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DAY 2.

We continue with Psalm 63 and the theme of the 'Promises of God' I want to consider vs.1 – 5 today and glean from them treasures for us to seek after.

There some mighty promises that we can explore in these verses so let us start at the beginning, the seeking soul will always find the Lord and the earlier we seek Him the sooner we will find Him v 1.

In v 2 the Psalmist recognises that the Lord is a distant from Him and longs to be drawn back into a closer relationship with Him.

He remembers the Shekinah Glory of Gods presence witnessed at the Tabernacle and later on the Temple as the Living God drew near to His people.

It brought the Jewish nation to its knees and the surrounding nations were filled with terrifying fear at the very sight of the cloud.

The truth was David was equally conscious of the times when the cloud did not descend due to the peoples openly sinning in Gods sight.

He longs for the presence of the Lord irrespective of the mass of peoples rejection of Gods way of living and he cries out for the Living God to honour his simple faith.

Only those folk who have actually witnessed first hand spiritual revival know what it is to 'see' the Lord in His glory and power', to encounter the awesome presence of God.

To 'see' the glory of God in His majestic holiness dwelling in the cloud covering His presence, transforming them into a people of power for His glory.

We 'know' that one day we shall all see the glory of God manifested in the return of the Lord Jesus Christ because it is promised in the scriptures 'every eye shall see Him' as Matthew 24 v 7, Acts 1 v 11 along with Revelation 1 v 7.

Then look up John 17 v 24, Titus 2 v 12 and 2 Peter 3 v 12 for confirmation of the promise

the truth is crystal clear these promises will literally be worked out before our very eyes.

In John the record is of the Son communing with His Father longing for the reality to take place of John 14 v 1 the outset of the conversation.

The conclusion reveals a burning desire for unmolested fellowship and communion with His children who He died to save.

Faith will soon give way to sight and we have the complete assurance of scripture to build our faith on, we are going to be with the Lord at His return.

Titus gives food for thought that we should be using these days wisely preparing ourselves for that momentous event when not only we will be transformed but the whole universe.

The whole universe has been affected by sin and it will be restored to its full glory when the Lord returns in power and glory.

Peter reminds us of these facts 2 Peter 3 v 7 then opening up the theme in vs.10 – 14 and please note v 13 'the promise' being fulfilled here has long been in waiting.

The Lord Jesus is going to clean up the mess that sin and Satan has made vs.10 – 11 and as in the material universe so in the hearts of repentant sinners once and for all, He will make us 'blameless'.

Do you have a longing for these things to be brought to pass today, are you living in the expectancy of the Lords return and longing and willing to be made holy ready for His return?

Everything else will become superfluous and meaningless when the Lord returns to fulfil this promise and collect His redeemed Church to Him self.

Then to 'see' the power and glory of God alongside His 'lovingkindness' Psalm 63 v 3 that is better than life, 'better means pleasant, good or excellent, 'life' points to the experiences that fill us at the present time.

In this verse one detects the depth of spiritual life that we are enjoying, we can be in the ankle deep water or knee deep water or fully immersed in the water of Gods love.

Our commitment can be just enough to see us through or it can be a little deeper with a firm commitment to the Lord and the church.

It is the real total commitment that the Lord is looking for such as David displays here, the Living God displays His mercy, love and grace on us all but to those who are deeply committed He shows His favour.

These folk are like the Palm Tree in the oasis in the middle of the desert, thriving under inhospitable surroundings drawing their food from the unseen divine supply.

Now are you amongst the group praying for the Lords will to be done in you whilst other around you are playing and indulging in worldly pleasures?

The tragedy is that they will still be playing around when the Lord comes and all they produce for Him is ashes whereas they could be producing gold and silver.

1 Corinthians 3 gives us the back ground of our judgement day, our Lord is looking for a life that has produced the gold, silver and precious jewels but will He only find ashes?

We should be living in the light of the momentous second coming of Christ preparing daily for seeing our precious Saviour face to face.

Our life should be a godly one having effect on all that we meet and have dealings with producing the fruit of the Spirit for their benefit and Gods glory.

The promise in Jeremiah 29 vs.1- 2 alongside Proverbs 8 v 17 is given for us to seek the Lord as early as we can in life but also to seek Him early in the day so as to enjoy His company through out the day.