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DAY 2.

Today we 'come' to the Lord and to the promise of meeting with Him as a repentant soul in need of His company, we soon realise that the Lord is waiting for us to 'come' into His presence, we never catch Him out.

Let us turn to Matthew 11 v 28 for another beautiful promise coming from the heart of our God and the mouth of our beloved Saviour.

'Come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest' it is given for each of us; so what hinders our answering in the affirmative?

The invitation is from the Master and for all of His children to come and draw near to Him so that we can unburden ourselves to Him.

At first glance it is given to sinners to repent of their sin but in fact it is given as an invitation to all to come and find rest and peace by taking His life for our self.

Why do we wait until there is spiritual collapse before we come, why not avail ourselves today of this unique offer of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ?

We are looking at the downcast soul not knowing where to turn for the best: usually we try all the other avenues offered to us before reluctantly we drop at the Masters feet.

Immediately one can see the picture of a soul weighed down by the pressures of life finally coming to look up to their Saviour who has come to our help and aid.

Satan is pushing us under because he has neither the desire to lift us up or ability to pull us out of any of the troubles that we find ourselves in.

It is amazing how he will use other folk to do the dirty work for him, usually folk who are weary worn and sad in the battle too pull us down.

The battle is hot and the enemy of our souls is out to wreck us and would do so if he could but the Saviour of our soul is there along side us to lift and to bear us up.

Can we not see that the Master bids us 'come' it is for our benefit that He invites us to enjoy His company more and more, and the diligent soul will gladly obey.

The early disciples were on the mind of the Lord as He prays here, they were actively engaged in ministry that was physically wearing them out

As yet they had not learned the basic lesson of coming first to the Lord for their lessons and teaching before going out in service for Him.

The promise has conditions 'take my yoke upon you and learn of Me' the Christian life is not a bed of roses or garden party but a battle of right and wrong, of truth and error of righteousness as against unrighteous living.

Much of our troubles start here, we are trying to live the Christian life instead of trusting the Lord Jesus to fulfil His word in and through us.

The invitation to 'come' from the Lord Jesus in Matthew 11 was to the 'little children' in the faith, those willing to learn and eager to apply His word.

He could see the fragile and easy led disciples not knowing how to face the enemy on their own and so before He goes to Jerusalem and Calvary He prays for them.

At the same time He was looking ahead to us in our generation tied in knots by doctrines and in similar spiritual straight jackets caught in the net of the enemy.

He was looking at repentant sinners who were longing to make progress in the new standard of living but who were being bogged down by the old nature of living, human attainment.

He was talking about us and in reality He is talking to us right now, 'come' is a sweet invitation for battered and bruised saints to come and rest in His conscious presence NOW.

There are many Christians today under great pressure and who are cracking up under the strain because they have never been obedient to the Master's word 'come unto Me'.

This is a gracious invitation to the battle weary soul and we should delight to come at the end of the day and rest in His presence.

We seem to be afraid of resting during the day and we are so tired at night we do not hear His gracious voice speaking to us, 'come and rest'.

One thing for sure our heavenly Father does not give any one of His children tasks that they are not empowered to undertake.

Our Father is not a hard taskmaster as most worldly leaders are, our God supplies the strength for the day and then bids the weary heart, soul and mind to 'come and rest'.

The 'come unto Me' here is a generous invitation because there needs to be a transferring of the burden, we give Him all of our troubles and difficulties and He willingly takes them from us.

When we take up His pressures we find that we are able to respond to them and find that they are much lighter than our own were.

The problem stems from the fact that our heavy burdens are a result of our earthly living whereas His comes from the higher standard of eternal values.

We pressurise ourselves unbearably at times with issues that have no eternal value at all they come from physical and mental exertion that will soon be forgotten when we come into His presence.

We spend so much time each day getting money to spend on earthly things that have no eternal value at all, we spend our time and days seeking to provide for the flesh.

The strain wears us out as we try to keep up with the status quo, the folk around us giving us an air of satisfaction as we keep abreast of the worldly standard.

Christian listen to the gracious and generous voice of our beloved Saviour 'come unto Me'

Here is the secret of the victorious Christian life, coming to the Lord and communing with Him daily if not several times a day to transfer your heavy load for His lighter one.

The word 'heavy laden' can mean over burdened by situation but it can also mean spiritual anxiety, our trying to keep up to the pattern of things.

We struggle and strive in the Christian whilst we should be trusting and communing with the Lord, enjoying the Christian life

Look at v 29 and remember the Lord is speaking to us personally here, He gives us the answer to our pressing problems and how to deal with them.

First He says 'learn of Me' we must desire to gain knowledge from Him every day, not spasmodically or even occasionally but regularly, seeking the Lord to speak through His word.

To learn here is the experimental knowledge gained by the experience of waiting upon the Lord, so that we learn directly from His word.

He gives us wisdom, understanding and discernment beyond the human as we learn from Him by spending time alone with Him and His word.

Now here is a mouth watering thought that the Lord will give us deeper knowledge than we could ever get in our life going elsewhere.

'Wisdom' is seeing things from Gods point of view, being able to put things into an eternal setting as much as the earthly one.

So often the breakdown in fellowships comes because we argue from a human stand point rarely do we hear someone state this is what the Lord says.

The reason being that we do not spend time seeking the Lord and listening to the Holy Spirit prompting on the issues of the Christian life.

'Understanding' brings us to a spiritual intelligent mind, one that is sanctified and seeking to know the will, mind and purposes of God.

Our minds were once 'darkened' Ephesians 4 v 18, being unable to see spiritual issues but now in Christ we should begin to seek Him to give us light and truth seeing that we can be renewed in our mind v 23.

'Discernment' means having the ability to judge well, through seeking to know the Lord in a deeper relationship we can judge issues from a higher plain of thinking.

He is our personal 'tutor' or teacher and He ministers to us according to where we are in comparison to where we should be in the Christian life.

He does not over load us with facts and figures but He meets us at our point of need and often times He brings us to a position where changes are necessary to stop the monotonous routine.

Look at the tremendous condescension of our Lord 'He is meek and lowly in heart' His operations are skilfully worked out in us as easy as He operates the controls of the Universe.

He is 'meek' meaning humble, the Creator stooping down to commune with the created, we are so small and insignificant on this very small planet earth.

Yet He comes alongside the obedient child to enlighten and encourage us in our daily walk through life, never abandoning us even though we are not very quick to learn.

He is 'lowly' remember that He is the Son of God who gave His life to rescue us from the rebellion we lived in, He gave up the splendour of heaven to take on the human form so save us.

He does not lord it over His people but He does expect us to be obedient to His word seeing He only has His our best interest at heart.

He invites us to 'come' and rest in His presence, putting aside the issues of the day in front of us and to be refreshed and restored in the Spirit before going out into the hostile world.

The 'come' becomes vital and clear now, He the mighty Son invites us His children to come and rest in His presence for our own benefit.

He longs for us to come to commune with Him in the quiet place where we can share the things that are common to us both.

There He wants us to listen and learn that there is far greater power available to us than we realise, power that enables us to overcome when normally we would be overcome by the flesh life.

There are so many problems that we take on board that we would steer clear of if we only listened to the Saviour more often, He gives us the ability to see the enemy behind them.

We can learn to come apart from the world and rest awhile during the business of the day and commune with our Saviour who will draw us closer to His side as we place our burdens on Him.

One of the cruel aspects of modern living is the unteachable spirit that pervades amongst the church at large, we are losing out continually by wrestling with issues that the Lord would quickly solve if learned to bring them to Him.

The thought comes through consistently that 'we know it all', we know the solutions but we do not live in the light of them if we do and we are bogged down with them.

We should be delighted to hear the words 'come unto Me' from the Lord Jesus and quickly respond to His gracious invitation because we will never come away disappointed when we do so.

Look up, His yoke is 'easy' simple not complicated, it is 'light' when compared with the loads the fleshly life would put on us.

The struggle and striving of the flesh is bound to fail because we humans are very limited in our ability to cope but when the Lord Jesus takes control we find that the way seems much easier and the pressure are much lighter than before.

What a mighty privilege it is to hear the Master invite us to 'come unto Me' we all can respond to it and soon become a different person as a result

We would be a more restful and peaceful person in our selves, one that it would be a delight to share company with if we learned to 'come' more often.

Remember the invitation is still valid today.