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Day 1.

We return to the Psalms to seek out more treasure in the form of promises that we can enjoy in increasing measure as we seek to make progress up Gods holy hill.

Today Psalm 63 will open up before us

and we shall seek out the promises in scripture to see the terrific unity of scripture when we apply them to or life.

The phrase 'my soul' vs.1, 5 and 8 will form the frame for our study as we draw the promises out to fulfil the longing desire of the obedient saint. 

We should look for a few minutes at the state of the writer longing for the Lord, he is in the middle of the battles of life, the Christian is not immuned from spiritual warfare.

The closer we get to the Lord the hotter the battle becomes, our loving heavenly Father uses the heat to refine His child preparing them for glory.

We are looking around us and wondering what is going on in the church because there is so much strife to be found amongst the saints.

In fact Satan is enjoying the lax living amongst the Christians because he knows that lax Christians will not be found seeking after the Lord their God.

The careless living has led to prayerless living and far too many Christians are living a hollow type of Christianity that revolves around church going and meeting attending instead of godly living.

The Psalmist is amongst those folk who are tired of that way of living and has now sought to become the person that God intended them to become.

We note the word 'early' v 1 because it points to the first and foremost desire in his heart is top seek the Lord at the break of day, not willing to hear about Him but to come to know Him.

'Early' means the awakening thought, to rise up to meet with the Lord and to begin the day alone with God, the apathy and lethargy that marred the old life has gone and the desire to meet with the Lord takes priority.

To 'seek' brings out the thought of before anything else we want to commune with the Lord, there is a longing to commune with the Living God and to enjoy His promises found in His word.

The Lord Jesus tells us 'seek you first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness' Matthew 6 v 33 and then in Colossians 3 v 1 'seek those things which are above'.

In seeking after the Living God there is a promised reward we shall find Him and soon realise that He was searching after us well before we searched after Him.

The word 'longeth' opens up the idea of a yearning desire, a fervent desire to find the truth that can only be found when we find the Living God and commune with Him.

It is nice to sit and listen to others proclaiming the truth of scripture as it has been opened up to them but a totally different thing for us to learn first hand from the Creator God.

'My soul thirsteth for Thee' and make no doubt about it the Lord is swift to give us a drink of the living water of His word, look up John 7 v 37 for the promise.

Have you read it? then turn to Revelation 22 v 17 there is an open fountain with fresh water that is free to drink and our Heavenly Father is longing to deal with the thirsty saints.

The second thought on 'My soul' v 5 reveals the satisfied soul that drinks from the water of life it sets their hearts rejoicing and their lips praising the Author of the Fountain of Life.

We find 'satisfaction' here, the word 'satisfied' points to overflowing, there is always an abundant supply that is fresh, free and fulfilling for everyone who participates.

What a blessing this reveals to the observant soul, to think that we can be fully satisfied spiritually so that effects every part of our life.

The thought here also points to 'My soul' waiting quietly upon the Lord, the desert or waterless waste is turned into the dessert the highly satisfying and delightful tasting sweet course at the end of a meal.

Now we come to a word that brings joy and gladness to the heart of every believer and one that we can dwell on for our constant benefit, 'accepted' v 6.

We are 'accepted in the beloved' and what a promise that is for us to rejoice in and to build our life upon so let us muse on the thoughts for a while.

'Accepted' first of all to begin with the Greek word is only found in scripture and post Christian writing, it literally means, to be acceptable for love or loving in another reference in Luke 1 v 28 Mary was made highly favourable by Gods grace to bear the Son of God.

The thought here is that we have received Gods grace and have been able to respond to it and have received the forgiveness of sins through our repentance of them.

The end of strife with the Creator God has come and we are now enjoying true and lasting peace with God as a result.

Gods grace has been freely bestowed on each of us as His children and the benefits and blessings abound on us as a result.

Then look at the verse again, 'accepted in the beloved' Gods grace is revealed by His love and the birth, life and death of the Lord Jesus Christ manifests this too us.

How our hearts leap for joy as the truth dawns on our heart and mind that He came literally to seek and to save us through His sacrifice on Calvary.

We are 'beloved' by the Living God who has brought us into His family into the close relationship that allows us to call Him 'Father' what a privilege.

It is in the light of these truths that we can walk along the path of righteousness seeking to live out the Christian life according to Gods word.

We are 'accepted', so that we can commune with our heavenly Father all along the journey

there is never a moment when we are out of His sight, even when we are doing things that are wrong according to His word.

Being accepted should help us want to live a godly and acceptable life so that we no longer live for our own things but live to the praise of Gods glory.

Our redemption is complete in Christ Jesus, we will never be turned away from our Fathers presence and the truth is we can be drawn closer to Him day by day in the words of 'accepted in the beloved'.