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DAY 13.

Today our promise is a very practical one and the Lord is going to take us to Abraham Romans 4 v 20 there to show us the appointed promises will always be fulfilled.

Abraham is called the father of the faithful because he 'believed God' v 3 when everything was against him seeing the promises made to him being fulfilled.

The relationship that Abraham had with God was based on faith, with Abraham obeying the last command given to him by Almighty God.

The relationship was commenced in Ur of Chaldees and it involved the long walk into Canaan but in doing so Abraham received several precious promises.

Each one drew him closer to the Lord but there are three worthy of our time to ponder and study as they point us in the right direction for us to receive promises as well.

Abraham in Genesis 15 presented his case, when everything was opened up to him by the Lord, that having no son of his own looked to God to provide one.

There is nothing unique about that with the exception that he was old and so was his wife way past child bearing age, yet he believed what God had stated.

In Genesis 15 v 5 the Lord spoke to him under a cloudless night sky with the universe shining in its glory and the Living God tells him to count the stars and in doing so you are counting your off spring.

What an amazing sight the Creator God communing with Abraham speaking across the vast space and revealing to him the birth of a son would ultimately become a nation that no man could number.

The vastness of the universe is immense but the equally vastness of the Jewish nation is almost overwhelming scattered as they are across the world.

Abraham 'staggered not' that is he did not waver in his belief that God could perform through him all that He said that He would do.

Such truth and faith was counted unto Abraham for righteousness Romans 4 v 3, he began his walk with God on the path of righteousness.

It was not his works that made him right with God but his faith in God that produced the right kind of life that pleases God a life of godly obedience.

We know in the fullness of time Isaac was born and so began the formation of the Jewish race and the people called by God 'His chosen people'.

As the nation grew so did the situation that they needed a land to settle in and call their own and that promise was given to Abraham in Covenant form.

Romans 4 is all about the Covenant or promise that the Living God made with Abraham as we saw in Genesis 15 and the land was revealed to Abraham then to Moses ratifying the first one.

The plans in details were given to Moses but the promise to Abraham they will grow into a mighty nation flooding across the earth.

Abraham knew that the Promised land was not an earthly land but as Hebrews 11 v 10 reveals He looked way beyond to the eternal kingdom whose founder and maker was God Himself.

Yes they would have a land on earth that they called their own as Joshua reveals in practical terms but Abraham was looking to the much wider land in the heavenly place where God reigns supreme.

Abraham was looking for the complete fulfilment of the promise that began on earth but will be found in eternity in its entirety, now\that involves the Church of God, the Bride of Christ.

So we come to the problem of sin in Romans 4 and three words 'counted' v 3, 'reckon' v 4 and 'imputed' v 11 that we should ponder over.

The fact is all three come from the same word in the original Greek but each having a different shade of meaning that is important.

The first word 'counted' means to add up and come with a sum total, Abraham displayed faith in God and this was received as righteousness because he walked by faith according to Gods word.

The word 'reckon' literally means to put together in one's mind or to occupy oneself with the grace and favour of God on behalf of the freedom from guilt of sin.

Then the word 'imputed' means to put into account, Abraham was accepted and treated as being righteous because the rebellion against God ceased when he began to walk with God.

Now the walk with God brought Abraham to Mount Moriah and the incident in Genesis 22 where the Lord provided the Sacrificial Lamb.

Abraham was well aware of the need to cover sin through sacrifice and now he is accepted through sacrifice and points to the future promise of the Sons sacrifice for us.

The sacrifice in the promise v 16 was going to be for all flesh and to be accepted by all flesh by faith in the Son of God, the promise is fulfilled in the Lord Jesus sacrifice on Calvary.

There are two words that come out of the promise 'grace' and 'faith', the former brings out the unmerited favour of God displayed on sinners and 'faith' is what is displayed by repentant sinners towards Gods salvation.

The promise to Abraham by the Living God involved a son, a land and a sacrifice and whilst he received the three in part by faith the Christian can receive them in there fullness.

We delight in the knowledge of the Son of God who came from heavens splendour and gory to rescue sinners like us.

He came to be born of a virgin as the promise is stated in Isaiah 7 v 14 then 'a child is born' 9 v 6 fulfilled in Matthew 1 vs.21 – 23 He is the Son of God and the Son of Man.

We then look at the promise given to Abraham regarding the sacrifice to cover sin in Genesis 22 and along side this the word of Luke 2 vs.10 – 11 God provided the Lamb.

One of the titles given to the Lord Jesus is 'the Lamb of God' and in the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation we find references pointing to the Lord Jesus as the Lamb of God.

There are four distinct references that bring out the promise of salvation through the Lamb, in Genesis 22 the Lamb was for the covering of the individual.

In Exodus 12 at the Passover there was a lamb to cover the family whilst Leviticus there is sacrifice for the nation with the High Priest offering the blood on the Mercy Seat chapter 16.

In John 3 v 16 we find that the sacrifice of the Lamb of God is for the whole world, Jew and Gentile

alike, His sacrifice and blood covers every repentant sinner no matter who or where they are.

In the Revelation the sacrifice is for the universe, 29 times He is referred too in the book.

The wounded Lamb 5 v 6 'had been slain', then the worshipped Lamb 5 vs.12 – 14 and in 12 vs.10 – 17 we find the warrior Lamb.

We as Christians born again of the Holy Spirit and washed in the blood of the Lamb, accepted by the grace of God having exercised faith in the Lord Jesus Christ are brought into the fulfilment of the promise given to Abraham in Genesis 15.

We are part of the inheritance that was given to faithful Abraham as Hebrews 11 vs.8 – 19 reveals to us, we can rejoice in the promise that has been fulfilled.

Then we can rejoice in the promise yet to be fulfilled that will be when the Lord Jesus comes again to collect His Church and take us to that city Abraham was looking for.

We 'hope' with confident expectation to see the eternal city that the Lord Jesus spoke about clearly 'I go to prepare a place for you that where I am you will be also' John 14 vs.1 – 3.

We trust in the promise because of who it is that has made it, the Lord Jesus, the Lamb of God the beloved Son of God will perform all that He has set out to do in His appointed time.