The Rare Lily

I was travelling down to Pembroke from Oswestry in February 1999. It was an uneventful journey for a large proportion of the journey.


I had stopped off for a coffee in Welshpool and then took the scenic route over the mountains through picturesque Mid-Wales.

I was meandering along when in the distance I saw a large wood being cut down and I stopped to look at the sight which I thought was horrific.

It marred the landscape and thought of writing to the papers to say so when a man in an old overcoat approached me, he had wellington boots on and flat cap.

A Welshman who enquired of me to explain why I had stopped and I soon let my feelings be known to him.

Well I stopped to take a breath and he joined the conversation to explain what was happening.

Amongst all those trees a very rare and valued Radnor lily had been found, it had been there for 2,000 years he said tucked up under the twigs, leaves and foliage had covered it.

It was one of the rarest plants in Britain and only a few survived and just three had been found here in Mid Wales.

They grow in secluded spots such as quarries and rock cracks on the slate hills and this little gem caused great joy to those who knew where it was.

The tiny flower measuring 3 inches high only blooms for two weeks in mid February and this year three flowers had been seen but an animal quickly ate one.

The actual site was a closely guarded secret so that was the reason the guy had come from no where to find out who I was and what I was doing there.

He did share with me the fact that it had been found in 1975 and a watch had been kept on it by the Forestry Commission.

When it was first spotted it had been thought to have been a Snowdon Lily another very rare plant but on later and closer detailed study it was found to be a rarer flower still.

What had once flowered widespread across the area had gradually become extinct over a long period of time.

What a jewel it was for the Area Officer who found this one the highlight of my career he said.

Well his vigilance had paid of and he was hoping to see many more plants grow from these few left.

I went on my way quietly musing the fact that all those years the little gem had been hidden from prying eyes but God knew it was there.

Now as we look at life and the multitudes of folk around us what a mixed bunch of folk we are.

But for the Creator God He is looking all the time for someone who will turn to Him and let the Holy Spirit work on him or her to make something beautiful out of them.

In some quiet place almost unnoticed by others, a person repents of their sin and gets right with God and from that moment He begins a work of grace on them and in them.

At first we were covered in filth rags because that is what God calls sin Isaiah 64 v 6 but now in the same chapter v 8 God becomes our Father and begins a mighty work on us.

One day He will reveal His glory in us for the rest of humanity to gaze upon in awe and wonder Malachi 3 v 17 when He makes up His jewels.

Is He working on you at the moment? Or are you as yet hidden from His view, enjoying your sin too much to take notice of His offer of salvation to you.

Why not stop today and let Him begin a transformation in you!