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DAY 4.

As we look at the promises of God and at the word 'come' there is another occasion where we are invited to 'come' and it is the final time it is used in scripture Revelation 22.

The word 'come' is used three times by our Lord Jesus 'behold I come quickly' vs.7,12 and 20 pointing to His return to take His people home.

A glorious fact that He is preparing His Church for that momentous occasion when He will descend through the clouds for His Bride.

The fourth occasion the word 'come' is spoken is in v 17 'come' in the first instance means the transportation from one place to another.

But this is not just a picture of the future but the reality of what is going to happen when the Lord Jesus comes again, we are going to be with Him and like Him.

We must take note though that the gracious invitation is uttered quickly a second time pointing to those listening and accepting the offer.

They are heard proclaiming the invitation 'come' themselves because it is to good to keep to themselves they long for others to receive it..

This is followed by a third 'come' in the same verse and it is given to all who are spiritually thirsty to 'come' and drink of the water of life freely'.

A treble 'come' first from the Spirit, then from the redeemed Bride and then to all who have received the promise themselves.

The thought comes through clear and plain that there is a promise that needs applying hear by all of us who are walking in the light.

We are looking forward to meeting our beloved Saviour in the air when He comes in majestic glory to claim the 'kingdom for His own'.

In one glorious moment the earth will be transformed by the mighty power of the Living God and by the mighty presence of the Son of God.

Now we have that certain knowledge to build upon not because a preacher said it or a person told us but because our Saviour has declare it.

'He will come again to receive us to Him self' is an absolute certainty because it is the climax of His work on earth and the plan worked out in eternity before time began.

We can look upwards and forwards with great certainty that the Lord Jesus is coming again and will walk on the earth once again in majestic power and authority.

The threefold 'come' of v 17 is an injunction to us to share the gracious invitation to those around us so that they may hear the gospel themselves.

The situation in the world is outlined in v 15 rebels on the run from God but then the Lord Jesus has become real to us by the Holy Spirit working in us.

We are a privileged people who have found the light of the gospel and are now living in the light of it, praising God as we do so.

Then the invitation that we have received is open to all who would repent of their sin as we have done, so we go and share it with those in the world.

We do not sit and wait for them to come to hear but we go out to proclaim the invitation as a promise to them.

The glorious gospel message reveals that the Living God is willing to receive repentant sinners back to His self.

Those who come to drink of the water of eternal life have the responsibility of pointing others to the water of life so that they may drink of it also.

We come to drink from the wells of salvation as Isaiah 2 vs.2 – 3 and John 4 vs.10 and 13 -14, along with 7 vs.37 – 38.

Now one aspect of the invitation to 'come and drink' is that we can come daily to drink of the wells of salvation, we are kept fresh all the day long.

The truth is we long to share with others the good news pointing them to the source of salvation, to our Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We can bring folk who are thirsty to the well so that they can drink for themselves from the supply that will never run dry.

Spiritual thirst is something every child of God knows about and the obedient know the value of this invitation to 'come' because they have learned to draw from the well of salvation every day.

The slow of heart are folk who have a thirst but are to idle to get up and drink from the well of salvation daily.

The invitation is open by the Lord Jesus to all who thirst to come practically to Him and draw from the divine supply laid out in scripture.

There is spiritual food and water, enough for each day made available to every Christian and we find that true when we take time to answer the invitation by coming to drink and east ourself.

So we look at the situation that we are in personally and seek to answer the question am I a spiritual pauper or a spiritual prince?

The spiritual pauper is one who looks on the fully laden table but does not partake of it, only looking and observing but never participating.

There is no point in trying to argue round the points on theological grounds, many a theologian leaves us dry as dust.

There is a banquet in scripture, a five course meal for those who come as hungry and thirsty souls, the Master has invited us to 'come and dine'.

To those who accept His invitation we find it becomes a promise and we delight in what He has prepared for us daily.

One thing for sure when we come with anticipation we will not go away hungry, the truth is that we get a hunger and thirst for the Lord.

Each day we come before the Throne of Grace anticipating a full meal and we then want to share it with others so that they may hunger and thirst enough to get up to feed themselves.

'Come' is a delightful promise that guarantees the receiver a full and satisfying meal with the outcome being that we are drawn closer to Christ and become a living testimony of the Lord.

'Come' is a delicious promise because it brings us into closer harmony with the Father's will and purposes for us in these days.

Those who come and taste of the Lord find that He is good to overflowing, the delight of coming daily to feed at His table is beyond words.

The fact that He is graciously interested in each of us to condescend to stoop down to feed us with the living word is unbelievable but He does.

'Come' is a definite promise that cannot be broken, our heavenly Father, our precious Saviour and the Holy Spirit are all involved in bringing this promise to us.

The Father has instigated the promise for repentant sinners to come to drink from His wells of salvation, enabling us to drink until we are full.

The Lord Jesus has dug the wells of salvation for us to drink from through His sacrifice at Calvary and the Holy Spirit opens up the wells of the word of God so that we can drink and feed on it.

It all depends on how much we are hungering and thirsting for the Lord, we live in desperate days and yet still spurning the Lords invitation to 'come'.