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DAY 11.

Oh the wonder of our salvation and of our Fathers gracious dealings with us as we pilgrim We can look at the part that we will play in the raising up of the Temple of God in the heavenly place not as a good idea but with the assured reality of it.

Our Father is looking on His building site on earth working on the individual bricks that will form His spiritual Temple that He will inhabit in eternity.

What a picture opens up to us in Ephesians 2 vs.19 – 22, the building site on earth under the divine supervision of the Creator.

The Divine Creator of Genesis 1 – 2 along with Job 38 – 40 is still creating in Revelation 21 with the New Temple that He will reveal on the Great Day of the Lord.

The important thought for us to grapple with is the fact that He is working on the stones now, it is on earth that the giant building site is to be found.

It is of great importance that we look at the whole scene because the truth is 'nothing that is defiled will enter' Revelation 21 v 27.

So that we should be looking at our lives in the light of scripture because we are to be tested at the end of our life on earth and everything defiled will be stripped away and burnt in the fire as 1 Corinthians 3 vs.13 – 17.

Will it be said of us that we were reduced to ashes after all that the Lord Jesus as done for us, will we be a poor replica of what we should have been?

Well the prophets and our Saviour shout out to us to awake out of our spiritual sleep and become active in the application of the word because the time is short before His building work is complete.

He is working on us bringing us into holy people and the sad truth is we are far from what we should be in His holy sight.

He has done so much for us and longs to complete the work on us so that we can enter His presence with joy and thanksgiving.

Alas we must face the truth there bis a lot of hammer and chiselling to be done as yet, He wants to get rid of the old desires and habits of the flesh live so that He can bring us into the deeper things of God.

There is a lot of flesh life that needs refining before we can come up to the blueprint object, and ' fellow citizens with the saints' v 19 is what He calls us, one set apart for God

Note this is not an ideal goal but the state of the present life on earth as it will be in eternity submitted to God to walk in the light of His word.

'Saints' v 19 as well as 'saved' v 5, 'saints' are not a designated people who have lived exceptional saintly lives but it is the title for every believer, those redeemed through the blood of the Lamb.

Remember we are not looking at things through earthly lives but we are looking at true wisdom, the scene from Gods point of view.

'He who is holy has called us to be holy' and that involves every one of us and the Holy Spirit uses the hammer of adversity, the saw of tragedy, the chisel of trials to make us into holy people.

The day will come when we will praise the Lord for His hammer, chisel and saw for the pressures, problems and pain that we have passed through to bring us into the image of His Son.

Then we are here called the 'household of God v 19 we are members of His holy and royal family, we are accepted in Christ right into the presence of the Creator God.

We can draw as close as we want to His Throne to bow at His foot stool and present our self and requests to Him our loving heavenly Father.

What a terrific privilege this is that we poor material on His giant building site can commune with the Divine Architect who is working out His final creation on the earth today.

To think that we are going to inhabit eternity in the company of the Creator God, with our beloved Lord Jesus and the mighty Holy Spirit then there is the rest of us, His household.

Now we turn for a while to look at the construction that is taking place as our Father creates the 'holy Temple' v 21 the building referred to in Revelation 21 in detail.

We are bricks in the building, a practical and positive view on life on earth as well as our eternal position in the heavenly place.

We can study the word of God and let is go straight through us retaining it in our mind or we can study the scriptures with a view of us coming the best brick that we can become.

That involves the open access to the Holy Spirit to correct and change as He will the material in His hand, to often we are found telling Him what to do.

It is usually the touch of the Masters hand that transforms our failure into features of beauty for His holy Temple as we yield to His inner working.

It takes the Masters hands to change a self centred person like us into a spirit controlled person that is beneficial for the Lord, His Church and to the world.

We need to recognise that we are not the foundation but a part of the building v 20 the Lord Jesus laid the foundation stone and the prophets and apostles are part of it.

The prophets are those in both Old and New Testament who walked closely to the Lord instantly and obediently shared the word with the world.

The apostles were set apart to proclaim the word given to them and thus laid the foundations on which we build our life.

The whole scripture is given to us so that we can build our life according to the Divine Constructors plans so that we will fill our niche in eternity perfectly.

We should be aware of the fact that our heavenly Father is calling folk from every clime on the planet, this unnumbered crowd come out of every tongue, tribe and nation Revelation 7 v 9.

All are washed in the blood of the Lamb v 14 and they are no strangers to the Throne of God seeing they are found there night and day v 15.

Now here is the challenge are we found regularly amongst that great host at the Throne of the Living God, the Throne of Grace?

Are you living in the light of these scenes becoming reality very shortly or are we found asleep with our lamps going out

Now let us be stirred today and begin to live as we were meant to live when we were first converted, as people truly brought back from the dead.

We are living bricks being worked on and the preparations on earth are similar to the building of Solomon's Temple where all the hammering and chiselling was done in the quarry before it was brought to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

It is recorded in 1 Kings 6 v 7 that neither hammer or axe or any tool was heard as the stones were placed in order to erect that great edifice.

The quarrying was the place of preparation and Solomon's mines are legendary the building site is still there for all to see, but the truth is this present building site is going to be wrapped up when Gods work is finished.

Our Living God is working to His timetable and nothing will be left undone or partially completed, the whole work will be completed when the Lord Jesus returns.

We listen to the grumbling folk in the church moaning about their lot, their troubles and trials that cause so much unrest.

When the Day of the Lord comes all of this will be forgotten as we take our place amongst the great throng in eternity worshipping the Lamb on His Throne.

The doubts, despair, disappointments will be blown away as we stand in awe of our heavenly Father and our blessed Saviour.

So let us settle things once for all, that we will endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ allowing Him to do as He will, with us on earth.

Let us be diligent and vigilant in our walk on the path of righteousness so that we will be welcomed with His 'well done thou good and faithful servant' as we enter our eternal home Matthew 25 v 21.