Being In The Right Place Helps

Some time ago I was watching a couple, trying to sort out exactly where they were on M6 motorway, as they sat at the table in the café by the M5 motorway.


It soon turned into a right shouting match before the motorway police and AA men got involved, 'we are use to this' one of them said to me'.

The problem was then heightened as the Danish man became very irate with his wife, because he knew where he was, but could not find the road he wanted.

It was difficult because of the language barrier, but with the aid of a map, a pencil and paper and an old envelope we made reasonable contact.

He kept pointing to the map and to the crossroads that he wanted but he could not find the road enabling him to get there from where he stood right now.

It was then when his excitement died down and he began to listen to me that he realised that he was not quite where he thought he was.

He was actually over a couple of mile from where he thought he was and covered with embarrassment especially with his wife being with him he bade me farewell with a grateful handshake.

The couple were having a go at each other in the café at Frankley Beeches on the M.5 near to Birmingham both sure they knew where they were but both wrong.

There problem was escalating into a real feud, the one thought they were on their way to Scotland on the M6, whilst the other was sure they were on the M1 going north.

As I explained to them they were both wrong as they were sitting in a café on the M5. Near to Birmingham.

They then started on me, I did not know where I was, let alone able to sort them out, so I sat and explained from their own map exactly where they were and how they had got there.

Having spent thirty minutes with them and cooled them down, even to the point of joking about the situation, we set off to where they really wanted to be.

The wife said  "will you show us the way out of the mess we are in?", I was so pleased to help them and drove in front of them for several miles before the went ahead knowing where they were.

It left me thinking about the question asked by Thomas to Jesus in John 14v5; ‘Lord show us the way’ and the tremendous answer of the Master ‘I am the way, the truth and the life; no man comes to the Father but by Me’.

Now most folk are happy with the way things are, of course a bit more money would help us, but as far as eternity is concerned all they do is argue and turn off.

But in the aftermath of some upheaval that causes great concern, they will listen to what we have to say as Christians.

But here is an opportunity for someone to listen and be obedient to what the Lord Jesus said and find freedom from the slavery of sin.

He is the way to God alone, He is the truth that is perfect to His word and the life is the eternal life in the heavenly place for all who accept what He has done at Calvary on their behalf.

Have you stopped the arguing and started trusting yet? Are you still seeking the right way? Here right now, accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your own personal Saviour and start travelling along the pathway that leads to His presence, for eternity.