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DAY 3.

Psalm 62 vs.6 – 11 bring us into the deeper things of God beginning with the two words that stand our 'when I remember' and 'meditate' both words need looking at carefully.

The Greek and Hebrew words have similar meaning so let us ponder them now, the word

'Remember' has three points to ponder the first 'remember' meaning a looking back to events that have occurred and then to learn from them.

The second points us to the present scene that is unfolding around us so that we can walk diligently along the path of righteousness.

The third meaning points to the future events out lined in scripture as the plans and purposes of God that have yet to take place and be fulfilled.

This points expressly to the Coming of the Lord Jesus, in the Old Testament to His coming to earth as Messiah and in the New Testament to His coming again to take His Church home.

That return is promised as coming in 'the twinkling of an eye' or as a thief coming in the night when least expected 1 Corinthians 15 v 52.

When I think of the Greek word I automatically remember the' Remember Me' in 1 Corinthians 11 vs.24 – 25 the Master said 'Remember Me' as you break the bread and drink the cup.

'On the night He was betrayed' v 23, see Matthew 26 vs.26 – 30, Mark 14 vs.12 – 21, Luke 22 vs.7 – 14 and John 13 vs.21 – 30.

'He took the bread and the wine' as symbols of His flesh and blood to be offered very shortly as the sacrifice to cover our sins, reminding the disciples to do this as often as they met..

We remind ourselves that the Lord Jesus is our Great High Priest interceding for us and making it possible for us to walk up Gods holy hill.

It is because He stands before the Throne and us that we can commune with the Father and receive His word to us day by day.

We remind ourselves that 'this same Jesus' who ascended into heaven will come again in like manner' Acts 1 v 11, we should be looking up continually anticipating His return as a promise yet to be fulfilled.

'He who will come shall come and will not tarry' one moment longer than necessary Hebrews 10 v 37 what gems for us to claim.

'Remember' also reminds us that it is a vital word that unlocks all the promises of God, remember we are risen with Christ and our life is hid with God Colossians 3 v 1 and we are to set our affections on Him' v 2.

We remember that being dead to self we are very much alive unto God and we rest content in His tender loving care for the rest of our journey on earth.

Paul pleads with his hearers and readers to get their sights raised to the Throne of Grace that is where all our transactions should be done.

It is there that the promises of God are activated and where we receive the power to implement them in our daily living.

Holiness and righteousness are the obligations that will unlock the door to Gods promises

and will bring them alive in us.

We must deal with those areas that offend our Father putting to death the old nature, desires and habits so that we can put on the new nature of Christ likeness.

Suddenly the promises begin to shoot out of the scriptures, the old boring book becomes a treasure store that we cannot live without.

Look at v 4 and the terrific prospect that awaits us 'when Christ is our life shall appear you will appear with Him in glory.

What a promise not only shall we see Him but we shall be with and like Him for eternity, start looking up because His appearing is closer than we realise.

What a promise for us to realise in our heart and mind, how we need to treasure the word of God, He opens the treasure store for obedient disciples so that they will live on the higher standard that is set for them.

'Remember' is a fantastic word that we need to come to terms with, it appears every time we take Communion but it occurs consistently through out scripture from Genesis to Revelation.

This is not the end but the beginning of the word study 'remember' because we can 'remember' the Lord in the dark night hours when our sleep is disturbed.

What a promise to find 'He gives His beloved sleep' Psalm 127 v 2 then read Job 33 v 15 reminding ourselves that our Heavenly Father neither slumbers or sleeps' Psalm 121 vs.3 – 4.

There is so much to remember but it reveals to us how little we know and how easy it is to forget that is why we need regular promptings of the Lord.

Can you also see why the enemy wants to keep us active, over busy, over tired and over whelmed, it stops us remembering the Lord.

When he assaults us we need to 'remember Job 4 vs.12 – 13 we can look up as he did

continually from his bed of pain and suffering to look to the Lord who is longing for communion to give him help and comfort.

David also knew all about this during his long running battles with Saul and Absalom but he learned to commune with the Lord bringing all his fears and anxieties to the Throne of Grace.

Now here is a challenge for us today to learn to 'remember' to bring all of our trials and troubles to the Lord in prayer and to wait on Him for the answers.

It takes time but it is profitable time because we are dealing with eternal issues as well as earthly ones, remember Matthew 6 vs.19 – 21.

The closing verses of the Psalm bring out the solemn truth that those who seek the Lord they will find Him but those we reject Him will find themselves rejected when they really need Him.

The word is not a threat but a promise, if we reject His love, mercy and grace on earth then He will reject us in eternity.

David knew this full well and is burdened for his fellow country men that they would return in repentance to the Lord whilst they had time to do so.

I wonder if we have a burden like that for our countrymen, that they who are groping in the darkness may come to the light and their senses whilst the opportunity is available.

Oh that the Lord would melt our hearts and fill us with divine compassion to plead their cause at the Throne of Grace and then to go out to share the Gospel with them.