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DAY 7.

We cannot remind ourselves of the Promises of God without quickly thinking of the mighty promise that brought the Lord Jesus to earth as our Saviour and Redeemer.

Christmas in the Church calendar brings to remembrance the promise of God through Isaiah 9 that was fulfilled in Luke 2.

So today we sit and gaze our our beloved Lord Jesus in the light of the promise made in eternity but fulfilled on earth.

The promise made to the Old Testament prophet hundreds of years before it was finally realised in the New Testament witnessed by Doctor Luke.

Isaiah 9 presents us with a very clear prophecy that the Sovereign Lord was going to deal with the problem of sin once and for all.

The human race was then as it is now in total rebellion against the Creator, His set standard of living and for a living relationship with Him.

The Jews were equally as bad by and large, walking according to their own ways as against the standard set through Moses Commandments..

In Isaiah's day warning after warning went unheeded and so the judgement of God was set against His chosen people.

In the midst of all the warnings God made a promise to His people, Messiah would come to rescue the repentant people from the massive judgement about to be revealed.

Isaiah saw the Lord in chapter 6 and it terrified Him so that he became as dead v 5 until the Lord in His mercy sent a Seraphim to touch him v 6.

Then from His majestic throne the Living God spoke clear and plain in simple language that Messiah was on His way and that Isaiah should go and tell the people v 9.

The message would be gladly heard by those walking in the light of Gods word but rebellion would be the outcome for the non believers.

In the middle of the crisis that was looming for the Jews there was a ray of hope, a promise that must be now fulfilled.

Babylonian exile was in front of them but the people rather accepted the slavery in a foreign land than to believe what God had said.

The reality was that the invasion took place and the land was devastated as God had said it would be but the few believing Jews were kept faithful waiting for the promises of God to be fulfilled.

The beacon of Messiahs coming began to beam brighter as the years in captivity went by, there was a longing for the promise to become real to them in the days they lived.

Well the captivity came to an end and Israel returned home in three groups with an interval of years in between the first and the last.

The promise of Messiah was a bright light in many a conversation when their land was restored but sadly the people were not all restored to the faith in the Living God.

True they rebuilt the holy city, they rebuilt the Temple but they did not as a nation return to the Lord in repentance and to righteous living.

Another series of warnings were given to them regarding their spiritual state before the Living God but like the previous ones they went unheeded.

The looming world wide captivity promised by God was the brightest light on the Jewish horizon and it was to become a reality in a matter of time.

The promises of God for good and ill are all to be fulfilled in there time and the

Jews are a living testimony to that fact.

The Roman Empire was fast coming to its height before waning very quickly and the ferocious battles had brought the Jews to their knees.

Only a few godly folk could be found amongst the predominantly religious people called the Jews.

As the darkness of captivity surrounded the nation the increasing brighter light of Messiahs coming burned brightly.

Luke picks up the situation in chapter 2 as he very carefully historically out lines the nations dilemma Rome was in charge of affairs in Israel and a very cruel Caesar Augustus reigned.

It was not to the doctor but to a group of simple shepherds on the hill side of Bethlehem that the promise of Messiah was revealed as a reality vs.8 – 12..

Those shepherds were to herald the message across centuries so that we could receive the promise ourselves.

The message they received in Bethlehem ended up being broadcast across the world to all generations, not only of Jews but of Gentiles as well.

The promised Messiah was to be the Saviour of repentant sinners, so that anyone who recognises their sin and repents of it before God, Messiah will

intercede for them.

Isaiah reveals the promise vs.6 – 7 and only one person in history has ever fulfilled that promise and He is the One those shepherds eagerly went to meet in Bethlehem.

What a promise He has the government of the world on His shoulders, He has the responsibility to bring people back to God either in grace in repentance or in judgement for sin.

He alone stands as the 'wonderful counsellor' of individuals across both time and generations, bringing repentant sinners to the feet of the Living God.

Multitudes stand to give testimony to the saving and keeping power of the Lord Jesus Christ and they are heard singing the hymn of praise 'worthy is the Lamb'.

He is their Lord and Saviour, His words of wisdom, correction, direction and of

comfort have been received with grateful ears across the centuries.

The 'Mighty God' our Lord Jesus, the Messiah came to meet the demands of the Holy God for sinners like us, His mighty acts are a demonstration of His mighty creative power.

He is eternal, He was with His Father in eternity before ever time began, He took the step to leave eternity to come to earth and His humble birth voluntarily.

He was King of Kings in eternity and became King of kings on earth and He always will be the King of kings and Lord of lords.

One of His great attributes is His peace, He brought the peace treaty to earth, there is hope in the sinners rebellion that we can find and know the peace of God by accepting or making peace with God through the Lord Jesus..

His Government seemed tiny as He lay in the straw on that night of revelation and the fulfilment of the promise but He has seen His Kingdom increase beyond calculation.

We note the last phrase of v 7 'the zeal of the Lord of Hosts will perform this' the truth is the promises made by God need to be made good in and by us.

The Holy Spirit resides within us to enlighten us regarding the many promises that we find in scripture to applied by us during our life on earth.