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DAY 23.

So to the final stanza of Psalm 119 vs.169 – 176 and the treasure store is opened up for us to not only view but to experimentally know as our own possession.

'Let my cry come near to Thee' v 169 opens up the stanza to us and it is a resounding call not from a guest but a resident of the House hold of faith.

It is the call of one drawing near to the Throne of Grace with the expectancy of being received, there is a loving intimacy in the thought.

Close enough to hear but coming closer into sight, the soul has not been as conscious of the Lord for a little time but now the home coming is precious.

What a mighty privilege it is for us to be able to ascend on the holy hill of God so that we can commune with Him at ease away from the rushing around that has been experienced.

There is a clear reason given for the intimacy of approach, it is to gain understanding from the Lord in His word so that we are drawn closer to Him as a result.

Give me 'understanding' is repeated in vs.34, 73, 144 and now 169 so let us ponder the thoughts behind the phrase as it is so important for us to grasp it.

In v 34 the desire is to know the word of God because it will bring us into a close relationship with Him, it is not observing only but obediently accepting the word that is important.

Then in v 73 the word brings us to know not only the Creator God but to begin to understand His will and purpose for us so that it brings me closer to Him.

In v 144 'understanding' points to the life of righteousness that we are called to live, not as a suggestion but as a saintly life to be enjoyed and out worked.

We are to grow more Christ like day by day, here is an area of teaching that few of us really know to much about seeing it is forgotten jewel today.

Holiness and righteousness are present possessions and not only garments to be worn in eternity, the closer wee draw to the Lord the greater our understanding will be of His holiness and righteousness.

So to v 169 and 'understanding' and the desire here is to know the privilege it is to be able to draw near to the Living God.

The wonder is that He receives repentant sinners daily into His presence and the enemy seeks to stop us enjoying such fellowship with our Father and beloved Lord Jesus.

There are several thoughts than come through this jewel to me here in the word 'understanding' first the idea of the cause of praise coming as we bow at Gods foot stool.

As we come before the Lord in the quietness we are conscious of the privilege that we have ans soon as we gaze upon our Lord and Saviour our hearts spring forth with praise to Him.

He is the 'cause' or spring of action that wells up within us to sing and speak forth our praise and adoration of the True and Living God.

Then the thought that we need to be taught how to praise, enlightenment through Gods word will reveal to us the praising heart that will bring pleasure to the heart of God.

Thankfulness and gratitude are two delightful aspects of life that we can easily employ in worship and exaltation of the Living God.

Then the third thought is the coming aside so as to pause to praise, it takes time to stop the run of the mill of life to stop for a few minutes to praise the Lord for all the blessings that He is pouring out on us day by day.

What a sound of praise ascends to the Throne from Gods people each day and to think that our contribution gladdens the heart of God, so I will praise my Maker as long as He lends me breath v 171.

Not only by singing but by talking as well v 172 what a different world we would live in if the saints in light were to talk more about their Lord and Saviour than to gossip with the rest of the word about trivia.

We can all witness to the love, mercy and grace of God and we can all look forward with great anticipation to the soon return of the Lord Jesus.

So why do we meander around in the valley when there are wonderful things to be revealed to us on the upper slopes of Gods holy Hill?

We note here that every part of the body is unfolding before us in our praise and worship of the Living God, a heart that is right with God v 169, a mind that is filled with praise to God v 171.

Then a mouth that is wanting to speak about the things of God v 172 so that our hands will labour willingly to bring His will to pass v 173

What a transformed life we are looking at right now and this should be the thinking of every Christian to become Christ like in thought, word and deed.

So we draw to an end by looking at the promises of God that are fulfilled by those who 'look for God' v 173, 'long for God' v 174 and 'live for God' v 175.

The promise of God for those 'looking' or seeking Him is found in Deuteronomy 4 v 29 and Isaiah 55 v 6, as starters and then Colossians 3 vs.1 – 4 my what promises to enjoy.

Then we should be 'longing for God' in Psalm 63 v 1 we find the thought of desolation bringing us into intimate fellowship with God, 'to see Him in His Sanctuary' that is where the promise is that we will find Him.

Then in finding Him we will not want to let Him go or for us to go from His conscious presence, 'He is altogether lovely' as the Song of Solomon 5 v 1 reveals Him.

Finally to 'live with Him' and the promise of the Lord Jesus revealed as the jewel in John 14 vs.1 – 3 and what comfort that brings to the obedient soul battered in the conflict.

'My heart and my flesh cries out for the Living God' Psalm 84 v 2 to know the promises for ourselves irrespective of what others do and say about us as we seek to climb towards the summit of Gods holy hill.