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DAY 17.

We referred to our 'waiting on the Lord' in our last study and there are delightful promises in the scriptures for those who learn to wait on the Lord.

So this study will concentrate on the 'wait' side of the promise to help us come into the fullness of the promise and to come fully into the disciplined Christian life.

'Wait on the Lord' Psalm 27 v 14 comes at the end of a Psalm that began in light v 1 but came into darkness v 5 before coming back to the Light.

The writer was looking at his situation that at times was dire and he was desperately looking for direction as his enemy surrounded him, I know there are many today who echo this Psalm.

Well do not sit in the darkness that surrounds you look up to the Light of the world our Lord Jesus Christ and you will hear Him wait only upon the Lord.

The word 'wait' brings out a firm trust in God, a resolute stance on His word and the firm conviction of His aid coming to assist us.

Here is a picture of the patient soul spending time with the Lord waiting for the expected answer to their cry, it is on its way already.

We are looking at the soul that is trusting in the Lord with all their heart and mind regarding the outcome as good as realised in them.

What a situation to be in surrounded by soldiers that are out to kill you, there is no way out

except to look up to the Lord and waiting on Him to move then we will walk with Him through the ranks of the enemy.

What a ridiculous situation this seems to be to many a beleaguered Christian today who has never learned the secret of waiting upon their heavenly Father.

Content to meander around in life with any real positive relationship on a daily basis with the Creator God who saw David out of all his calamities and would us if we only learned to wait upon Him.

In Psalm 37 v 34 we find the same phrase used 'wait on the Lord' but with it we find the condition of the promise 'keep His ways' and then 'He will exalt thee'.

The promise is clear to those who wait on the Lord, the word 'wait' here brings out the constancy of mind, it is centred on the Lord and not ourselves or the enemy around us.

To keep our mind centred on the Lord Jesus will lead us along straight paths that will ultimately leads us to mastery and victory over the world, flesh and devil v 32.

Now in waiting on the Lord we learn to look up into the face of our beloved Lord and Saviour getting our mind anchored in His mercy, love and grace towards us.

We can rejoice in the God of our salvation who will not let a soul down who trusts in Him

for forgiveness and cleansing of their sin.

We can rejoice in the Lord who is preparing a place for us in the heavens so that when He comes again we are going to be with Him for eternity.

Then 'waiting on the Lord' brings us to the place where we can look forward to the victory over temptation and the enemy, 'sin will not have dominion over you' Romans 6 v 14.

The promise is secure for those who have their sin dealt with by the Lord Jesus v 11, they do not let sin reign or govern their life v 12 so then mastery is promised them them.

We should be looking ahead as we wait on the Lord to keep close to Him so that He will lead us on that narrow path that leads to our rescue and release.

The third occasion that we find the phrase in the Psalms has an important addition to it 62 v 1 'truly my soul waits upon God' the word 'truly' literally means 'only'.

We are only waiting upon the Lord, not in a creed, not in orthodoxy but in obedience to Gods word we come to sit at His footstool to learn from Him.

We should take note on the word 'truly' or only because it is the key that will unlock the quiet time to many a soul wandering around in their faith when they could be established.

Work comes before worship for so many because they separate wrong fully the secular life from the spiritual life, the weekday from the Sunday life.

We look at our work day as if it were totally unconnected to our worship on Sunday that really is only going to church and not necessarily to meet with the Risen Lord.

We are comfortable with the pattern of worship and as long as it remains the same we are quite comfortable to sit for an hour in the pew.

To recognise that the Living God is as involved in the rest of the week more so than the Sunday because there we only put on an act of conformity.

So let us look at our orthodoxy that seems to be far more important than our obedience to Gods word and the many promises that it contains for us to apply.

Orthodoxy points to the generally accepted theory of the church that we attend, we do not like to get this challenged and quickly shelter from the convicting Holy Spirit revealing needs for change in our life.

We hide behind the teaching of the leaders who usually are hiding from the truth because it must bring change in them first before we can expect change in others.

Orthodoxy can be a killer of spiritual life because all we do is follow others of like mind without ever seeking the Lord to change the inside of us to bring us into Christ likeness.

To learn to wait on the Lord in quiet meditation of His word is not taught as it should be in many churches but if we are to become obedient to the Lord this will become of paramount importance to us personally.

Then we look at the fear that so often grips us when faith goes through the window the many times we do not remember to bring the Lord into situations and we end up in fear.

Well waiting upon the Lord will give us calm in the storm, it will bring courage in out troubles and the conquering spirit over temptation.

Look at those three statements and ponder over them in the day ahead to see where you can apply the promises of Gods strength in the midst of your circumstances.

There is a calm and serene state we can enjoy when waiting upon the Lord that we cannot find elsewhere in life so do not the enemy rob you of it.

The is courage and boldness to be had by waiting on the Lord resting on His promises instead of wrestling with possibilities, the things that might happen but might not.

Then there is the conquering spirit available for us to partake of rather than remaining defeated in situations that lead to a break in relationship all the time.

'Wait on the Lord and He will strengthen thy heart'.