Frozen On The Rock Face

It was a cloudy Saturday morning in the valley of Llanberis near to the track that leads to the highest peak of Snowdon in North Wales, with many hikers and climbers around.


The car parks were full, as were the many lay-bys, with cars and mini-buses from all over the country.

Whilst driving along the main road I was suddenly confronted by several hundred folk, who were standing on the road, sitting on the walls and in a field which was srewn with boulders.

I pulled in at a convenient point and walked back to see the cause of such an unusually large crowd gathering on a very cold morning.

It soon became apparent when the cloud began to lift, that a young novice climber was frozen to the wall of the cliff face with a sheer drop of around 500 - 600 feet below him.

The many climbers, where I was standing, were all shouting advice, pointing and gesturing to the guy who had lost his nerve.

In a very short while of my arriving, an amazing thing took place, scrambling across the rock face from my left was an older man who had seen what was happening and he did something about it.

He knew the scene very well and had set off immediately for the rock face climb, having already radioed for help from the mountain rescue.

It was terrific to watch the experienced climber side walking across the sheer face of rock only marked with occasional ruts and crevices.

He was like a spider as he quickly moved to the point of seeing the young man, where I am sure voice contact was made.

At the point of arrival he seemed to envelope the lad clinging on the rock face, putting a blanket around him for warmth before securing him safely by rope.

It was a matter of a short time before they began to abseil down the rock together to safety and after a short medical, by a doctor who was on hand, was released to go home.

Soon the crowds dispersed to walk and climb themselves. For me, I wandered back to my car and reflected on the scene for a while.

Standing in the midst of the crowd one heard many folk shouting out their advice to the youth and then the older man.

The one major fact that struck me, was that they were all standing on solid ground, some distance from the incident, good advice was not needed, but rescuing was.

Moving away it reminded me very much of he work of the Lord Jesus Christ, who came to rescue us from the very precarious position we were in.

Away from God, doing our own thing as we pleased, living in rebellion and resisting all attempts to save us.

Without further warnings the Lord Jesus came into the world with the object of rescuing people like you and me, and this involved the giving of His own life as a sacrifice to cover our sin personally.

When we come in repentance to God, seeking His forgiveness of sin, it is as if the Lord Jesus wrapped Himself around us and God the Father forgives us because of His Son’s sacrifice.

Forgiven, He clothes us with the garment of salvation that will protect us through into His eternal presence in the heavenlies.

Has He wrapped Himself around you yet? He longs to. If you answer no right now, ask Him to cover your sin and turn to God and begin to walk in the new life He offers to those who do repent of their sin.

'Today is the day of salvation' or rescue, have you called out yet?