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DAY 13.

We continue through Ephesians looking at the promises opened up for us in the light of our conversion and there are two more for us to look at today.

The Christians might 3 vs.16 and 21 and height 4 vs.11 – 13 so we have a real banquet awaiting us today and we rejoice in these truths.

'That you maybe strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inner man' what a prayer this is for those struggling Christians at Ephesus.

First that they maybe 'strengthened' meaning to be made strong, to be empowered by resurrection power turns the coward into a conqueror.

Here we could look at the early disciples who were locked away in the Upper Room wondering about their Saviour and what they were now going to do.

It was the sister who moved first and they were in great need of strength and courage but they ventured out into the dark to go to the tomb.

What a transformation took place it took just one word 'Mary; and history was changed and the disciples transformed as a result.

The empowering came forty days later but from that moment onwards the Christian Church has produced conquerors over adversity in their thousands,

The cowards sitting in their holy huddles not wanting to venture out into the world have been completely changed into conquerors going out into all the world to preach the gospel of their Lord and Saviour.

Not talking about a dead Saviour but sharing their living experience they enjoy with Him, He is not in a tomb 'why seek you the living amongst the dead' Luke 24 v 6 or 'why weepest thou' John 20 v 15.

'He is risen' Mark 16 v 6 'come and see the place where He lay', the glorious truth is we serve a risen Saviour who will die no more.

The same power that brought Him back from the dead now works in us seeking to bring us into full fellowship with the Risen Son and with His Father.

The amazing fact is that we are so resistant to His working and prompting in us, we all need the power of His might in our daily living.

The enemy will seek to cut of the power supply as often as he can because the Holy Spirit turns cowards into conquerors, people who will stand firm in the faith against the foe.

The word 'might' points us to the very life that we are brought into when the Lord Jesus brings us into spiritual life, the very breath of life comes from Him into us.

The Holy Spirit works alongside the Father and the Son in perfect harmony with their will and purposes bringing them to fruition.

So that we can say what the Father has planned the Spirit performs so that we can know experimentally 'that He who has begun the work in us will perform or complete it' Philippians 1 v 6.

We are not left to our own devices to work out the Christian life or bible principles we are empowered with the mighty Holy Spirit to fulfil them. In us.

The next phrase is an interesting one 'in the inner man' there are three lines of thought that come from it and are worth pondering over.

The first is it points us to the reason of things, the area where decisions are made of right or wrong, the unseen inward part of us, the 'spirit' that dwells within the outward shell.

We do not have to use the outer shell in making decisions in life but the inward pat of us is manifested outwardly in the shell in daily living.

The second issue in the phrase is that it points us to the will, that part of us that expresses our habitual behaviour that is seen by all around us for good or ill.

The third point is that it points us to our conscience, the area where our behaviour is controlled or guided to do what is right before the Lord, the Church and the world.

The 'inner man' is controlled by the Holy Spirit so that we should become a holy person, one who can be trusted and relied on all the time.

In Ephesians 3 v 20 we see the same word for 'might' translated as 'power' and here it reveals to us the abundant supply that is available to us.

There is far more power for us to draw from than we will ever use as the Church, the supply is guaranteed it is our refusal to draw continually from the supply that is at fault.

We can enjoy not only communion with the Lord but communication as well and the supply available covers every aspect of our life.

We can draw the strength for the days activities from the Holy Spirit, we can draw the might from Him to turn us from being cowards into conquering ability.

We can draw of the divine supply the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that will confound the educated and the influential.

We can draw from the Holy Spirit the power that can transform stammering lips and shaking knees mighty spiritual warriors.

Now we turn our attention to the fourth area of thought the Christians height as we see in Ephesians 4 vs.11 – 13 and this is very telling.

The lead inverses are revealing the gifts that our Father has given to the Church so as to bring the saints through to spiritual maturity.

We should be always learning, there are new lessons in life that we should be learning every day because the Holy Spirit has not made us perfect as yet.

Christian leaders should note this, we are all learning new or fresh lessons with the Lord and we can only lead the flock of God as far as we have gone ourselves with the Great Shepherd.

I have a shirt on which is printed in bold letters 'I'm still learning', I seek to be taught by the Lord every day some new facet of life that will draw me closer to our beloved Saviour and Lord.

It is not just intellectual learning from the bible and books but the spiritual application of what is revealed that comes into light here.

We should be so living in the Spirit of God that others can see our spiritual height growth as the days go by, we should be increasing not only in knowledge but inexperience.

We can see here that our height is personal but it is being bound together collectively so that the fellowship can come into the fullness of what it was created for to portray the characteristics of Christ.

We note that our spiritual height is transferred into 'edifying' one another, we should be building each other up in the faith and teaching of the word with application is part of the whole purpose of the body of Christ.

Then we note 'unity' is another issue that our spiritual height effects, so many of the splits and splinters in the Church are caused by both human and spiritual immaturity.

The human desires can clog up the spiritual desires of a fellowship because an individual must have his or her say on issues that are fleshly and not spiritual motivated.

The spiritual height is seen by the way the fellowship moves in unity not just with each other but far more importantly with the Lord.

He is longing to bring us into a deeper unity with each other but in closer harmony with the Fathers will and purposes in the saints.

There is a third thought here in v 13 the word 'perfect' it points us the aim or goal of life, seeking to come into spiritual maturity and not remaining as little children.

Paul uses this idea when writing to Corinth in the first letter he tells them that they should be taking strong meat by now but they are still only taking milk.

These folk like a multitude in the western church today are wrangling about spiritual issues that should have been nailed along time ago.

Still content to listen to the gospel message rather than getting down to real study of the scriptures that will increase our height in spiritual things.

The measuring stick is not pastors, preachers or gifted people but it is the Lord Jesus, we should be measuring our height against His revealed will and purpose for us personally.