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DAY 12.

Looking afresh at the Letter to Ephesians each chapter has a significant word for the Christian disciple to take hold of so that in the storms of life we can hold on to these promises.

In chapter 1 we find the Christians sight v 18, seeing that the Lord Jesus has brought us into the light we now are enlightened and can walk in the truth.

'The eyes of your understanding being enlightened' what a miracle takes place at our conversion, not only does the rebellion cease towards God, not only does He forgive us but He enlightens us as well.

'Enlightened' means to give light or knowledge, to give instruction on spiritual issues so that we can walk in the truth and live in the truth.

To receive light is a terrific thought because beforehand all we knew was the darkness of human living, we had no spiritual understanding at all.

We invented a god who we could manipulate, we constructed idols to worship that fitted our taste in living but most of us had no concept of the Living Creator God at all.

Our spiritual darkness was getting greater and death held us victim to its terror the grave was an awful prospect so we tried hard not to talk about it or face it.

Then the glorious gospel message came across our pathway and Calvary, the resurrection and ascension were presented to us as facts and not theories.

The light beamed from the Living God revealing peace, hope, joy and love we had a job trying to take it all in, the light dawned on us and now it is increasing day by day.

Such knowledge of sins forgiven through Christ Jesus sacrifice, the mighty Holy Spirit coming to reside in us and the relationship with the Living God that enables us to call Him Father is overwhelming.

The dawning on our heart and mind brought the light into our inner man and the Christian message flooded our thinking as we began to praise the Triune God.

This letter to Ephesus contains so much knowledge or light that we can spend hours pouring over its pages and verses because it is full of light.

We no longer need to walk in darkness as the 'light' is increasing daily, the closer we walk to the Lord the greater the light becomes, we walk by faith in the Son but in the light to enable us to see where we are going.

'Who is he that walketh in darkness let him come to the light' none of us need walk or stumble in the worlds darkness because we can come to the light.

Have you had your spiritual eyesight tested recently?

We need to beware of those people who have knowledge and enjoy peddling it around the churches but are not presenting the truth as from the Living God.

Many say God told me without ever recognising that truth that they are to give account of every word they speak before His Throne.

Every disciple of Jesus Christ has access to the light and there are privileges given to those who diligently seek to know and apply the light to their life.

The Master told us 'the light of the body is the eye if therefore thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light' Matthew 6 v 22

The truth is that we do not always seek the Lord we rely on our own bit of knowledge and we stumble around like a drunken man reeling from post to post.

We could be walking in the light our self being fed, led and held by he Holy Spirit who will bring us into all light, He brings us to the source of light, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Now here is a promise sent from the Father, the Holy Spirit came to not only introduce to the light but to instruct us in it.

Have you had your spiritual eyesight tested recently?

Are you walking in the light as you should and could be, being more reliant on the Holy Spirit instructing and teaching you more than relying on human teachers.

There is a second picture given in the letter in chapter 2 that grips my thoughts today and that is the Christians right v 13, we talk about our rights but the Lord introduces us here to a right that has responsibility.

The right 'but now we who were afar off are made nigh by the blood of the Lamb' what a promise we have presented to us here.

Look at the truth we were 'afar off' but are now 'brought near' two facts that need opening up, do not forget what you were and always remember whose you are now.

The former points to our natural birth whilst the latter reveals the rights of the new birth, the truth was we were far away from God no matter how we lived but equally now we are as close to our Father as we want to be.

We once were incommunicado but now we hold daily communion with the Creator God, we need to sit back for awhile today and take in this massive truth that I can draw near to God who will lovingly draw near to me.

The right of access comes the Lord Jesus, He unblocked the way so that we could enter Gods presence and be accepted.

We not have to struggle to enter, we not have to strive to enter but by faith we can enter in the covering of the Lord Jesus sacrifice on our behalf.

We must look again at that word 'strive' because the Master actually used the word in Luke 13 v 24 telling us to 'strive to enter the narrow gate' that brings us to conversion.

But now the repentant sinner has access to the Father and they can come as often as they want to and for as long as the want to and commune with the Father and the Son.

We have the right of access presented here in v 13 and we should appropriate it with awe and wonder as we remember whose presence we are coming into.

Never forget that we are entering the presence of the Almighty God, the Creator and sustainer of all things, we enter through Christ Jesus to commune with Him and He with us.

Our access is a result of the Saviour of the world leaving heavens glory to come into the world to abolish the barrier that holds us back and to open the door that was closed tight beforehand.

Then we have the joy of access as we fall at His footstool before the Throne of Grace, our access we come not as foreigners or aliens but we come as His children to our heavenly Father.

We come with delight to commune with our Father and to share the day with Him, in the morning we present ourselves for the day for His service at night we come to praise Him

for His great faithfulness during the day to us.

Now we have the opportunity to praise and then to worship our Father through our access to His Throne, we bow in humble adoration before Him and yet with joy and gladness.

We will close our study with the thought of the right of access in the light of our access, we now have our spiritual eyes open and we come in the light of this to enter the courts of the Living God with thanksgiving in our heart.

The Lord has opened our eyes so that we can live our life on earth in close communion with the Father and Son in the heavenly place.

We are not a distance from God at any time because the Holy Spirit is dwelling within us to give us access v 18 it is instant contact any time and anywhere.

We can stop at any time of the day or night to commune with our heavenly Father, He longs to draw near to us and to help us on our pilgrimage through life.

We are no longer at a distance from Him but it is possible for us to become at a distance from Him through our careless living and He does not answer our prayers as He would if we were in close communion with Him.

So we thank the Lord for the light that He has brought us into and the increasing light that He gives to us as we avail ourselves of the right of access to His presence.

Have you had your spiritual eyesight tested recently and what about your access?