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DAY 10.

We referred in the last study to Philippians 4 v 19 so let us ponder over this fabulous verse for a little while to glean from it what the Lord Jesus has promised to us who trust Him.

There is a godly contentment in this promise that we need to rest in more and more as we walk through life with its increasing pressures.

Look at v 19 and discover the giver of life 'My God' ponder the truth the Living God who is conscious of us and of all the needs that we will ever need and He will meet them.

He is the Creator God who has wonderfully kept all of His creation over the millennia with out human aid or involvement.

We are a minute particle in the massive universe, the size of which is growing in human terms as our knowledge of it expands.

Our little earth is but a speck in the vast creation and yet on that speck is a smaller dot with a name on it and its is yours and mine.

All of us are so different and all displaying needs that are different but the Creator God has come to meet all of our needs.

Now we turn to gaze upon our Creator God as our Loving heavenly Father, there is none like Him who draws His children around Him to meet all of their needs.

We come to the source of the supply as we come to the footstool of the Living God and present our prayers to Him.

He never turns us away unless unconfessed sin lingers in our life that has to be dealt with first and He graciously who will forgive the repentant sinner will forgive His erring child.

'My God' is the Father who longs to enjoy the company of His child, there is a personal touch in the relationship 'Father' and 'son' and the intimacy is rich and real.

To come before the Living God in our weakness and hear Him say as He did to Paul 'my strength is sufficient for you'.

Our heavenly Father is interested in 'today' and we need to operate on His terms far to many Christians are thinking about next week, next month and next year instead of enjoying 'today'.

Enjoying the promise of His constant presence with us as we walk along the path of righteousness today conscious of His presence with us.

The source of eternal life is our Lord Jesus Christ and He is the source to come too that will meet 'All' of our needs.

We look up to find that He is meeting the needs of His children all around the planet earth, He is pouring out the supply to countless millions and the supply is as fresh as ever.

The supply never diminishes, it never grows stale and it is always in abundance, that is the measure of our beloved Saviour and heavenly Father.

We note the word 'all' it covers everything that we will ever need, not some special times, not most of our time on the journey through life but 'ALL' of our needs.

This little jewel of a promise is set in a beautiful setting look at v 12 Paul tells us of two conditions 'abased' and to 'abound' that he had been in.

'Abased' to be brought into the position of being humbled or brought very low so that He was absolutely dependent upon God to meet his need, he testifies to the truth God had met his needs.

Every other avenue was dried up and the only place where the supply was not dried up was at the Throne of Grace and God met his needs.

To 'abound' means to have greater quantity or to enjoy abundance of material things and of spiritual truth.

When others were in spiritual darkness the Apostle knew the light of God illuminating his way, whilst others wandered around he had made progress along the path of righteousness.

We can look at the two poles of experience the draught situation and the delightful fruitful one and then to all in the middle of it is filled likewise with Gods abundant supply.

Then look at v 13 where the Apostle brings out the testing times where faith is being tested to see that it is the real genuine article.

Those tough times when we seem to be out on a limb and few if any human aids are to be found but there in the heart of the issue stands our Father.

He is aware of the situation that He had put him and us in, like Elijah of old in 1 Kings 17 the draught was on its way and our God prepared both food and water for His servant.

Details are important to our God, those little incidental things that look so insignificant to us but are important tools in our Fathers workshop as He seeks to make us more like His Son.

Look at the massive influence that one small stone had on a nation when David puts it in the sling to slay Goliath.

Look at the Matthew 14 v 17 small basket of five loaves and two fishes that the Lord Jesus took from the little lad to feed the five thousand.

Look at those labouring fishermen on Galilee and listen to their melancholic voices 'we have caught nothing' v 3 the Master inquires have you any meat' the answer is no.

Then 'cast your net on the other side of the boat' v 6 a detail so you may think but the obedient disciples did so and a mighty catch is the result John 21.

Look at one small life like Paul and listen to his testimony of how God has met his every need in every situation to see the wonders of our God at work in detail.

Well now the God that worked out the affairs of His children here is the same God and Father watching over our affairs.

He has given the promise in Philippians 4 v 19 to encourage us to put our total trust in Him and He will meet all of our needs.

We are living on a lower level of faith than we should be, faith should lead us on to the higher level of righteous living than we are at the present time.

There is a great need for godly living amongst Gods people in the Church, we have fallen into the trap of doing something for God.

We cannot give Him anything that He has not already given to us in the first place, but we can give Him his desire, our heart and mind.

He will take things from us that He seems to allow others to get away with for a season but then judgement is inevitable on them.

We can rest assured that as we commit ourselves into His care and keeping each day He will meet all the needs that arise whether physical, mental, emotional, material and spiritual.

So we need to draw from the wells of salvation Isaiah 12 v 3 and find that the promise here is a vital one for us to claim as we go through life and that our Father meets all of our needs in detail.