from, the water of life given to us to drink from at our spiritual birth.

This divine supply is open for us to drink from all the time, there is a fresh supply for each day and like the introduction drink it is always free of charge.

It is being a diligent drinker of the water of life that beings us into the conformity with Christ

and that should be the aim of every Christian.

The 'spiritual blessings' then are for the Christian disciple who has turned from sin and rebellion to walk in harmony with the Living God.

Four facets of this gem are then brought before us in the next verses and what brilliant

facts these are, 'chosen' v 4, 'adopted' v 5 'accepted' v 6 and 'redeemed' v 7.

First we have been 'chosen' v 4 literally picked out or selected by God to become holy in His sight and made fit for His presence, once a rebel but now living in close relationship with the Creator God.

Secondly we have been 'adopted' v 5 into Gods family, we have become members of Gods eternal family, we are children of God living in the light of this desiring to be holy.

The Lord Jesus has welcomed me a total stranger into His family through His great love, turning a rebel sinner into a real son.

Thirdly we are now 'accepted' v 6 through the freely bestowed grace, mercy and love of God, He has graciously stooped down to lift me up then clean me and is keeping me up from falling now.

Fourthly we are 'redeemed' v 7 through the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, He through His sacrifice on Calvary has covered our sin with His blood once and for all.

'Redemption' has at least three points for us to ponder and delight in, the first is the paying

of a ransom for release of a life Revelation 5 v 9 and 1 Corinthians 6 v 20.

Second there is the removal of the curse put on the human race Galatians 3 v 13 and 4 v 5, the thirdly there is the release from bondage that we are in through the fall of Adam and Eve as 1 Peter 1 v 18.

The promise of Gods word is that through the shedding of blood there is forgiveness of sin and we have come into that promise as we repent of the sin that broke the relationship with the Creator God.

We have been brought into the position of being perfect before God through the Lord Jesus Christ and how we should be seeking to praise and adore Him for His great love towards us.

What a transformation has taken place according to these promises that the Lord has showered us with all 'spiritual blessings' lavishly poured out on such folk as us.

Now the truth is that we should be living in the light of these truths holy, without blame v 4 'according to Gods good pleasure' v 5, 'to the praise and glory of God' v 6 now there is food for thought today.

We should be taking time each day to keep our selves pure by spending time in our Fathers presence confessing our faults and failings allowing the Holy Spirit time and room to make the adjustments that are necessary.

Can you not see that one of the reasons that we are kept so busy is to stop us having such times alone with our Father, Satan is actively keeping us from becoming the person that God wants us to become as a result.

'BUSY' can mean 'Being Under Satan's Yoke' something that we should seek never to be but in this age of filling every moment doing something else other than communing with the Lord it becomes a fact.

Oh that we may be moved by these tremendous promises ratified by the presence of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us to seek first Gods Kingdom and His righteousness.