Where is your passport?

A very well known footballer hit the headlines a little while ago, it was not for his football skills but for something totally different, as we shall see.

As an international footballer he was followed by his fan club everywhere he went, never on his own for long.

He played for his country and club all over the world, with great renown, always hunted by autograph hunters.

His reputation as a clean-cut sort of guy, enhanced his reputation with every game he played.

As his full potential was realised he became a household name across Britain,

When he went shopping it became a nightmare for the store detectives as he became a pied piper of young fans and women.

One national newspaper took this up and used this as a title for the article saying shops shut their doors when he was inside.

Well, his club was playing in a European Cup competition and the team had had their final practise session before climbing on to the coach to take them to the airport for the flight.

Many players were stopped for their autograph and photographs, especially of the one in question; who will remain nameless for his sake, as this is a true story.

As they lined up at the desk with their passports, it suddenly dawned on him, as the book in clerk asked for his passport, that he had not picked up his passport from the sideboard at home.

You can imagine the hammering he took, first from the boss and then from his team-mates. The laughter filled the lounge as the squad baited him.

He rushed from the lounge pushing folk out of the way and commandeered a taxi that rushed him the several miles home to pick up his passport, he duly arrived back blushing red, to face the stick from his mates.

A very famous footballer, with a very famous face and a good man as far as the stewardess was concerned, could not go through the gateway into the departure lounge without his passport, full stop.

He was leaving the country and a valid passport was essential because he would not be allowed into another country without it.

It was a simple decision for the stewardess, because it was the law of the land and there were no exemptions.

When I heard the story, I was amused at first and could hardly believe it was true, but it appeared in the media, both press and television.

I was reminded of the many folk who hear the gospel message, and honestly and sincerely believe that they will be allowed into heaven because they are not as bad as some folk they know.

Well, the Lord Jesus said there was only one wa,y and that was through Him, that we can get into heaven.

I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father, but by me’

John 14 v 6.

Have you got the right passport from Him that will enable you to travel into the heavenly place, where Almighty God dwells?

You had better make certain now, while there is time. He said ‘call and I will answer you’ but He does not give us a definite time in which to call.

Today could be your last time.