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DAY 14.

So we turn to the last of the six issues that have filled our thinking over the past few days in Ephesians the Christians light 5 v 8 and fight 6 vs.14 – 17.

In one aspect we have looked at the 'light' in the opening chapter where we looked at the Christians 'sight' and the revelation of the Lord Jesus taking away the darkness and flooding our heart and mind with light.

In Ephesians 5 we are going to take a deeper look at the word 'light' with the thought of 'light' being our 'life' revealing the knowledge that is given so that we can walk in the light.

We do not receive all wisdom, knowledge and understanding in one short period of time,

our spiritual education is a daily experience.

Light in 5 v 2 reveals how we should be walking 'in love', then light reveals what we should be producing v 9 and then light reveals when we should be receiving to bring us to full understanding v 17.

The light of the Christian is the same light for the whole Church universal, there is no room for private interpretation 2 Peter 1 v 20, that is some special knowledge given to one person alone.

The thought is of private interpretation, explanation or application that is for one group to the exclusion of the rest of the body of Christ.

The fact is we are all involved in the scriptures and we should be seeking light for guidance each day so that we become not acquainted with God but actively involved in His with Him through His word.

Now the first effect of walking in the light of Gods word is that as obedient children we learn 'to love one another' in the light that the Lord Jesus loves us personally.

We are to walk in Gods love, in Calvary love the self giving love that has been poured out on us is to activate that new kind of love one towards another.

Far to many western Christians are picking and choosing who they love and it is usually motivated by what we receive from them as a result.

Gods self giving love is showered upon us even when we are not as quick on the up take as we should be, we love our heavenly Father because He first loved us.

The Lord Jesus talked a good deal about this new kind of love that is new to human beings and points out to us that there is no greater love than this.

His love literally enabled Him die in our place on Calvary to save us, it is in the light of this that He tells us to love one another, to give ourselves without looking for reward from one another.

Now displaying this love in the fellowship brought many seeking to know what this new faith was all about because the saw how much folk loved each other.

The attraction was how much they loved each other, the rich and poor, the illiterate the literate, the Jew and the Gentile barriers were knocked down through Calvary love.

We need to get hold of this truth today and love each other as Christ has and does love us

and to live in the light of it.

In v 9 we are pointed by the light to look at the fruit the light produces, as children of darkness we did not have any fruit but as children of the light we produce the fruit of the Spirit.

Three fruits are given to us that should be produced in every child of God without exception and our Father is looking for them in us.

Firstly the fruit of 'goodness' a mellowing of character that produces moral goodness, a life producing the qualities of Christ in daily living.

This fruit displays the new life in Christ that is not experienced out side of God's regeneration, there is now the desire to do what is good not only to think good but to do it.

There is a kindness that is manifested in our life even when dealing with difficult people or difficulties in life and this points folk to Christ operating in us.

The second fruit is 'righteousness' the thinking and the doing of what is right and just, here we should look long and hard at many of the judgements made in fellowships where personal judgements are influenced by past experience.

Where decisions are made in the light of a persons reactions towards the leadership of the fellowship and not in the light of scripture, remember the Master said forgive not seven times but seventy times seven.

We should be walking righteously according to Gods word ourselves before ever we start passing judgement on others.

The third fruit is 'truth' and here we are looking not only at the word of God that is truth but also at our own words that we speak to one another and then our speech to the world.

So often today I hear folk say they say one thing but do another, 'do as I say but not what I do' a double minded speech.

The truth is we should be walking and talking the truth in love with each other so that we can be relied upon when we speak to do so in truth.

The word 'truth' points us to aligning what we say with the truth of what they see, there is an agreement with the facts and with the presentation of it.

The challenge for us is clear cut do the words we speak match up to the facts that we are presenting in our conversation?

These three fruits of the Spirit are not debatable but they are to be expected to be found in us as Gods children and they need presenting at regular intervals amongst Gods people to keep us on our guard.

The third thought about the light brings us to the issue of being brought by the Holy Spirit into spiritual maturity v 17, the knowledge of Gods word brings us into spiritual adulthood.

We should be aiming to become a spiritually grown up person rather than remain a spiritual baby being spoon fed.

We can come in the light and seek the Lord to feed us with the deeper things of the word that sharpen the edge of the soul and give us a keener eager walk of faith.

Spiritual maturity will bring out our faith in normal conversations and we will be able to answer many a question by using the word of God that has been implanted in us during our study times.

The Light of Gods word will enable us to make progress along the path of righteousness without doing to many U turns or spending time in spiritual cul de sac's of our own making.

We turn to chapter 6 and to our Christian 'fight' something that we do not like facing, we would rather be left alone in our little world rather than to withstand the enemy of our soul.

Do you realise that our enemy is very happy when we stay in our little world because he does not haver to do anything but leave us sleeping.

The Christian is at war from the very moment the rebellion ceases towards God, when 'goodness, righteousness and truth' begin to take hold of us.

They in themselves are evidence of a higher standard of living than we previously thought

the moment they become activated in us we recognise something of the rebellion that we once lived in.

Now the spiritual battle begins, the flesh is at war with the Spirit, the Christian is at war with Satan, the world is at war with the Church.

The light of Gods word shines brilliantly on the battle ground revealing the enemies strategy and positions so that we can be made well aware of their opposition to us.

The truth is the Lord has provided us with an armour that covers our whole being with the exception of our back, He does not expect us to turn round and run away.

These verses in chapter 6 vs.10 – 17 need examining but they need wearing, when was the last time you checked your armour to see that it was fitting correctly?

We should be making sure every day before ever we go out to face the days activities, to commune with our Lord and to know His conscious presence with us.

Take time today and then get into the habit of checking your armour daily, it is a good way to make sure you are walking on the right pathway in harmony with the Lord.