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DAY 19.

The promise today comes from several parts of scripture, 'I will be with thee' as Joshua 1 v 5 and Deuteronomy 31 vs.6 and 8 a glorious promise that every child of God can appropriate to their life.

The knowledge that we can know the reality of Gods presence every step of the way is such an encouragement to the observant soul walking on the path of righteousness.

We can begin to understand why Satan seeks to keep us from realizing this clear truth, it is obvious why he seeks to distract us from enjoying such communion.

The simplest soul who practises the presence of God is a threat to Satan and his wiles he is sent packing on his way in defeat by the loving presence of our Father God.

So we look with Joshua at the challenge that Moses is putting on him and listen to the encouragement that he receives from God through Moses here.

Deuteronomy is the change over Moses is about to pass over into the heavenly place as the Lord Jesus revealed on the Transfiguration mount to His disciples Matthew 17 vs.1 - 4.

Moses was seen y the disciples communing with the Lord Jesus v 3 a transformed man able to take the presence of the Living God.

In Deuteronomy 31 Moses was still housed in his body of clay about to exchange it for his eternal body, he is communing with God before communicating with Joshua.

Moses had led the nation out of Egypt through the rough forty years of wilderness wandering and soon would walk up Mount Nebo to view the Promised Land and his home call.

Joshua had travelled with the old warrior Moses and had been faithful in his support therefore he knew the fulfilment of the promise 'I will be with you' given to Moses by God at the outset of his journey Exodus 3 v 12.

'I will be with thee' what confidence that should bring to Moses but he like us looks at the flesh rather than the spirit and he is slow to accept the challenge from God.

Now Joshua is in the firing line, he is the new leader of this ungrateful rabble he is to face their arguing head on and he needs the security that God had given to His servant Moses.

In the hour of need Joshua bows before Moses the nation and more importantly before the Living God Deuteronomy 31 the older man hands over the reins to a slightly younger man.

In the moment of handing over the responsibility Moses reminds Joshua of the promise that God had given and in Deuteronomy 31 v 6 The promise 'I will be with you' and what assurance that was to Joshua.

The challenge was great but so was the position of God on his behalf, the 'fear not' is ratified with the 'fail not' the human side is nullified by the spiritual aspect of the challenge.

The fact here are an encouragement to every child of God, so often our immediate reaction to Gods word is to show 'fear' that is the apprehension of danger that is obvious.

Faith on the other hand knows the 'fail not' that is the Lord strengthening and equipping for the task that lies unknown in front of us.

Moses, Joshua, David, Jeremiah and Paul to quote at random a few of the people who knew experimentally the reality of the promise 'in your weakness My strength is made perfect'.

They knew their own weaknesses but the also grew to know the strength of Gods presence in them as they went obediently to achieve the goal set out for them by God.

'I will not fail thee' is a promise that is realized by those who go be faith in the line of duty that God has planned for them.

There are many casualties along life's pathway of folk who took their eyes of the Lord and looking around gave way to the flesh and failed.

They fail not because God has let them down but rather because they forsook claiming the promise of Gods providence and protection.

Gods promise is clear 'I will be with you where ever you go', the difficulty lies in the facts that the way we go is Gods chosen way and not our own chosen way.

If we deviate from the path of righteousness the Lord will graciously wait for us to return, waiting at that same spot.

Our relationship is secure but our communications are severed until we return to Him in repentance for the sin that has been committed.

He did not chose to break communications it was our own choice and unless and until we shoe repentance the lines of communication remain broken.

Joshua listens intently to Moses knowing that the old soldier was only passing on the word of God to him and the nation.

A daunting task is met with a dawning trust 'He will not fail or forsake you' two further promises that enlighten and encourage Joshua.

Now it is not second hand knowledge passed on by Moses but the first hand experience of walking and communing with the Lord himself.

Our heavenly Father makes it abundantly clear that as He was with Moses and Joshua so He will be with us and that He will not fail us, forsake us or forget us.

The operative word here is our 'faith' in Gods word, many of us fail because we do not recognise that the word of God needs applying to our life.

It is not memorizing it or even trying to retain it but it is all about remembering to apply it in our daily living, it is then that we soon realise that we cannot do without our Father's aid.

We begin to seek Him regularly because with out Him we can not achieve anything that has eternal value but with Him we are laying up treasure in heaven.

When we look at the promise being applied to Joshua in chapter 1 we find further facts that we can expect to occur as we take God at His word.

Joshua 1 v 7 is application of the promise 'be strong' keep your eye on Me and you will become a conqueror renown, a valiant and determined soldier.

Then 'be of good courage' keep bound to Me and you will be fearless, firm, resolute and vigorous in the work that I have set for you to accomplish.

'Courage' speaks of all of that as it creates an undaunted spirit that will face the foe without flinching, keeping the eye on the Lord.

Joshua knew his weaknesses and he had to learn to commune with the Lord on all issues and not just the big or important ones, the defeat at Ai in Joshua 7 is an example of this.

It is easy to expect our Father to step into the major crisis in life but we do tend as human beings to rely on our own ability when faced with the smaller ones and that is dangerous.

Many would stand on the threshold of eternity warning us of the dangers of trusting in our own judgements as they did and failed miserably.

What a mighty promise is given to Joshua in 1 v 5 'no man will be able to withstand thee' the simple trusting man has no fear of the best organized and strongest challenger that comes his way.

I am reminded here that this includes Satan himself, he is a mighty battler but he is no opposition when the Lord of Hosts declares his strength against him, the truth is he flies or runs away.

The truth is the Tempter withstood the Lord Jesus in the flesh in the wilderness but the moment the Spirit is revealed he is gone, Matthew 4 gives us the details.

So we can take heart though the enemy batter us we are more than conquerors through our Lord Jesus Christ, who says to us 'be strong and of good courage I am with you'.