Fishing Boat Tragedy

The summer of 1996 will remain in the memory of an Israeli young man forever, as a 13-year-old boy he had gone fishing with his father off the coast of Cornwall.


With his father, they had gone out in a 25ft blue and white yacht Timonaire.

They left Falmouth for Plymouth at 8.30 a.m but had turned back in heavy seas.

As many a youngster has, the boy began to get tired and went and lay down on the bed in the front of the boat.

When he awoke he shook himself before calling out to his father, but as there was no reply he roused himself and went to see if there was a problem.

To his horror his father was not there in a storm with 15 feet waves he had been washed overboard by a freak wave.

He was missing and the lad was terrified not knowing what to do, as the storm abated he shouted and cried to no avail.

Then he remembered the radio and wireless but how do you operate it, no one had ever shown him what to do.

He grabbed the mouthpiece and began to cry for help, it seemed like an eternity to him, ‘help me please, I need help’

He tried again this time on channel 16 the emergency channel in a desperate attempt to roused attention.

This he did, as he raised the coast guard station at Culrose who quickly scrambled a Sea King helicopter for the rescue, but the wind and waves were against them the rescue had to be by water, so Fowey was alerted.

The problem was, the boy had no idea where he was, just surrounded by water and had little knowledge as to how long he had been asleep.

Well, the aircraft went out and a Mayday message alerting all shipping in the area to look out for the boat which was in fact 6 miles off Looe in Cornwall.

It took some time for the search party to spot the missing boat and the young man on it, because of the high waves and strong winds.

Finally, with the aid of Fowey lifeboat, the rescue was completed.

He cried for along time asking for his father continually, before his mother arrived and comforted him.

Later the coast guard made it known that a body of a 45 year old man had been brought from the sea but had been pronounced dead on arrival at Plymouth hospital.

A heart-rending story, especially as dad was not found in the water where he had been for about 2 hours.

Help me, please help me’ I wonder how many times God has heard such a cry from all manner of folk over the centuries.

He has answered every one of them and they make up His Church having been rescued by Jesus Christ.

A man sat on the roadside begging and cried out to the passing crowd for Jesus to have mercy on Him.

In the noise that always followed the Master Jesus heard this one man and stopped to help him, releasing him from his dire situation.

Today He is still answering such cries, and I like many others can testify to that fact, but can you? Have you cried out for His help, if not why, not do it now?

They that call in the name of the Lord shall be saved’ Romans 10 vs.8 - 13 and then 2 Timothy 2 v 19 is so real.