Saved ByThe King

After a long slog on the hospital wards, two nurses from Manchester decided to have a two week break in the Canary isles.


It was early in the season and though it was fine and sunny, the weather was still very changeable without much warning.

After a couple of days lounging on the beach they decided to have a go at sailing in a small dinghy with two oars.

Off they went in grand style and reasonably confident, the water was flat, the sun was shining and they were enjoying themselves with nothing to hinder them.

That was until a large black cloud appeared and a breeze with it, the wind gradually became stronger and these two young ladies were in deep trouble.

The waves were getting larger and the rain started falling heavier and the wind now at gale force.

All within a few minutes they were hopelessly in trouble and very soon in mountainous water were thrown out of the dinghy.

Their plight was compounded because of the rising waves they were not seen in trouble, only the dinghy owner was terrified at their plight.

Unknown to anybody, a racing yacht was attempting to get into calmer waters for a while and the captain spotted the young couple struggling to keep afloat.

The yacht arrived and pulled them out of the boiling sea into comparative safety of the ocean going yacht.

It was only the next day that the truth came out, the headlines on the newspaper read in bold letters, SAVED BY THE KING.

In fact the captain and owner of the yacht was no other than King Juan Carlos of Spain who was out training for a race.

I wonder just how many folk would believe their story when they came back to England, well at least they had the newspaper article to show folk and tell of their ordeal and brush with death.

Reading the story in the paper myself, set my mind thinking that every Christian born again of the Spirit of God and washed in Christ’s precious blood, have been saved by the king.

Not just an ordinary king, but by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, because that is the Lord Jesus is 1 Timothy 6 v 15 and Revelation 17 v 14, 19 v 16.

How amazing that He who threw the universe into place, trod the waters of the sea, saw that everything He had made was beautiful humbled Himself. Read Philippians 2 vs.6 – 11.

Staggering, as it is He still longs to rescue sinners like you and me can you say that you have been saved by the king?