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DAY 12.

We open our thoughts today with the terrific assurance that should rejoice our hearts and our minds should be excited and our tongues praising the Lord at the open word 'forever' v 89.

'Forever' it literally means eternity, endlessness, no beginning and no ending as our earthly time has, we operate with a clock and diary mentality we cannot understand endlessness.

The truth is Gods word was given in eternity before ever it was written for earthlings to understand, the bible is for human beings to understand and apply.

The word 'forever' is the root word for eternity, everlasting, eternal, antiquity, time past and the distant future, all mind blowing thoughts but all inside the grasp of the Living God and His Risen Son.

The Lord Jesus came out of eternity to be born of woman so as to be able to identify Him self with us human beings.

He never lost His Kingship when He came to earth as the Son of God, He did not give up His throne of authority when He became the Son of Man, He came out of eternity to rescue people on earth from a lost eternity.

He did not lose His position in heaven when He died on the Cross at Calvary, He did not forfeit His rights as the Son of God when His body was taken from the cross dead.

His word did not lose an atom of power when He lay silent in the tomb waiting the Resurrection morning, emphatically no never because His word came out of eternity and reigns now in eternity as it always will.

The 'beginning of the world' Isaiah 64 v 4 is pointing to the beginning of time, the word of God Genesis 1 is clear cut, God spoke and it was done, completed.

The word of God was clearly arranged in the heavenly place before time was He reigned supreme in eternity and His word is absolute there is no room for discussion, what the Creator God has stated that He will perform.

We can totally rely upon His word, it is 'settled' that is established so that it cannot be moved, men have burnt it, blasted it, berated it, banished it, branded it but they have never got rid of it.

Empire tyrants tried to get rid of it, communism dictators tried to destroy it, intellectual scholars have tried to minimise its effect but whatever has come and gone the word of the Lord endureth forever.

The truth is the Christian disciple is resting their case on the immutable fact that the word of God is not changing like the whims and fancies of men but is for all times and for all people.

Now what assurance this gives to the soul that is living under hardship of any kind today, the word of the Lord stands supreme over all literature of any kind in any generation.

We play with it at our peril, we change it at our peril and we ignore it at our peril, Gods word does not need our interfering with or mighty explanations.

Any child of God in simple faith can bring the word into their life with mighty power that baffles those onlooking for failure

All e need is an open diligent heart and mind that see the word for what it is and then applying it to their lives can expect a spiritual harvest ultimately.

My beloved friends the 'word of God is settled' the purposes of God are established and revealed through the word and we can trust it.

'The word of God' contains promises in it that are being fulfilled in the lives of fellow believers every day all over the earth who are applying them.

'The word of God' reveals provisions that are eternal, the Christian is a sojourner on earth and their provisions are fully met in Gods word as they make their progress homeward up Gods holy hill.

Oh the wonder of Gods word and yet the wonder is so few Christians are studying and applying it to their lives, being robbed by Satan's deception.

In v 90 our Father reveals through His servant David that 'all generations' the word means without exception are brought under the influence of Gods word.

It is through the 'faithfulness' of God, that is the firm supporting faithfulness of His promises

worked out from the beginning of time in human beings that brings us to this moment of time.

It was the Living God who 'established the earth' in whole universe, He placed it where it is so that the amazing truths revealed by modern knowledge makes it a wonder to behold.

We are not here because of some mighty explosion but we are in the precise place in the universe where the Creator wanted us to be v 91.

The Creation was no haphazard event but it was a detailed event that brought all the creative works of God into being and that is summed up in the holy scriptures.

Equally we humans living on the planet earth are here exactly where the Creator wants us to be so that He is willing to communicate with us.

'Established' points to the fact that the Creator has firmly fixed the boundary and limits on earth so that we can rest assured that He will complete what He has started to do.

These truths are the base for us to build our faith upon, because as He is working out His purposes with the earth and universe so He is working out His plans for the Christian for eternity.

We are not here on earth to try to bargain with God, we are not arguing with Him when we vent our feelings but He is willing to receive the repentant soul no matter who they are through the completed work of His Son.

These words are 'established' deeply rooted in Gods word and the Creator delighted in detail is delighted in the out working of the details across the universe.

How much more delight it brings to Him when a minute piece of His creation comes humbly to His footstool to seek the application of one of His promises.

This is an issue that sets Christianity apart from religion, the changed life brings them into living direct communication with their Creator through the Lord Jesus Christ.

We look at the ultimate here, the final acts on earth, the Creator outlines His plan of salvation in His word, we can either accept is or we can reject it and the end product of our life will be our destination at death.

If we reject the word of God try as hard as we may with our own mental understanding and knowledge gained we will perish into an eternity separated from God is our destiny.

On the other hand if we accept Gods word and apply it to our life then the promise of eternal life in the heavenly place is guaranteed by the Lord Jesus.

The words of v 94 are solid foundation for the Christian believer to build on, we are saved for time and eternity when once we have put our trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that means walking according to Gods word.

Christianity is not an insurance policy for heaven but it is the way of life that the Lord Jesus wants us to be living whilst we spend the rest of our days on earth.

The word of God is a complete blue print for the Christian to live by, not by struggling to keep it but through obedience to the Creator God we come through triumphantly as David did in the Old Covenant.

Now those obedient souls can expect a lot of trouble from those rejecting the word v 95 they are waiting to pounce on any wrong doer whatever their status in life.

It is a battle royal in the media today where defects are soon brought into the open by evil minds intent on destruction but they are only deceiving themselves.

'Destroy' v 95 means a variety of things from desolation of a land to destruction of property and to failure of individuals, a favourite use of the word in scripture is to cause folk to wander around aimlessly.

This latter one is used for the Christian who has been defeated and stays in a morose way as a result, the Living God wants us not only to repent of the sin but then to rise up renewed in the Spirit to walk on the life of righteousness.

So do not sit moaning about your lot there is forgiveness with the Lord and then refreshing as well so that we can still climb up Gods holy hill.

What an exceedingly broad word v 96 we have to build our lives upon, get climbing on the promises and stop just sitting on the premises of the local church.